The Medium - How to access Thomas's hidden room: Investigate Thomas's office and the grandfather clock puzzle explained

How to unlock the secrets inside Thomas's office.

Your first task in the Niwa Hotel in The Medium is to find Thomas and, while you don't find the man, you do reach his office. After investigating Thomas's office for some time, you'll discover that it contains a hidden room.

If you want to access Thomas's hidden room, however, you need to solve the grandfather clock puzzle to open the doorway.

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Investigate Thomas's office in The Medium explained

When you finally reach Thomas's office in The Medium, you'll discover that it's already been ransacked. Thankfully, there are some useful items hidden away in the mess, which by found by investigating the broken desk.


From the drawer on the floor you can pick up the Flashlight and the Small Key, which lies beneath it.

Picking up the Flashlight will reveal the Small Key.

These items in hand, we can move forward to solving the grandfather clock puzzle and accessing Thomas's hidden room. Though, you may want to stay and collect the memos first if you want to experience every part of The Medium's storyline, as you won't be able to return for them.

How to access Thomas's hidden room and the grandfather clock puzzle in the The Medium explained

If you want to access Thomas's hidden room in The Medium, then you need to solve the grandfather clock puzzle.

To do this you must first collect the Small Key and then interact with the grandfather clock. After doing so, you'll see a small lock next to the clock face into which you can insert the Small Key.


This will open the clock case, giving you control of the clock hands, which, in turn, allows you to turn back time in the spirit world, repairing that version of the office.


First, rotate the clock hands backwards, until you see an imprint of Thomas.

You'll now want to step away from the clock face and interact with the imprint to gather the knowledge it holds.


Return to the clock face, rotate the hands backwards again until you see the next imprint of Thomas, which you must, again, stop to interact with.


Next, you'll want to spin the clock hands back as far as they can go, so that a spirit well appears on the desk. Stop playing with time and collect the spirit energy, before returning to the clock face.

There's a chance that the spirit well might not appear for you when you do this. If this is the case, then use the grandfather clock to make the other Thomas imprints appear and interact with them, while also having a quick wander out the secret room. Hopefully though, the spirit well should appear straight away.

Collect energy from the spirit well.

Now, you'll want to spin the clock hands forward, until the doorway for the hidden room opens in the spirit world.


You'll now want to perform an out-of-body experience, so that you can explore the spirit world version of the hidden room. Just remember to keep an eye on Marianne's spirit body and return to the real world before her spirit one vanishes or else risk death.

Inside the hidden room, you'll find a power box, which you can charge by performing a spirit blast upon it. This will restart the electrics for the secret door in reality, so cut short your out-of-body experience and return to reality.


Back in the real world, you'll want to interact with the cabinet behind the desk.


Next, while you're looking at a close up view of the cabinet, use Marianne's insight power to uncover the location of the button for the hidden door.


After pressing this button, you can enter the hidden room and discover what secrets lurk within!


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