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FeatureSaints Row: The Third

Never Mind The Bollocks.

FeatureMetro: Last Light

Down In The Tube Station At Midnight.

SOCOM: Special Forces

Welcome to the jungle.

FeatureCall Of Juarez: The Cartel

Mexicans are the new Indians.

FeatureWhy I Hate… Football Manager

Steve Hill on what happens when love turns sour.

It's a shame when relationships end but it's often for the best. Football Manager and me had it all - long intimate evenings, weekends away, the occasional holiday. I'd thought we never split up. But eventually cracks began to appear, the physical side deteriorated, and we became strangers.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

You can drive my car.

Has there ever been a more confusing press event? With Activision frugally deciding to kill two birds with one bloodstone, both of its forthcoming Bond games have been squeezed into the penthouse suite of a (s)wanky Mayfair hotel. It starts badly when I mistake the bowler hat-wearing doormen for Oddjob impersonators, and gets worse when a man dressed as a sailor turns out to be the PR contact. Girded by a lukewarm Diet Coke, I patiently sit through the GoldenEye presentation in which Daniel Craig infiltrates a dam. Somebody laughs out loud.

GoldenEye 007

Let's do the timewarp again...

It's not a remake, it's a re-imagining. Dangerous words, as Tim Burton discovered before curling one out all over the memory of The Planet of The Apes. However, while the original version of that film remains eminently watchable, videogames are a different beast. In gaming terms, 13 years is an epoch. GoldenEye may have (yawn) pioneered the first-person shooter genre on console, but anyone digging Ye Olde Nintendo 64 out of the loft for a quick blast would find a bewilderingly ugly game. It might have looked the business when Princess Diana was still warm and Oasis were a fresh-faced Slade tribute act, but time moves on apace.

FeaturePlay Your Cards Right

What's behind the boom in online poker?

The supposed death of PC gaming has been predicted ad nauseam. However, every day millions of people all over the world switch on their computers and play a massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game. And we're not talking about Farmville.

FeatureVelvet Assassin

Smooth criminal.

There can't be many games where the lead character is lying unconscious in bed, drugged up to the eyeballs. As idyllic as this scenario sounds, there is more to it than sheer indolence: it's World War II, it's a hospital bed, and you are Violette Summer, a British spy loosely inspired by the tragic real-life story of special operative Violette Szabo.

Football Manager Handheld

A less guilty pleasure.

When it comes to football management games, one developer is in a league of its own. Sports Interactive has consistently managed to enrapture a nation of armchair managers for over a decade via its Championship Manager and latterly Football Manager titles, with the domestic wreckage wreaked well-documented. That heritage has now been distilled, shrunken down and injected into the PSP, which if you think about it is the ideal format for the game.

The Championship Manager/Football Manager saga has been well documented, but for those who've just come in, here's the latest score. Following a decade of dominance, Eidos acrimoniously split with original CM developer Sports Interactive, with the name reverting to the publisher. While SI went from strength to strength with the newly-branded FM, development duties for CM fell to bespoke outfit Beautiful Game Studios. Something of a tall order, it was a bit like The Beatles being replaced by some buskers and told to follow up The White Album.