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Perfect Dark's novel

Well, novels. Three of them.

Tamagotchi DS revealed

Virtual pets go shopping.

Hunt Pokémon at cinemas

Now you can get them all at VUE.

Shenmue's curse continues

SEGA fights for Online rights.

Namco's Tekken 5 for JAMMA

A Dark Resurrection.

Puyo Puyo and erm, Puyo

PS2, PSP and DS version info.

FFVII film: no Euro date yet

As US release is set back.

X360 back-compat rumblings

What the bloody is going on?

More PS2 Resi Evil 4 extras

New mission and gun confirmed.

Soul Calibur III dated in Japan

Later than the West? Curious.

SOCOM 3 sizes up

Some maps six times bigger.

Rising Star's GME line-up

Harvest Moon DS playable.

PSP peripherals perpetuate pointless alliteration

Bigger battery and Action Replay.

Resident Evil on DS

Capcom's touch of evil.

Halo movie to shine in 2007?

Plus, triple pack for Xbox?

Codemasters captures RF Online

Sci-fi/fantasy MMORPG for 2006.

Mario in Cube SSX On Tour?

Tubby plumber in bed with EA.

Feature | UK Charts: Brian Lara Cricket holds top spot

Top three maintain as several titles see a resurgence of sales.

2006 for Metroid Prime Hunters

Nintendo breaks the bad news.

FIFA 06 kick-off date

New season starts late Sept.

Play-Yan for Game Boy Micro

But still no European launch.

Rockstar Uploads judging panel

Media awards event closes in.

New Warriors trailer released

On the new official site.

Quake III source code released

Carmack spills his magic source.

TimeShift does a 360

Next-gen version due, PC slips.

A Crash of sanity

Nothing to do with the new film.

American McGee gets comical

Games-to-graphic novels.

DS Wi-Fi test plans announced

Nintendo wants YOU.

Koei's TGS line-up

Dynasty Warriors overload.

Give birth to a handheld!

Well, a name to GPX2, anyway.

More Enemy Territory details

Quaking in its bootcamps.

Midway shows its wares

Next-gen plans, etc.

DS Azure Dreams

Has your ears and smile, too.

Genki goes to War

Not stopping at peace.

Namco unleashes Bounty Hounds

Okay, who brought the dog?

Atelier Iris Europe-bound

Koei uses marketing bravery +5.

Rampaging return for Midway

Rambooked in for PS2, Cube.

D&D Online delayed

Who cares?! Katamari in Europe!

Serious Sam's sweet 16

Co-operate with lots of men.

50-hour marathon gamer dies

Exhaustion to blame.

Kao knocks out PSP

Atari doing the Kanga.

Project Offset details revealed

Multiplayer and next gen hopes.

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