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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Real men don't use medipacks.

In a step that risks setting back the cause of progressive games reviewing several years here are five things that I loathe about Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood.

GT Legends

If Steve McQueen was a race sim...

Combat flight simulation developers have never needed much encouragement to go rummaging in the dusty steamer trunk of History; the same, however, can't be said of racing sim creators. In the last ten years how many of the 70-odd PC motorsport recreations released have looked to the past for inspiration? Three? Four maybe? You could understand the drought if the cars of yore were characterless and the races they participated in were tedious parades. When that accusation actually describes the racing of today far better than it describes the contests of yesteryear you really have to wonder why devs have been so reluctant to time travel.

Gary Grigsby's World At War

Rush the Russians, bounce the Czechs, finish the Finnish.

Three phrases guaranteed to chill the marrow of the journeyman games reviewer: 'It's a lot like Falcon 4.0 apparently', 'It's Derek Smart's latest space simulation' and 'Gary Grigsby had a hand in this'. GG's past output - hardcore wargames like War In Russia and Uncommon Valour - are some of the most complicated, labour-intensive PC strategy games ever inflicted on the gaming public. With that in mind, World at War is rather a pleasant surprise.

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