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Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

Shadow Warrior source code released

3D Realms offers fellow developer types the chance to muck about with its old days ninja-'em-up.


Why bother with an expensive "PC" or "mobile phone" when you can import a 200 games console to send text messages.

New Empire Earth II demo

Have a go at both single and multiplayer modes of Mad Doc's new RTS.

New tracks for TrackMania

Of the musical kind, thanks to some rising stars from the Academy of Contemporary Music.

Action Replay MAX DUO for DS, GBA

Datel's latest "all-in-one game enhancer" hits the shelves this week.

Black & White 2 in black and white

Lionhead rules out online play - at least for now - and says the turtle won't be popping his head out again. Also: a release date estimate.

Fight for Freedom

Or rather, Freedom Force, with Digital Jesters' new multiplayer web game. Which is free, by the way.

Chaos Theory patched


X-Men Legends N-Gage demo

Try out a level of the Marvel mutants' new N-Gage adventure.

Zelda for DS: more evidence

Retail sources say a follow-up to Four Swords will indeed make an appearance on the new handheld.

Soul Calibur III: no online mode

And no character cameos either, says producer Hiroaki Yotoriyama. Spoilsport.

New Imperial Glory demo

Try your hand at blatting johnny foreigner on both land and sea with Pyro Studios' latest offering.

WoW! Lots more copies!

Europe set to get an extra 250,000 copies of World of Warcraft. And a new free trial offer too.

Japanese legends talk next-gen

Okamoto, Mizuguchi and Sakaguchi drop a few more hints regarding their forthcoming Xbox 2 titles.

Might & Magic V revealed

Ubisoft confirms that the classic turn-based strategy series is due to return in early 2006.

MMORPG dispute ends in tragedy

Shanghai man stabs fellow gamer to death following argument over item ownership.

Game Zone Live cancelled

The event formerly known as Game Stars is off following massive disinterest from everyone who matters.

Space Invaders creator back for DS

Space Invaders Revolution is being developed by the man who invented the original, more than 200 years ago now. Roughly.

WoW addon announcement 'a hoax'

Blizzard denies ownership of recent press release but tells Warcraft fans to "keep checking the webpage". Hmm.

Japanese PS3 March unveiling canned

Sony denies development problems, says next-gen console will still be on show at E3; world crosses fingers just in case.

Rebelstar Tactical Command revealed

Some kind of combat-strategy-RPG combo platter for GBA.

British high streets awash with Giz

(Sorry. Our inner 12-year-old is still enjoying it.) Tiger Telematics' handheld now available in shops other than the one named after it.

Doom RPG for mobiles

Yes, really - id Software legend John Carmack is going all handheld on us.

Backbone and Collective merge

To form... Collarbone? No. US developers join together to form biggest indie in the whole of America.

The Revolution is coming

Nintendo bossman reveals how new console will appeal to mothers, amongst other things.

187 Ride or Die details

Notorious: Die to Drive gets a new name and some proper actors.

24 game coming to PS2

You get to "be" Jack Bauer! But not slap his annoying squinty-eyed daughter, unfortunately.

Sega wants your face

Become the new face of yankee ice lacrosse with NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005.

No more Tribes: Vengeance support

Vivendi cancels Vengeance update and incurs the wrath of forum posters in the process.

Giz covers Ireland

Emerald Isle inhabitants will soon get their hands on everyone's favourite handheld that isn't made by Sony or Nintendo.

7 Sins set to dirty up PC, PS2

Get up to all manner of filthy doings in Apple City, a wretched hive of scum and villainy if ever there was one.

New Unreal Tournament details

No word on an official title yet, but some rather interesting info regarding the brand new Conquest mode.

Rockstar producing new Spec Ops title

Actual rock star spills the beans and observes that writing game soundtracks is "way easier than writing songs".

More Xbox 2 details revealed

One million units in the shops by Christmas. And they'll be customisable, says top Microsoft bigwig.

Battlefield gets 2 console

EA sticks a number two in front of Modern Combat just to make everything clear. Er, sort of.

Halo 2 expansion pack revealed

Bungie confirms rumours of a multiplayer add-on complete with nine new maps. And they might even be free. Eventually.

Soul Calibur III: first details

Turns out it will indeed appear on PS2 only. And feature "an unprecedented number of modes", would you believe.

THQ squeezes out Juiced demo

Try out Juice Games' new arcade racer before it hits the shops in May.

KoF: Maximum Impact on Xbox

Latest instalment in the KoF series to support online versus play.

New Fire Emblem Cube vid

Nintendo Japan reveals more details of the forthcoming strategy RPG in a brand new trailer.

Bard's Tale demo now available

Try out the Mountain Tomb level from inXile's tongue-in-cheek RPG.

New Worms Mayhem video released

Watch the little fellas explode in time to the 1812 Overture with Codemasters' latest trailer.

Stars come out for PSP

Celebs and fashion designers show their support for Sony's new baby at a fancy Hollywood party.

Postal 2 gets expansion

New missions, new weapons and new environments. Oh and you can now hack enemies "down to nuggets", apparently.

Phantasy Star Universe PC/PS2 only

Sega bigwig actually offers odd honest-to-goodness facts regarding the game. There might even be a PSP version.

Asheron's Call expansions announced

Legions and Throne of Destiny add-ons to arrive in Europe this May.

Confusion over PSP tax in California

Sony claims no "E-waste" fee is necessary but state officials still seem unsure.

New publisher for Middle-Earth Online

Developer secures rights previously owned by Vivendi, and gets permission to bang out a load of other Tolkien nonsense in the process.

Sonic booms: more titles in 2005

Possible PSP game and maybe even Sonic online heading this way.

SingStar Popworld track listing

Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas and the female Bedingfield all set to make an appearance.

Soul Calibur III PS2 exclusive?

You'll be able to create and customise your own character. Apparently.

LMA 2006 to kick off in October

Altogether now: "Football's just a branch of science..."

Gunstar Heroes set to return?

Ooh look, Sega's been down the US patent office again.

Guild Wars gets Collectors Edition

NCsoft gilds the lily for MMORPG's European release.

Beyond Blitzkrieg blankets Europe

Wartime MMORPG to come over here and steal our women with its fancy yankee ways this June.

New Final Fantasy concert planned

Uematsu brings his band on board for LA performance 'More Friends'.

Pac-Man World 3 announced

Time for more classic ghostbusting with the little yellow fellow.

Boktai 2 prepares to rise and shine

It's another bright sunshiny day for Django the vampire slayer.

Disney announces Narnia developers

Griptonite and Traveller's Tales to produce the games of the movie of the book.

Vietcong add-ons for PC, Xbox

Time for more jungle warfare with Charlie and chums, courtesy of developer Pterodon.

Starbreeze's next-gen Darkness

We believe in a thing called non-linear gameplay. Oh wait, they mean the other one...

Xboxes still at risk of frying

Experts say replacement cables won't save consoles from death by power supply.

Stolen developer closes doors

Blue Monday for studio, but stealth sim still on course for April release.

Phantasy Star Universe for PC, consoles

Devotees of the Dreamcast classic to get their phantasies phulphilled. Phinally.

X2 is dead, long live X3

Expansion pack morphs into fully-fledged sequel, complete with Xbox conversion. Probably.

GTR to get free expansion pack

Download new add-on soon and prove you're king of the ring. Well, oval.

Matrix Online hires actors for key roles

Real live people to take on major character roles.

DAOC Catacombs launch day looms

Expansion pack to be in the shops by the end of this month.

WoW - lots of subscribers!

More than 1.5 million, actually.

Liquid spills 4 PC titles

Bargain basement.

Atari announces military shooter

Enemy in Sight prepares to declare war on your PC.

City of Heroes legal battle continues

Both sides quickly claim victory as the first round of judgements is announced.

Colosseum due this summer

Togas at the ready as KOEI's new historical epic heads for PS2.

Quantic Dream considers Omikron II

Developer struggles to make up its mind over sequel to The Nomad Soul.

SCi reveals Total Overdose

Sort of like Samba de Amigo, only with less maracas and more drug-fuelled gun rampages.

Datel reveals first PSP peripheral

Tool for managing MP3, photo, video and save files between PC and PSP due out at launch.

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