Warzone map changes: Stadium, Train and Exterior Ascension changes explained

A look at the new locations you can explore in Season 5's map.

Warzone's map has been updated several changes with the arrival of Season 5 and its new Battle Pass skins.

The map offers two significant new changes - a moving train and the opening of the stadium, arguably the biggest changes to the mode since its debut back in March of this year.

This page shows where to find these changes on the Warzone's map. If you're looking more from Season 5, you can read up on patch notes.

On this page:

Warzone's new map image and additions at a glance

Unlike other battle royale games which see significant changes to the entire map, Warzone has opted for location specific tweaks.

The biggest changes are the cracking of the stadium and the expansion of the train station - the map below details exactly where you can find these two locations:

The Stadium and Train Station locations in Warzone Season 5.

As well as these are two other additions - a moving train and exterior ascension points.

Stadium changes in Warzone explained

Located in Central Verdansk, the breaking of the stadium roof in Warzone has allowed greater access to the the stadium as a whole.

Here's the official blurb from Activision to give you a quick overview:


"As you might have gathered by now, the Acropolis National Arena (AKA Verdansk Stadium) is receiving a multitude of new visitors now that the Shadow Company announced their presence in an explosive, roof-based insertion.

"Time to retool your strategy and rethink your drop plans around this massive super-structure, complete with a pitch surrounded by rows of seating, an additional underground parking structure, a concession stand lobby as well as other multiple interior concourses and field access you can secure and compete to control."

These changes mean that there are now a number of ways you can approach the stadium.

The stadium from above.

You can choose glide in through the roof and land in either the seats or on the pitch where a number of tents have been set up.


If you'd like to be a bit sneakier, you can land outside of the stadium and enter through the lobby that wraps around the pitch. This area includes a number of excellent hiding places and stairs that lead to the upper levels of the stadium.


Finally, you can access to the stadium by it's underground parking area, the entrance for which is just outside the stadium itself.


Train Station in Warzone explained

You can find the Verdansk Train Station in the southwest district of Verdansk.

Here's the official blurb from Activision to give you a quick overview:


"The station buildings feature a number of inside locations to explore; all linked to the main ticket hall and platforms.

"This significantly changes the overall look, feel, and tactical outlook in and around this area of the Warzone map. "

The main building is now free for you to explore, with these areas being linked together via the platforms and the main ticket office.


Moving Train location in Warzone explained

The Train Station also has a new feature - a moving train that makes its way across the map.

Here's the official blurb from Activision to give you a quick overview:


"A hulking freight train is on a path of destruction, and it's up to you and your fellow Operators to use this locomotive behemoth to your tactical advantage! The train rolls through one of the main arterial railroad tracks that circumnavigates the southwestern part of Verdansk in a large loop.

"It can be a source of protection, an epicenter of firefights, and even offers some exceptional takedown potential if your team claims the train for themselves, and guards it with additional vehicles and heavy weaponry."

The train will run pretty much from the start of the match. It is difficult to spot from afar, but thankfully, it will be visible on the map screen - just keep an eye on the south-west corner and zoom in a little:


You can ping it to highlight its location to your team. Also, on the ground, you can also hear it from a short distance with a telltale horn, acting as a reminder it's nearby.

When you find it, it's slow enough you can make a dash and leap onto it - though obviously parachuting in from above is not only cooler, but probably a smarter way to get the jump on your enemies.


In our experience, the train is a very active location - so make sure you have quick reactions even you are going there at the start of the match. Good luck!

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Exterior locations in Warzone explained

Though the Stadium, Train Station and Train headline the map changes this season, there's the addition of new Exterior Ascension points.

Here's the official blurb from Activision to give you a quick overview:


"Need to take down a troublesome sniper? During past navigations through multi-floored building interiors (usually located in downtown Tavorsk District), you may have clamped onto a vertical zip line inside an elevator shaft to gain quicker access to the top of the structure.

"Now you can expect additional and strategically positioned Exterior Ascenders dotted throughout Verdansk. These will primarily be attached to the exterior of taller buildings, enabling you to gain a tactical and height advantage from a different angle, and with more haste than ever before."

Look out for these on tall buildings. We found one on the outside of a tower block in Downtown, with a red vertical banner running up the side.


These operate similar to the interior ascension points we've seen in lift shafts in the map previously - just go up to the rope, press the button prompt, and up you go.

Remember the exterior points will often have interior locations too - so be sure to watch your back if you're using them as a sniper lookout point.

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