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FeatureUK Charts: Cars still in the lead

Liberty City Stories still in second.

FeatureLiving Legend

Ian Livingstone on why Lara's still going strong.

FeatureChanging Times

Eidos' Ian Livingstone on the next-gen battle.

FeatureUK Charts: Cars refuses to brake

Race leaders pile up behind THQ's animated movie tie-in.

FeatureUK Charts: Cars still in pole position

Cars takes the lead on five different formats

FeatureUK Charts: Grand Theft Auto bad news for Cars

As in: GTA's on top, Cars is second.

FeatureUK Charts: Top ten receives Preys

But GTA remains the UK's best-selling game

FeatureUK Charts: Mafia takes bigger cut than Mario

Three weeks at the top for Rockstar.

FeatureUK Charts: Rockstar muscles in on top-spot

DS Lite launch shakes up the top 40

FeatureUK Charts: Football's coming home

It's five a side and FIFA's in the lead

FeatureUK Charts: Hitman gets second shot at the top

Hitman: Blood Money marks the third top ten entry for the Britsoft publisher.

FeatureUK Charts: You'd think it was World Cup year

Konami on the attack with Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

FeatureUK Charts: World Cup lifts World Cup

Lara gracefully steps aside for the fans.

FeatureAnimal Crossing closes gap on Lara

Vivendi still chilling out in second place.

FeatureUK Charts: Eidos hails the return of a legend

Ladies first as Lara shifts three times more units than The Godfather.

FeatureUK Charts: FIFA Street's ahead

FIFA Street 2 becomes EA's third number one debut of the year.

FeatureUK Charts: EA's Black in first

Publisher secures first all-formats hit with original IP since 1997.

FeatureUK Charts: Ten weeks at the top for EA

NFS: MW refuses to relinquish the lead.

FeatureUK Charts: DOA4 kicks EA off top spot

Xbox 360 titles shift an otherwise static sales chart.

FeatureUK Charts: EA holds pole position

Eight weeks at the top for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

FeatureUK Charts: EA swerves back into pole position

Ubisoft enjoys continued sales success

FeatureUK Charts: Need for Speed races into first

Publishers brace themselves for the final stretch in the race for a Christmas No.1