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David Goldfarb is an independent game designer and writer. Most recently he was Game Director on Payday 2. Prior to that he was Lead Designer as well as Lead Writer at DICE on Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. He's worked for Guerrilla Games, Milestone Games and has been in the games industry for over seventeen years. His career began in Quality Assurance at Acclaim Entertainment, QAing titles like Bust-A-Move 2 and Turok for the N64 and PC. He's old, people.

FeatureDavid Goldfarb on: Three seasons in game development

"Most likely, you live with them..."

The thought process for the piece was simple enough. Talk about games, I thought. There's so much to say. But everything kept coming out wrong. It felt like something else needed to happen first. Why talk about games if you don't talk about why you talk about games? So I apologize, in the words of Bob Mould, because the following is ruthlessly self-indulgent.