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Jon Hicks

Audience Development Director

Jon has been writing about video games and technology since 2002, during which time he contributed to dozens of publications and spent seven years as Editor-in-Chief of Official Xbox Magazine. He has a terrible addiction to shonky open-world games.

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FeatureThe E3 Bulletin - Wednesday

Zelda! Cyberpunk! Dying Light 2!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Tuesday

Final Fantasy! Roller Champions! Ian Man!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Monday

Scarlett! Keanu! Deathloop!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin - Friday

Sony! Forza! Final Fantasy! The end!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin - Thursday

Fortnite! Pokemon! Cyberpunk!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin - Wednesday

Smash Bros! Rage! Fortnite!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Tuesday

Kojima! Miyamoto! Live banjo music!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Monday

Elder Scrolls! Xbox overload! No more loot boxes!

Jelly DealsBlack Friday 2017: PS4 and Xbox One hard drives £28 off at Amazon

External hard drives are in today's Daily Deals.

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Friday

Assassins! Anthem! The end!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Thursday

Miyamoto! Crash! Zombies!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Wednesday

Mind control! Cross-play! War!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Tuesday

Sci-fi! Spencer! Sadness!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Monday

Forza! Anthem! Nazis! The joy of X!

Come and work at Gamer Network!

A hire power beckons.

Amazon slashes prices on Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2 for Black Friday

UPDATE: Dishonored 2 and FIFA 17 now down to £29.99

LA hotel can't tell the difference between GTA 5 screenshot and actual LA

UPDATE: Hotel replaces GTA 5 screenshot with picture of actual LA.

FeatureThe E3 bulletin: Friday

Reggie vs VR! Pay to pirate! VR porn!

FeatureThe E3 bulletin: Thursday

Catweagel! Xbox arguments! Bethesda RPGs!

FeatureThe E3 bulletin: Wednesday

Endless Zelda! Interminable Pokemon! Unchanged Xbox!

FeatureThe E3 bulletin: Tuesday

Kojima! New Xbox! God of War 4! State of Decay 2!

Crackdown 3 delayed until 2017

Stand down, Agent.

FeatureThe E3 bulletin: Monday

Mass Effect! Dishonored 2! Xbox Slim! Football!

EGXEGX partners with Amazon for 2016 show

Biggest show gets biggest retailer.

FeatureOne machine to rule them all: the triumph of Xbox 360

How Microsoft bridged three generations, and defined the modern console.

FeatureGamescom Bulletin: Day 3

Blizzard! Boredom! Bratwurst!

FeatureThe Gamescom Bulletin: Day 2

Battlefront! Mafia! Awkward banter!

FeatureGamescom Bulletin: Day 1

Crackdown! Scalebound! Dinklage!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Friday

Yosp! Metroid! Cuphead! And that's a wrap!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Thursday

Shenmue! Ghost Recon! Zelda! Mirror's Edge!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Wednesday

Puppets! Starfox! JRPGs! DayZ!

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Tuesday

Everything that would never happen, happened.

The Behemoth bringing Castle Crashers Remastered to Xbox One

Xbox 360 classic gets updates alongside new Game Four.

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