Sergeant Martinez

Vic's cigar-chomping superior, Sgt Jerry Martinez, likes to serve himself rather than his country. He's into drug running and gun smuggling. And donkey porn (yes, really). Despite his diminutive build he's not someone you'd want to cross. You'll find him based in Fort Baxter - sergeant stripes mark his position in the map.

Welcome to Fort Baxter
No sooner have you reported for duty than Martinez throws you a bone and asks you to fetch. He wants you to pick up a package from one of his associates who's waiting at Escobar International Airport. Jump on Martinez's motorbike and leave the base through the main gates. Check your map - the airport is a short distance away, but the various underpasses can make it confusing. The quickest route is to turn right out of the base, follow the road around and then head to the pink marker directly ahead. After a short cut-scene, involving drugs, the Feds and a burning boat, you'll find yourself in deep water. Quite literally. Swim quickly to the shore and run clear of the Feds. You have a pistol by this point so you can return fire, but it's a waste of time and you'll probably end up dead. Choose life instead and head back to your barracks. Save your game and report to Martinez.

Cleaning House
Martinez tells you about Phil Cassidy, an old friend of his who's in the business of buying and selling weapons. Phil owes Martinez some money and you're ordered to fetch once again. Jump on the bike and plot your route to Viceport. The best way is to turn left out of the base, cross the river using the wooden bridge then continue ahead until you reach the main highway which runs the length of the west island. Pick Phil up from the docks and drive him to his apartment just up the road. When you arrive, Phil reveals that a Mexican gang known as the Cholos recently threw him out of his home. The money is inside, so you need to bust your way in. Jack a vehicle and hammer it towards the apartment, running over as many gang members as you can. Those you miss will usually run off in fear - if not, get out and gun them down. Grab the ammo they drop and go inside. There are two more Cholos in here but they're unarmed, so just beat them or blast them, it's up to you. Deliver the money to Martinez to complete the mission.

Conduct Unbecoming
The sergeant has developed an itch than can only be scratched by a girl called Mary. It's another 'fetch boy' mission. Drive down to Phil's place and take ownership of a tasteful pink car. Mary is apparently working a corner in Viceport, but as you approach, a woman named Mona tells you that she's gone to a party up on Starfish Island. Spin around and drive to the island (it's situated between the east and west islands like a giant stepping stone). Some guys at the party aren't exactly thrilled when you grab Mary and within seconds it all kicks off. Like the Cholos before, you can easily beat this yuppie scum with your bare firsts if you don't want to waste bullets. With Mary in tow, return to Fort Baxter and approach the main gates. A cut-scene plays in which you're unceremoniously kicked out of the army for hording drugs and importing whores. Luckily, Phil Cassidy pages you with an offer of work and a place to stay. Head to his apartment and save your game. This filthy pit is your new safehouse and Phil is your new boss.

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