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Perfect Dark's novel

Well, novels. Three of them.

Tamagotchi DS revealed

Virtual pets go shopping.

Hunt Pokémon at cinemas

Now you can get them all at VUE.

Shenmue's curse continues

SEGA fights for Online rights.

Namco's Tekken 5 for JAMMA

A Dark Resurrection.

Puyo Puyo and erm, Puyo

PS2, PSP and DS version info.

Famitsu has shed some light on Puyo Puyo Fever 2, coming to Japan this November, on PlayStation 2, PSP and DS.

Taito Legends line-up

Firing retros.

Empire and Xplosiv have revealed the vast number of titles that will be on its Taito Legends disc, set for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC, this October.

FFVII film: no Euro date yet

As US release is set back.

Square Enix and Sony Pictures have delayed the US launch of its CG film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It's no longer coming out at the same time as it does in Japan.

X360 back-compat rumblings

What the bloody is going on?

The Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility issue is still rather foggy, as reports claim that a select number of Xbox titles may yet be playable with the version of the next-gen machine that doesn't have a hard-drive. Probably-maybe. Eh?

More PS2 Resi Evil 4 extras

New mission and gun confirmed.

PlayStation 2 owners buying Resident Evil 4 later this year will have even more goodies than originally thought, according to Famitsu.

Soul Calibur III dated in Japan

Later than the West? Curious.

Namco's weapons-based beat-'em-up extravaganza, Soul Calibur III, will be released in Japan on November 24th, according to Famitsu. That's a pretty much a whole month later than the US and European release for the PlayStation 2 title. Namco [hearts] j00.

SOCOM 3 sizes up

Some maps six times bigger.

The new SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs blog, created by Zipper Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment America, has turned up some fresh info about the maps in the forthcoming tactical-action title.

Rising Star's GME line-up

Harvest Moon DS playable.

Rising Star Games will be showing off a host of new titles at next week's London-based trade event, Games Market Europe.

PSP peripherals perpetuate pointless alliteration

Bigger battery and Action Replay.

More accessories have been announced for Sony's PlayStation Portable as the machine gears up [charges up, more likely - Ed] for its European launch on September 1st, with Datel creating Action Replay MAX and an extended-life battery pack for the handheld.

Resident Evil on DS

Capcom's touch of evil.

Ah, Famitsu. Japan's much-loved gaming publication has confirmed the development of Resident Evil on Nintendo's DS, complete with screenshots.

Halo movie to shine in 2007?

Plus, triple pack for Xbox?

The film translation of Microsoft's somewhat-popular sci-fi based first-person shooter franchise Halo has been given an official 2007 launch target by Universal and 20th Century Fox, according to a report in entertainment publication Variety.

UK retail powerhouse GAME has clarified that while it is still taking pre-orders of Microsoft's forthcoming next generation machine, Xbox 360, there is currently no word on how many units the group or country will be getting.

Mario in Cube SSX On Tour?

Tubby plumber in bed with EA.

The GameCube version of Electronic Arts' SSX On Tour may be getting visitors in the shape of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, after sources apparently saw the game featuring the Nintendo characters.

FeatureUK Charts: Brian Lara Cricket holds top spot

Top three maintain as several titles see a resurgence of sales.

The top three have remained strong in the UK charts, as Codemasters' Brian Lara has held its number one position in the UK, as did Activision's movie licenses, Madagascar, and Fantastic 4 in their respective two and three positions.

2006 for Metroid Prime Hunters

Nintendo breaks the bad news.

Nintendo of America latest release schedule has revealed that its lynchpin DS title Metroid Prime: Hunters has slipped into next year. The news follows just days after it emerged that the GameCube's biggest hope for 2005 - The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess - has also been moved back into 2006.

FIFA 06 kick-off date

New season starts late Sept.

Surely in celebration of Aston Villa coming close to signing a decent, young striker in Milan Baros [You're welcome - Liverpool-supporting Ed], Electronic Arts has finalised a release date for the latest in its much loved/maligned footie series, FIFA '06.

Play-Yan for Game Boy Micro

But still no European launch.

Nintendo has announced plans to re-issue its Play-Yan media-player in Japan to co-incide with the release of its forthcoming Game Boy Micro.

Rockstar Uploads judging panel

Media awards event closes in.

Rockstar Games has revealed the judging jury for its media competition, Rockstar Games Upload 4, a public event for budding artists across various mediums to enter for recognition and cash prizes.

New Warriors trailer released

On the new official site.

Rockstar has unveiled a bevy of clips, trailers, screens and goodies via the new official site for its imminent action title, The Warriors.

Marc Ecko set to sue New York City in graffiti row

Graffiti game finds more trouble.

A dispute between fashion designer Marc Ecko and the New York government has erupted, with Ecko announcing plans to sue the city mayor after a permit for the party promoting the graffiti art-form and his new game was revoked.

TimeShift does a 360

Next-gen version due, PC slips.

Atari has hit us with a double whammy of TimeShift news, with the confirmation of the previously announced Xbox/PC title coming to Xbox 360 (hurrah!) and that erm… well, the PC version has slipped into 2006 (boooo).

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