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Sonic Riders on PC

Hoverboards meet hard-drives.

Stronghold Legends demo

With tutorial and full skirmish level.

Silent Hunter 4 announced

It's all going down next spring.

EA buys Phenomic

RTS studio joins up.

Harvest Moon at TGS

Wii version to debut in Japan.

Ubi drifts onto DS, PSP

Asphalt: Urban GT 2 announced.

Ubisoft has announced the development of a new game in the Asphalt: Urban GT series, which you'll be pleased to hear is coming out on both DS and PSP - although at completely different times.

Wilds Arms 4 dated

Go West this October.

There's not long to go before you can once again don your Stetson and head West, with the latest instalment in the curiously entertaining Wild Arms RPG series.

Sony clarifies launch figure

Kaz made a boo-boo.

Sony has issued a statement correcting the information regarding its projected retail allocation for the PlayStation 3, confirming plans to have 2 million units available by launch day.

FeatureUK Charts: Cars still in the lead

Liberty City Stories still in second.

The road block has turned into a pile up this week, as Cars keeps the lead and prevents any movement in the top end of the all-formats sales chart for a fourth consecutive week.

Sony unveils pink PS2

To appeal to a wider audience.

Sony has announced the launch of a new limited edition pink PS2 console, designed to capitalise on the success of titles such as SingStar and Buzz and capture a wider gaming audience.

PS3 shortages inevitable - Sony

Kaz Hirai talks production.

Less than three months before the scheduled tri-continent launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 console, SCEA president Kaz Hirai has stated that retail shortages in each territory are inevitable.

Jane Jensen's new game

It's on show at the Leipzig GCDC.

German publisher dtp has announced that legendary adventure game designer Jane Jensen will be offering a world exclusive debut of her latest project during the Leipzig Games Convention.

FeatureLiving Legend

Ian Livingstone on why Lara's still going strong.

In part 1 of our interview, published yesterday, Ian Livingstone discussed Eidos' future plans and his thoughts on the next-gen console battle. Here, he reveals more about his work with the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival, plans for a third Tomb Raider movie and a 10th anniversary game, and why the evolution of E3 is good news for publishers.

No$GBA offers DS emulator

Still no sound or WLAN support.

If emulating the Nintendo DS is something that interests you, you might like to know that the guys at Nocash have finally launched their own version, promising "almost full NDS support" including 3D.

FeatureChanging Times

Eidos' Ian Livingstone on the next-gen battle.

Ian Livingstone's career history, which now spans more than three decades, has been well documented. From Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy to Eidos, Tomb Raider, a BAFTA and an OBE, he's not just an industry veteran, but something of an industry legend.

FeatureUK Charts: Cars refuses to brake

Race leaders pile up behind THQ's animated movie tie-in.

There's no movement in the top three this week, as THQ's multi-format cartoon racer continues its winning streak - while GTA: Liberty City Stories and New Super Mario Bros stall in second and third.

FeatureUK Charts: Cars still in pole position

Cars takes the lead on five different formats

THQ's animated movie tie-in is keeping well ahead of the pack for a second week on the run, overtaking the opposition on PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube and GBA - with PC and DS versions catching up fast.

Free downloads for PSP

PlayStation Spot launches Friday.

Sony is launching a new PSP download service this Friday, offering everyone who can get to a participating store the chance to grab free game demos, music tracks, movie trailers and more.

SCi/Eidos takes on Conan

MMO co-publishing deal signed.

It may not feature the 1980's "charm" of Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting, but Conan and his barbaric adventuring style is definitely heading to PCs next year thanks to a co-publishing deal between Funcom and SCi/Eidos.

Nintendo's 24-hour promotion

Grab hourly bargains at GAME.

Nintendo fans can snag themselves a wealth of bargain priced products through UK retailer GAME, thanks to a 24-hour online promotion focusing exclusively on the platform holder's product line.

Computer games in the classroom?

"Yes please," say UK kids.

Three in five 11-16 year old UK students are in favour of using computer games in classrooms, according to a recent Ipsos MORI survey conducted as part of the Teaching with Games project.

FeatureUK Charts: Top ten receives Preys

But GTA remains the UK's best-selling game

Take-Two secures its fourth week at the top with GTA: Liberty City Stories, the publisher's long awaited FPS Prey marking this week's highest new entry at number 2.

More Maori for Rugby League 2

Xbox game to feature Haka.

If the intriguing and arguably somewhat terrifying warrior challenge - performed by the New Zealand rugby team before matches - is what's missing from your gaming life, we've got some good news for you.

D&D Online expansion

Get Twilight Forge for free.

Turbine has announced the availability of a second free expansion pack for Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, offering gameplay enhancements and a horde of new enemies to slay.

Vampiric delights for Oblivion

Vile Lair expansion announced.

Bethesda is throwing more content into the world of Oblivion this week, this time focusing on the night walker community with a secret underwater lair for those afflicted with vampirism.

EverQuest grows again

Meet the new neighbours.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a new expansion pack for its long-running MMORPG, EverQuest, available via digital distribution from September.

Quake Wars delayed until 2007

Devs just need a little more time.

Those slavering at the chops in anticipation of an autumn release for id's latest FPS are in for a bit of a disappointment, as developer Splash Damage reckons the game is unlikely to appear this side of Christmas.

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