Picture of John Linneman

John Linneman

Staff Writer, Digital Foundry

An American living in Germany, John has been gaming and collecting games since the late 80s. His keen eye for and obsession with high frame-rates have earned him the nickname "The Human FRAPS" in some circles. Hes also responsible for the creation of DF Retro.

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Digital Foundry showcases the scale and scope of Guerrilla's open world.

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Initial console and PC comparisons from Digital Foundry.

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The most immersive VR racing game yet?

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UPDATE: PlayStation 4 video shows Croft Manor, endurance co-op and a 'nightmare' zombie mode.

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Puzzlingly low resolutions and wobbly frame-rates take the sheen of a high-profile release.

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Retro Engine developers take Sega's mascot back to his 2D roots.

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"Not only the best Gears game for fans, but also a defining visual showcase on Xbox One."

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No longer the worst-performing game tested by Digital Foundry.

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The full technical lowdown on the closed alpha, with bonus PC comparisons.

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Initial tech analysis, a PC settings comparison preview - plus evidence of DirectX 12 support.

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Digital Foundry goes hands-on with Nintendo's most technologically ambitious project to date.

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Are all three versions up to par?

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UPDATE: New video shows how good the game looks running natively at 4K.

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Digital Foundry on a disappointing PS4 and Xbox One showing

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The technological powerhouse we've been waiting for.

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Team Ninja's latest lets you prioritise resolution or frame-rate.

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Xbox One targets 1080p60, but how's it shaping up so far?

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Significantly improved performance, but issues remain.

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Poor performance, UWP limitations, crashing Nvidia drivers - and a 50fps limit on 60Hz monitors. This isn't good.

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Digital Foundry on what works and what doesn't in Remedy's latest.

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Tears for Gears: sub-par performance, lacklustre upgrades plus a laundry list of issues with Windows 10 and UWP.

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Full three-way comparison of IO Interactive's reboot - plus DirectX 12 tests on PC.

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One too many bros? Digital Foundry on the extreme frame-rate drops in side-scrolling shooter.

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The final game runs better than the PS4 beta - and there are some unexpected surprises.

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What went wrong with the PS4 release - and does patch 1.02 really fix all of the issues?

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Techland's Enhanced Edition is brilliant on PC, but consoles suffer from presentation and performance issues.

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Sega's next-gen engine under the microscope.

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UPDATED: PC performance analysis video added.

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How the PS4 remake stacks up against prior versions of Midgar on PS1, PS3 and PSP.

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Superb gameplay wrapped up in a Wii U tech showcase.

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Not just a superb multiplayer game, but a fascinating tech showcase too.

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Fully armed and operational - on all platforms.