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Dungeons & Dragons fans (and Atari) aren't having a particularly good week. With Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach -ing out into 2006, Atari's stablemate RPG, Dragonshard has also been delayed.

A Crash of sanity

Nothing to do with the new film.

A new 3D action game is being lined-up for PC, Xbox and PSP, called Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit. Hmm.

DS Wi-Fi test plans announced

Nintendo wants YOU.

Nintendo is asking owners of its DS system to test the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the service designed to let its handheld gamers access the internet and play multiplayer games against other users.

Koei's TGS line-up

Dynasty Warriors overload.

Koei is gearing up for next month's Tokyo Game Show in Japan, with the announcement of its line-up titles. Let's just say, we hope you like Dynasty Warriors.

Give birth to a handheld!

Well, a name to GPX2, anyway.

Gamepark Holdings, the company behind the new, homebrew-heavy GPX2 multimedia handheld (which we haven't reported on previously, if memory serves, but which looks brilliant), is offering you a rather unique opportunity – to name its machine.

More Enemy Territory details

Quaking in its bootcamps.

id Software and developer Splash Damage have shed some light on the next instalment to their first-person shooter line-up, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Midway shows its wares

Next-gen plans, etc.

Midway has spilled the beans on a number of its forthcoming titles at a recent press event. Under some healthy coercion, that is.

DS Azure Dreams

Has your ears and smile, too.

In more retro-related news, Konami will be bringing a version of its 1998 PlayStation RPG, Azure Dreams, to Nintendo DS.

Genki goes to War

Not stopping at peace.

Famitsu has taken the covers off a new PlayStation 2 game, called Ikusagami, coming from the loins of developer Genki.

Namco unleashes Bounty Hounds

Okay, who brought the dog?

Namco has a new PlayStation Portable game lined up for us, going by the name of Bounty Hounds. And no, it has nothing to do with the strapline. Sorry.

Atelier Iris Europe-bound

Koei uses marketing bravery +5.

It's turning into a good day for European versions of big Japanese games, as Koei has just stepped up to publish strategy RPG, Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, in Europe.

Rampaging return for Midway

Rambooked in for PS2, Cube.

Midway has once again brought back its violently endearing Rampage series, with a new title in the works: Rampage: Total Destruction [Of The Use Of Colons To Precede It, probably - Ed]

D&D Online delayed

Who cares?! Katamari in Europe!

Atari's Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, has slipped from its planned November release date, to early 2006.

Serious Sam's sweet 16

Co-operate with lots of men.

Croteam is going all-out for Serious Sam II, providing a co-op mode that allows up to 16 players to tackle the game, which is due out this autumn.

Starship Troopers enlist date

Demo fired up too.

A release date has been shot out for Empire Interactive and Strangelite's first-person shooter, Starship Troopers, with news of a playable demo on its way too.

50-hour marathon gamer dies

Exhaustion to blame.

Yet another gamer has died from exhaustion, after playing for over 50 hours continuously, according to Korean news publication, The Chosun Ilbo.

Kao knocks out PSP

Atari doing the Kanga.

Kao Challengers is coming to the PSP in October, Atari has announced, with the French publisher delivering a dollop of jolly platform-adventuring featuring everyone's favourite Kangaroo hero (maybe).

SOCOM coming to PSP

Sony fires off new details.

Sony has revealed fresh information about the PlayStation Portable version of military shooter, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo.

FPS-like adventure photography

Award for Photoshop wizardry.

A man has won a Digital Photography/Imaging gong in Adobe's 2005 Design Achievement Awards for his rather impressive series of photographs portraying a game-style first-person perspective.

In-game ads go PlanetSide

It was only a matter of time.

Billboard commercials will appear in Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide this month, streaming ads into the massively-multiplayer first-person shooter's in-game universe.

X05 to go Dutch?

X360 could smoke in Amsterdam.

Microsoft's X0 event, the oft-annual platform for displaying its forthcoming game titles and hardware, will apparently be held in Amsterdam this year.

Treasure Bleaches DS

Anime-based fighting ahoy.

SEGA has revealed that much-loved developer Treasure will be working on its Nintendo DS adaptation of anime and comic-related title, Bleach.

RS6 Lockdown multiplayer demo

Xbox Live compatible too.

Ubisoft will be providing a multiplayer Xbox demo for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown, exclusively via the September issue of Official Xbox Magazine.

Another Mortal Kombat movie

Fatalities expected.

Midway's popular beat 'em up franchise is to see yet another film made, as Mortal Kombat 3: Devastation is now in production for the big screen.

Argos and co. stock Gizmondo

See? No crap jokes.

Gizmondo Europe has signed a deal to increase the number of stores stocking its multi-media handheld in UK high streets, with Argos, Comet and HMV now supplying the machine.