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Rob Zacny is a freelance writer and the host of the Three Moves Ahead strategy gaming podcast. He lives in Cambridge (the American version), where he buys too many books and pretends that college never ended.

In the brief history of professional League of Legends, there might not be another European player who generated as much hype and excitement as Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson. When he debuted for Fnatic in 2014 - a proud eSports organization that predates League, and whose team won the first-ever LoL world title - it was supposed to the mark the start of a new era.

Rome 2's Caesar in Gaul expansion campaign has a problem with recent history. Unfortunately for Caesar, The Creative Assembly has established a pattern of releasing novel and systemically distinctive follow-ups to their major releases. Shogun 2's Fall of the Samurai campaign was a fascinating collision of Age of Rifles technology and doctrine with the fading samurai way of war. The Peninsular Campaign expansion for Napoleon: Total War likewise tried to combine traditional Napoleonic warfare with the guerrilla war and counterinsurgency campaign fought across the Spanish countryside. Both these campaigns (and arguably, Napoleon: Total War itself) tweaked the core Total War game design in exciting ways to cover more specific conflicts and challenges.