Warzone map changes: Subway system, subway station locations and fast travel explained

Everything you need to know about the new subway system in Warzone.

The subway system is one of the most important changes to occur to the Warzone map since the game's release.

The subway not only introduces a new location for you to battle players, but it allows you to fast travel around the sizable Warzone map. Just make sure you're aware of the fast travel rules before you start your train journey!

This page shows where to find these changes on Warzone's map. If you want to learn more about Season 6, we suggest taking a look at the patch notes.

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Warzone's new map image and additions at a glance

The Warzone map has gradually developed and changed since the release of the game with, sometimes small, location changes.

Season 6, building off the inclusion of the moving train from Season 5, introduces the Verdansk subway system and, with it, fast travel.

In total seven subway station have been added to the Warzone map:

The location of the seven subway stations on the Warzone map.

Keep your eyes open for a red Metro sign if you're looking for a subway station and make sure you don't drop your guard once you're inside!

Subway station locations in Warzone explained

Every new subway station will be open for the moment Season 6 begins in Warzone and, with seven stations in total, you can easily make your way around the Warzone map by travelling either clockwise or anticlockwise around the subway route.


Below you can find the location of every subway station on the Warzone map, along with which stations you can travel to from them:

Verdansk International Airport

  • Clockwise - Lozoff Pass
  • Anticlockwise - Torsk Bloc

Lozoff Pass

  • Clockwise - Verdansk Center
  • Anticlockwise - Verdansk International Airport

Verdansk Center

  • Clockwise - Downtown / Tavorsk District
  • Anticlockwise - Lozoff Pass

Downtown / Tavorsk District

  • Clockwise - Barakett Shopping District
  • Anticlockwise - Verdansk Center

Barakett Shopping District

  • Clockwise - Verdansk Train Station
  • Anticlockwise - Downtown Tavorsk District

Verdansk Train Station

  • Clockwise - Torsk Bloc
  • Anticlockwise - Verdansk Train Station

Torsk Bloc

  • Clockwise - Verdansk International Airport
  • Anticlockwise - Verdansk Train Station

Fast travel and subway route in Warzone explained

There are a couple of important things you should know about the subway system before you start using it for fast travel in Warzone.

The first is the route trains will take around the subway system.

Each subway station offers you the choice of two trains - one going clockwise around the subway map, the other anticlockwise - and each train will take you to the next station on the subway route.

Once there you can either leave the train at that location or stay aboard to continue your travels around the map.


Trains will arrive roughly every 30 to 40 seconds and you can have up to two trains in one station at the same time.

You'll know when the next train is arriving thanks to the signs both above the stairs leading to the platforms and on the platforms themselves, which will inform you, in increments of 10 seconds, how long you have to wait till the next train.


It's also important to note that if, during a match, a station falls outside of the safety circle, then you will no longer be able to travel to that station.

If, for example, the Barakett Shopping District station was absorbed in the smoke, you would only be able to travel to the Verdansk Center station from the subway station in the Downtown / Tavorsk District.

Trains will also come to a standstill if anyone is engaging in combat on them, so you can't travel between stations and fight opposing players at the same time. Instead, you need to either defeat or be defeated by your opponent for the train to begin its journey.

No fighting when the doors are closed!

Finally - the train tracks are electrified, so stepping on them won't end well for you!

The latest event in the game is the Haunting of Verdansk, which offers a variety of Trick or Treat rewards. The event comes several weeks after the arrival of Season 6 Battle Pass skins and a new subway system. Meanwhile, the latest intel released was Tighten the Noose. While you get accustomed to the new season, read up on our Warzone tips and tricks, list of best Warzone loadouts, the best Warzone perks, how the Warzone Gulag works and how to quickscope.

Subway station layout in Warzone explained

The layout for every subway station in Warzone is the same, which means that they are very easy to navigate.

The entrance for every station will have a red Metro sign above it and, after you go down the initial set of stairs, you'll find yourself in the ticket lobby.

In the lobby you'll find two sets of stairs: the one on the right-hand side will take you to the trains going anticlockwise around the map, while the stairs on the left leads to the platform for trains following the route clockwise.


You'll see a sign above both of these sets of stairs, which will inform you if a train is approaching the station, it's destination, at the platform or has just departed.


Heading down either set of stairs will bring you to the platforms where you can board the trains. Both sides of the platforms are laid out the same, but make sure you don't jump onto the tracks as they are electrified.


Finally, by opening the double doors that can be found on the both platforms, you'll gain access to a small room. Inside you'll find an escape ladder out of the station and possibly some loot.


Good luck in Season 6 of Warzone! If you want to learn more check out our guide on the Season 6 Battle Pass and the Season 6 patch notes.

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