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Jim Rossignol


Review | Cities XL

Trade and industry.

Review | Borderlands

A diabolical influence.

Review | Section 8

A hard landing.

Review | DSiWare Roundup

Warioware, Art Style, Paper Plane.

Review | World in Conflict: Complete Edition

The long-awaited Soviet Assault sneaks into view.

Review | Cryostasis

The cold shoulder.

Review | Air Rivals

Flying mounts at level zero.

EVE Online

And something about spaceships.

Review | Unreal Tournament III

Frag franchise forever.

Review | Crysis

Muscular Action.

Review | Halo 2

Missing Windows of opportunity.

Review | Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Throne in at the deep end.

Review | Brothers in Arms: D Day

Keeping their heads down.

Review | Strongholds: Legends

Castles made of sand.

Review | Titan Quest

Sisyphus or Dionysus?

Review | Shadowgrounds

Alien Breed revisited?

Review | Commandos: Strike Force

Green Beret, Blue Murder.

Review | Ubersoldier


Review | SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Review | Star Wars: Empire At War

Chocolate chip Wookiees.

Review | Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

It's Battlefield, Jim, but not as we know it...

Review | Mario Superstar Baseball

Home run or stuck at first base?

Review | Shattered Union

Jim's split down the middle about this one.

Review | Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

Of orcs, elves and Motorhead.

Review | Dragonshard

Dungeons and Dragons with robots?!

Review | Bet On Soldier

What's the betting it's any good?

Review | Fable: The Lost Chapters

It's okay. Jim's found them now.