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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Deserted Chalet key location, where to find Ornir's key and how to open the chest

How to open the chest in the Deserted Chalet.

The Deserted Chalet key is likely something you'll be searching for early on in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, if you happen to stumble across Ornir's hut and the rather enticing locked chest that's found inside.

Thankfully it's not too far away, and hands out a nice early game reward, so below we'll explain the Deserted Chalet key location and how to open the Deserted Chalet chest in hopefully all the detail you need.

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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Deserted Chalet quest explained - where to find Ornir's hut and how to open the chest

On your adventures through the early game area of Rygjaflke you may well come across the Deserted Chalet yourself.

If not, it's easy to find. Head to this island in the northern part of Rygjaflke, by sailing north-west from your home town of Fornburg.

It's by the glowing Wealth sport in the northern part of the little island, and is visible from the sea, so you can't miss it.

Inside, you'll find a couple of things: a chest, which is locked, prompting you to "find a key for each chest lock" (there's just the one), and a note, which happens to be from someone called Ornir, talking about how he's been exiled to the island.

To open the chest you'll need to find the key! Thankfully it's not too far. If you want a hint without the full solution, check the other smaller hut just outside the main one, where there's another note pinned to the door.

It talks of how Ornir's faithful dog, Ymir, was taken by wolves and that Ornir is likely next - he seems to have gone to find them, searching for a glorious death himself. In brief then, you're looking for a particular pack of wolves.

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Deserted Chalet key location - where to find the key to the chalet's locked chest

The wolf pack in question isn't far at all, and they do indeed guard the key to the Deserted Chalet chest. Here's where to find it.

Deserted Chalet key location

Head due north-east of the Deserted Chalet, and you'll come to a large grey rock with an icy clearing in front of it. You can scout the wolves with your raven and it'll show the key, as well as the leather symbols to indicate the wolves.

It's only about 200m away, so head there on foot.

Creep up to the pack and take them out with a few well-placed arrows - sorry wolves - and then Ornir's corpse is there with the key to be looted.

There's also a third and final note nearby which you can read for a spot of closure, at least.

Head back to the chalet and claim your reward: a single Carbon Ingot.

With that collected, that's this spot of Wealth cleared and your job done.

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