Zelda: Skyward Sword - The Deep Woods: How to open the first dungeon explained

The Skyview Temple is in sight.

After finding the Kikwis, it's time to venture into The Deep Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In the heart of these woods, you'll find the Skyview Temple, but, before you enter, you need to figure out how to open the first dungeon.

Along the way, you'll also discover your first Goddess Cube, which, when returned to the sky, will help you upgrade your Adventure Pouch.

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Traversing The Deep Woods in Zelda: Skyward Sword

Upon entering The Deep Woods in Skyward Sword, you'll quickly find yourself fighting a number of Bokoblins. Watch out though, because they're not the only enemy you'll face in this opening area.

To your left is a tree where a swarm of angry Deku Hornets live. If you get too close, then they will decide to attack you. Thankfully you can dispatch them using the Bug Net from Beedle's Airshop.


Once the Bokoblins are dead, head along the path until you find a tightrope with a Deku Hornet nest hovering above it.

If you keep your distance, roughly a little way past the two yellow fruits, then you'll be able to knock down the nest without causing any trouble - just wait until you can't hear the hornets any more.


With the hornets nest gone, you can cross the tightrope and take a quick detour to your left to create a shortcut. Return to the main path, killing both the Bokoblin and Octorok, so you can safely use the ledge to reach the next part of The Deep Woods.


Cross the next tightrope making sure you knock down all the prickly balls and the Bokoblin.


You can then use the nearby vine to cross back across the gorge and reach the higher level of the previous platform. Here you'll find both a Quadro Baba and a chest containing 20 Rupees.


Goddess Cubes in Zelda: Skyward Sword explained

Our Goron friend has made his way into The Deep Woods as well and has found the first Goddess Cube in Skyward Sword.

Goddess Cubes will appear throughout the surface world and by hitting one with a Skyward Strike you'll unlock a Goddess Chest in the sky.


Thankfully, these chests will appear on your map once you return to the sky making it easy to find them. Though some can only be reached by using items you'll find in later dungeons.


This Goddess Cube will activate the chest containing a new slot for your Adventure Pouch, so it's definitely worth hitting!

Our Skyward Sword walkthrough will help you find every Heart Piece and Empty Bottle. We can also help you defeat Ghirahim, Scaldera, Moldarach, The Imprisoned, Koloktos, Tentalus, Bilocyte and Demise. You can also discover where to find Kukiel to unlock the Gratitude Crystals and a number of side quests, including the toilet paper quest, missing sister location and party wheel location.

How to open Skyview Temple in Zelda: Skyward Sword

With the Goddess Cube returned to the sky, it's time to reach the Skyview Temple in Skyward Sword.

First, you'll want to once again push down the nearby log to create a shortcut, before heading down the ledges to reach the temple.

The door for the Skyview Temple, however, is locked. Thankfully, you can easily solve this by hitting the red crystal above the door with your Slingshot.


Before entering the temple, it's a good idea to hit the nearby Goddess Cube and return to Skyloft. There you'll be able to stock up on potions and, if you've gathered enough of the required materials, upgrade your shield. You can also check out Beedle's Airshop!

When you're ready, head into Skyview Temple and face the first dungeon of Skyward Sword.

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