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Chris is the host of People Make Games, a crowdfunded YouTube channel that tells cool stories about video games and how they're made.

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm's climate change not a political statement, Firaxis says

"We just like to have our gameplay reflect current science."

Overwatch's second anniversary brings back Seasonal Brawls

I wish it could be Christmas everyday (for about four weeks).

Pre-order Total War: Warhammer 2, get DLC for the previous game

UPDATE: It's our friends in the Norsca.

The next Overwatch map takes us to the moon

"Through the miracle of science!"

Don't expect other non-Blizzard games on its platform

"It's important to us to maintain our quality standards …"

Steam now explains why a game has been recommended to you

Valve outlines vision for a “successful” store.

The original idea for Civ Rev 2 included zombie and alien civilizations

"Someday, maybe we'll bring it back to life."

Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

"This is one of the most emotionally complicated projects I've ever created."

PewDiePie launches weekly Twitch show, as advertisers back away from YouTube

"This month, most likely, a lot of creators are not going to get paid."

Total War: Warhammer 2 announced

And it looks like the Skaven are a playable race.

Overwatch game director talks diversity, inclusivity and Tracer's sexuality

"It's important to show normal things as normal..."

XCOM 2's Long War mod will also cater to casual players

But higher difficulties remain incredibly punishing.

XCOM 2 getting Long War 2 mod

Welcome back (again), Commander.

Blizzard teases Overwatch plans for 2017

New heroes! Maps! A custom server browser! More!

All For Honor DLC maps and modes will be free

“We don't want to split the community.”

Time Commanders is back on the telly, tonight at 9pm

“You're getting mullered in the middle!”

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters arrives next week

Plus a free Scenario Editor for all players.

Chris Metzen on why he needed to leave Blizzard

"I started having panic attacks left and right."

Japan just got an 'exclusive' Final Fantasy 15 demo

If only there was some way you could play it…

XCOM 2 now has controller support on PC

Just in time for Advent.

Blizzard isn't planning to remaster Warcraft 1 and 2

"...it's just not that fun any more."

What we expect from Blizzcon 2016

Sombra? Hearthstone expansion? More?

Endless Space 2 will launch on Early Access this Summer

And it wants you to design its next faction.

Our first look at Overwatch's new hero, Ana

UPDATE: Watch Bratt play her on the PTR.

XCOM 2 gets another two mods from Long War Studios

Plus we've got an update on the team's next game.

Overwatch teases its next hero, probably a support sniper

UPDATE: Will be revealed within the next two weeks.

Total War: Warhammer is about to receive a massive update

Introduces hundreds of changes, plus a brand new unit.

Paradox pulls "discriminatory" Stellaris mod that made all humans white

UPDATE: The comments surrounding the mod, and not the mod itself prompted this decision.

XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC out next week

Extra extraterrestrials.

Here's the first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

And yes, it includes a remastered Modern Warfare.

Overwatch's Tracer has a new pose

More strut than butt.

Seraph is the next game from the creators of Ironcast

Auto-aiming for an April release date.

Watch Overwatch's first animated short, Recall

You Winston, you lose some.

Cities: Skylines sells two million copies

Accidentally uses music from The Sims 3 to celebrate.

XCOM 2 gets its long-awaited performance patch

It's about time, Commander.

XCOM 2's first DLC pack arrives next week

Anarchy's Children adds over 100 new customisation options.

Total War: Warhammer delayed to May

And, unsurprisingly, you need a beefy PC to run it on the highest settings.

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