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It's time for your annual Shenmue 3 rumour!

How about a game of Lucky Hit?

E3 is just around the corner, which means it's obviously time for the rumour mill to creak into action and start guffing out hints that long awaited games are finally going to be confirmed. Today it's the turn of that old favourite, Shenmue 3, the MIA concluding chapter in Yu Suzuki's ambitious and expensive series of adventures about revenge, martial arts and driving forklift trucks.

Heroes of the Storm enters open beta

Blizzard celebrates with a new trailer.

Heroes of the Storm, the new MOBA starring characters from Blizzard's game franchises, has shifted from closed beta to open beta status ahead of its expected 2nd June launch.

UPDATE: Koei Tecmo has also revealed Euro release dates for three more titles. Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence is coming to PS3, PS4 and Steam on 4th September, Ar Nosurge Plus comes to Vita on 1st July, and Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 hits Vita and 3DS on 24th June. Trailers for all three will be showing at Koei Tecmo's booth at the London MCM Expo.

What is Valve's Chaperone?

Trademark filing suggests more VR plans from Gabe's gang.

A new trademark filing by Valve has been unearthed on Reddit and may shed further light on the company's VR plans.

Windward review

Mr Lubber Man.

All games are ultimately in the business of a selling a fantasy. The best ones conjure up a combination of presentation and mechanics that lets you imagine, for a few fleeting hours, what it would be like to live a different life: a criminal, a superhero, a racing driver, a soldier. OK, most of the time it's a soldier.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review

Hassle in the castle.

It's ironic that one of the first publishers to earn gamers' ire for ropey DLC is now one of the few publishers to be doing expansions properly. Bethesda was rightly notorious for its decorative horse armour, sold separately for players of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, but it's now making amends with add-ons that are not only substantial, but robust and distinctive.

FeatureGarbage Day offers an open world with no locked doors

And a different kind of recycling in this meeting of Groundhog Day and The Stanley Parable.

Right down at the core, most games find their pulse in the friction between freedom and repetition. There's a sweet spot, always different depending on an individual game's context, between the player's own agency and the knowledge that you can always start over if things go wrong.

Broken Age Act 2 review

Breaking good?

Editor's note: Broken Age's second and final act is out this week. We reviewed the first act of Tim Schafer and Double Fine's return to adventure games early last year, and found it attractive but a little hollow. "Fans will be forgiven for expecting something a little more chewy, a little more experimental, from a developer who made his name by turning adventure games upside down," Dan Whitehead said in his review. Today, Dan returns to the second act to see what's changed. Be warned - spoilers and discussion for act one lay below.

Dungeons 2 review

Down, down, deeper and down.

The fact that EA so completely botched its revival of Dungeon Keeper by bringing back the beloved PC hit as a craven F2P casual mobile game has been a boon for indie developers. There's a hungry audience out there, craving dungeon management satisfaction, and there are now multiple candidates hoping to fit the bill.

There's something rather endearing about Sony's determination to turn Sackboy into a classic console mascot. Only Mario has been able to retain that level of devotion, and connection to a platform, while Crash Bandicoot is MIA, Sonic has lost his way and dozens of other hopefuls have long since been forgotten.

The British have a very totemistic self image. We define ourselves by red buses, black taxis, cups of tea and the Sunday roast. Add to that list the iconic Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a pioneering home computer that managed to showcase the best of British innovation as well as our more eccentric nature.

This live action adaptation of Capcom's zombie-mashing series may not be the worst video game movie of all time, but that's largely because it's so painfully tedious that it's hard to muster the negative emotion needed to rank it against the likes of Super Mario Bros and Double Dragon.

There's a lot that is strange about Asteroids Outpost, but the most obvious is surely the way this supposed evolution of Atari's 1979 arcade game has literally nothing in common with its classic ancestor.

RecommendedAxiom Verge review

Verging on the sublime.

It's usually a good sign when a game opens with scientists muffing things up, leading to disaster. That's how Half Life began, of course, and if you go further back it's also how Another World opens. Trace, the peculiarly named hero of Axiom Verge, is very much in that mould.

The traditional nostalgic view of boys at play is that old playground classic of 'war', where kids pelt around the tarmac making "akka-akka-akka" noises and pretending to shoot each other with machine gun sticks. The alternate to that scenario is, of course, cops and robbers, so it makes sense that for its first foray outside of the military milieu Battlefield would swap tanks for squad cars.

First things first, Ori and the Blind Forest is gorgeous. Absolutely jaw-droppingly eye-poppingly gorgeous. You'd have to look back to Okami for a game so visually beguiling. It's the sort of game where you'll actually stop and give an involuntary "ooh" sound when you first see it in motion.

LA Cops review

Five-oh shades of grey.

LA Cops has two very distinctive influences. One is the Beastie Boys' iconic Sabotage video, an explosion of 1970s cop show cheese, all wide lapels, handlebar moustaches and aviator sunglasses, that sparked a million Student Union fancy dress club nights. The other is the nightmare of blood and depravity that is Hotline Miami, Dennaton Games' neon-hued top-down twitch classic. Spend just ten minutes with LA Cops and it's impossible to deny that both of those names must have dominated the early design discussions.

Zombie Army Trilogy review

Töde in the heil.

How many slow motion headshots does it take before the novelty wears off? The answer, as the Sniper Elite series has proved, is "a lot". Zombie Army Trilogy, a compilation of wartime horror spin-offs from the Sniper Elite series, tests that theory to its absolute limit.

There Came an Echo review

Speak your brains.

Vocal interaction with video games is nothing new. We've all let fly with a string of choice expletives thanks to a poorly placed checkpoint or a cheap shot that leads to an unfair Game Over screen. More rare are the games that actually listen to what you say, and respond in kind.

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Ironfall Invasion review

Changing Gears.

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