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UK Charts: Football's coming home

It's five a side and FIFA's in the lead

This week's top ten listing is a chart of two halves, football just taking the lead as FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 holds its position at the top of the group yet again.

Lumines to appear on PS3?

Quite likely, reckons Mizuguchi.

Q Entertainment has apparently only just begun its evolution of the hypnotic puzzle game Lumines, with creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi hinting that yet another version could be in the works for PlayStation 3.

UK Charts: Hitman gets second shot at the top

Hitman: Blood Money marks the third top ten entry for the Britsoft publisher.

Eidos' contract killer steals its second week at the top of the all-formats charts this week, Hitman: Blood Money continuing to fend off the football fever having casually knocked FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 into second place last week.

Venezuelan politicians slam Mercenaries 2

They reckon it's propaganda.

Mercenaries 2, the new next-gen title from Pandemic Studios, has been labelled as an example of psychological warfare by supporters of Venezuela president Hugo Chavez, who fear it signifies the first step towards a real life invasion.

UK Charts: You'd think it was World Cup year

Konami on the attack with Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

EA has managed to defend its position for a fourth consecutive week atop the all-formats sales chart, boosted by the timely launch of a new version of FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 for the PSP.

UK Charts: World Cup hat-trick for EA

Lara sitting pretty at two.

Celebrating its third week at the top of the all-formats chart, EA's FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 continues to enjoy strong sales on multiple platforms - but Lara Croft holds firm in second place.

Lego Star Wars II updates

Bonus content for handhelds.

LucasArts has thrown some more info our way on the forthcoming Lego Star Wars II, detailing special content exclusive to the two handheld versions.

Excite Truck lands on Wii

Classic NES game reinvented.

Remember that mystery racing game Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aimes was banging on about? Well, it's finally been officially titled - get ready for Excite Truck.

MotoGP to debut on PSP

Don't forget your helmet.

Namco's virtual alternative to the high speed thrills of professional motor racing is heading to the PSP, with Sony confirming the release of a new MotoGP game specifically designed for the handheld.

Miyamoto talks Wii plans

It's all about connectivity.

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that you'll be able to link your DS up with your Wii, adding that the relevant technology is already nestled inside Nintendo's next-gen console.

Paris Hilton's E3 hiccup

Forgets name of own game.

Simple Life starlet and night-vision nymph Paris Hilton caused a bit of a headache at E3 for mobile games publisher Gameloft, racking up late for the launch of her first mobile game and then proudly announcing completely the wrong name.

Red Steel unsheathed

Multiplayer modes announced.

Ubisoft has revealed more information on Red Steel, the publisher's Yakuza-flavoured action game set for a release later this year as an exclusive launch title on Wii.

Call of Duty coming to PSP

War in the palm of your hand.

Having already surprised us with the news that the latest Call of Duty game will not be appearing on PC, Activision has dropped another bombshell in the shape of a dedicated game for Sony's PSP.

Rare doing Diddy Kong DS

Still in bed with Nintendo.

Rare has officially confirmed its involvement in the development of Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS, marking the first - but not necessarily the last - collaboration with its former partner since the studio was bought by Microsoft.

Storm of War looms over PC

There may be some turbulence.

Ubisoft has announced a new game from IL-2 and Pacific Fighters developer Maddox Games, which is intended to be the first instalment in an entirely new franchise.

Wii to get Lightsaber game?

LucasArts sounds keen.

LucasArts has added fuel to the rumour that a Star Wars game which lets you use the Wii remote as a lightsaber is currently in development, telling Gamasutra.com: "We're looking into it."

More details of Elebits revealed

Got to catch them all.

Konami has revealed some new info about Elebits [still finding that offensive - acting Ed], which it hopes to turn into a new brand when it arrives on Nintendo's Wii platform at some point next year.

Sign up for LotR Online beta

They're taking names from today.

Codemasters Online Gaming has opened the beta sign-ups for Lord of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, the first and only MMO game based on Tolkien's legendary tale of fat-footed Frodo and his merry friends.

Killer 7 dev's Wii title

Goichi's working on Heroes.

Suda Goichi, designer of Capcom's Killer 7 title on the GameCube, has announced that his team is working on a new original title for Wii that missed an appearance on the E3 show floor at the last minute, for reasons unknown.

MGS movie deal secured

Kojima's going to Hollywood!

Following Hideo Kojima's confirmation that a Metal Gear Solid movie is in the pipeline, Solid Snake's dad has announced that a contract with a top Hollywood studio has finally been, er, finalised.

E3: The Biggest Games in Action

See them on Eurogamer TV.

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have all laid their cards on the E3 table in the last 48 hours, showing a dazzling array of software and hardware at their Los Angeles press conferences.

Metroid 3 to launch with Wii

Wave your wand at Samus.

Nintendo has revealed that the next instalment in the Metroid series will definitely be a Wii launch title, and that you'll be able to play the game using the motion-sensing remote controller.

Bomberman coming to X360

And the PSP, too. Scorchio!

Following his most recent campaign of explosive entertainment on the Nintendo DS, we've just heard that Bomberman is planning to leave his scorch marks on both Xbox 360 and PSP.

Reservoir Dogs dated

We're all ears.

Eidos has penned in an August release date for its Tarantino tie-in Reservoir Dogs, offering a few snippets of info about how the game will play out.

New WOW race unveiled

And the winner is... The Draenei!

Blizzard has confirmed that the new Alliance race for World of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade is in fact the Draenei, putting an end to the speculation, rumour and fervent debate on the subject.

New Mario title for GameCube

Still life in the old console yet.

Nintendo has revealed details of a brand new Mario game that will be exclusively available on GameCube, giving fans of their moustachioed mascot another reason to back away from the trade-in counter.

Vice City Stories for PSP

It's out here in October.

Rockstar has announced Vice City Stories, a new instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series exclusive to the PSP, which will be available in the UK on October 20th.

Ubi exec slams Sony and PS3

But he's all about the Wii.

Ubisoft Montreal's creative director has spoken of his disappointment with Sony's next-gen offering, claiming the Japanese giant is adopting a "me too" approach by duplicating ideas from other consoles.

Phoenix Wright returns to DS

It's all gone a bit Uri Geller.

Phoenix Wright is heading back to court on the Nintendo DS at the beginning of next year, according to Capcom, in a game which will feature four new cases, new characters and a few new additions to the gameplay too.

Golden Axe goes next-gen

Death-Adder on PS3, Xbox 360.

Sega is bringing arcade and Megadrive classic Golden Axe to next-gen platforms, promising a "complete re-imagining of the story" for PS3 and Xbox 360.