Sony hosted its GDC press conference in San Francisco this week, and was on the scene to report live on the unveiling of PlayStation Move - the PS3 motion controller.

Due out this autumn in at least one bundle that costs less than $100, Move was the sole focus of the conference. Read on for impressions of the game demos as we saw them.

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Now this is happening! Hello everyone. Ellie's in the queue for the Sony GDC conference right now, with kick-off just a few minutes away. Or, in classic press conference tradition, probably a few more minutes away than anyone realises.


It's 4pm PST / midnight GMT, so we should be on our way extremely soon. Unless it's 29th February again.


(And now Ellie takes over.) We're in! Today's conference is taking place from a big hangar type building, all lit up in PlayStation blue. The message on the giant screen reads 'IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING.' Perhaps we're here for the announcement of the new Sony Swiss army knife?


OF COURSE NOT - we're here for Move, the motion controller formerly known as Arc. And Gem. And Kaz Hirai's Magic Electronical Wand of Joy.


It's Shuhei! Looking dapper in a blue jacked. Black trousers though. Shame.


He's so excited to be here with us. "Today is a special day... As we officially unveil the motion controller for PS3 and its games." GAMES!


For the first time today, they will schedule some of the games available "for the fall launch window".


"May I introduce to you... PlayStation Move."


PlayStation Move combines precise motion control with the full PS3 HD gaming experience, apparently.


Shuhei's done, it seems. He's handed over to SCEA's Peter Dille. "I couldn't get in without a badge."


He's talking about how happy he is to have actual gamers in the building as well to see Move for the first time. It's powered by "terrific technology" that allows Sony to "innovate and differentiate".


Before we get onto Move properly though, Dille wants to talk to us about PS3's momentum, starting with Killzone 2. That was good. Then Uncharted 2. That was also good. "A banner year," it says on the screen.


The PS3 Slim, the price cut, the "It only does everything" marketing campaign - Dille's pretty happy with the "total entertainment solution for the home" that PS3 has become.


PS3 was the only console that experienced 50% growth in software sales from 2008 to 2009, says Dille. They're even having clock issues. Sorry, stock issues.


"I'd like to thank the games press for giving this game its due," Dille says about Heavy Rain. You're welcome.


White Knight Chronicles now. COME ON PETER SHOW US YOUR WAND.


MLB 10 The Show is on the screen now. Some sort of rounders game? KEEP YOUR ROUNDERS PETER WHERE IS OUR MAGICAL STICK.


For a lot of people, Heavy Rain, MAG and God of War III would be a great year, says Dille, but for Sony it's just the first three months. ModNation Racers is coming, SOCOM 4 is coming, it's all good. "We're saving a couple of surprises for E3."


But we're really here to talk about Move today, Dille says/notices. The Move system is "revolutionary and a step ahead of anything currently on the marketplace".


"We like to think this is the next-generation of motion gaming."


"Nintendo has done a great job introducing motion gaming to the masses."


He loves teh Nintendo, but lots of people like high def. "We like to think the migration from Wii to PS3 is a pretty natural path," he says. "Total entertainment solution" again.


On the screen there are pictures of a man, woman and ethnic minority using the wand as a glof club, tennis racket and sword and shield.


Now there are images of the PS Eye, PS3 Slim and a posh telly. "Previous motion devices have used the controller simply as a pointer... Ours becomes an extension of your body."


"It allows you to immerse yourself in the action with incredible precision, rahter than simply playing the game."


He's repeatedly referring to examples of the games, which we're going to see. More women on screen now, using the wands like bows and arrows. Not lipsticks and hairdryers, oddly.


"Games that will appear to core gamers" according to Dille. There's a pic of a US soldier holding a virtual machine gun now.


"We're really approaching this like a virtual platform launch," says Dille, with multiple bundles you can buy. More specific pricing information will follow, but the PS Eye/game/Move controller will be under $100.


Dille expects this to be a "seminal" moment for PlayStation and indeed gaming. And you're experiencing it live!


"Our technology will never compromise gameplay," he says, presumably taking a pop at one or other of Microsoft or Nintendo, although we're too jetlagged to really work it out.


There's a lifestyley video playing, based on the "It only does everything" mantra. A man is using two wands to punch in a fighting game with too much fuzzy felt bloom.


Now there's a woman using a bow and arrow in a virtual wood. Two girls using two wands to play table tennis.


A middle-aged bloke using it as a virtual golf club. A teenage boy using two wands as a sword and shield.


A whole family now. A little girl is painting on the TV screen. A montage of the games you'll be able to play - EyePet, archery, LBP, is that Alan in the Dark? Fall 2010 confirmed. PlayStation Move - "It only does everything."


Scott Rohde, VP of Worldwide Studios, is on the stage. "We have been truly inspired by PS Move," he says. "Or else," we assume.


They're really stressing the precision and subtlety angle on this. Jonathan Ross will be pleased. "PS Move is responsive, precise and able to handle both fast and subtle movements. THe latency is as robust as the Dualshock and Sixaxis wireless controller." "We have virtually no limits to the types of genres and gameeplay experience we can create."


The fact it has an analogue trigger and face buttons really helps, he reckons. Now we're seeing Gladiator Duel, a one-on-one arena combat game.


Sorry, that's a game called Sports Champions, and a game within it called Gladiator Duel.


Another bloke is playing with two wands, live on stage. We see him on one half of the screen and the game on the other.


Digital Foundry's going to have a field day with all this. The split window thing indicates that there's very little latency to the naked eye. He's swinging his weapons around and they're flying just as quickly on-screen.


The next title we're seeing is the table tennis bit of Sports Champions. Hang on, a sports mini-game bundle as a wand launch title? How novel.


In Duel, incidentally, his sword, shield and character appeared as transparent images. He was in a battle arena, fighting a woman from third-person perspective, and he showed how you can do an overhead attack, then a special attack by swinging the shield then sword.


But, yes, table tennis. He's doing backhand serves, simple shots. While he talks, gesturing slightly with his bat hand, the table tennis paddle on-screen responds very swiftly and precisely. Presumably he's quite practised at this, but as Rohde says, "the precision is quite evident there".


Now we're going to see a game called Move Party, where video can be used for "augmented reality, face tracking and chat". Ooh, it's a Brit demoing it. Hello there crumpets vicar etc.


A woman is playing it while Liverpool bloke commentates. She uses the Eye to take her picture and says something to it - "Make a funny noise," the game demands.


Looks a bit like EyeToy - the in-game screen shows the real life lady as if in a mirror, but holding a virtual tennis racket. She uses it to swat a load of butterflies.


Now she's holding a virtual paintbrush and drawing a circle on the screen. Again, there's no latency.


Time for the next mini-game - Wacky Barber Shop. The lady is holding a virtual clippers and using it to cut an alien's hair.


Next mini-game - Blown Away. Now she's holding a fan. She must use it to keep floating chicks in the air and guide them into their nests.


Not exactly Killzone, is it? Looks quite fun though.


"The chicks hit the fan." GENIUS.


Now we're moving on to LittleBigPlanet. "You can literally go into the game and manipulate objects." LITERALLY?


Of course not, but you can use the wand to lift and move in-game objects. One bloke is uising a regular controller to control sackboy, while another bloke usies a Move to help him out - moving a platform over some flames, for example.


Now he's rotating an object to bridge a gap and let sackboy cross it. He's catching Sackboy in a hat then throwing him up in the air.


"Users will be able to create the same level of detail." Instead of switches, you can use the motion controller to get through environments.


It looks like the bits you can move with the Move are highlighted in bright pink.


EyePet now.


We're going to see a video of the Move interacting with EyePet. A family boots up EyePet in their lifestyle living room. Business as usual so far.


But now... The girl picks up the wand and uses it as a hairdryer on the EyePet. You can also use it to spray different colours or do haircuts, or draw things for the EyePet to copy.


In other words, the Move takes the place of the magic card thingy EyePet currently comes with. "Coming 2010" it says, as it's not out in the US yet. Presumably they'll patch our one.


Now we're seeing another new game - Motion Fighters (working title). A man called Johnny Mac is demonstrating. He's clearly from Liverpool. [The home of football. - Ed]


He's using two Moves. On-screen we see the back top half of a bloke with loads of tattoos. Johnny's using the wands to make him perform uppercuts on another bloke. Now he gets the bloke in a headlock and starts smashing his head in. "That one's always a winner." You can do both clean and dirty moves, plus holds and finishing moves.


The game is almost black and white - there are just a few touches of red and yellow in the environment. Looks a bit like Sin City.


He elbows the bloke in the face with both arms, and the demo's over.


There are going to be other Move bits, apparently, including the PlayStation Move Sub-controller.


"You can play all the way through SOCOM 4 with PS Move and the sub controller." The SC has another analogue stick, basically.


There's a man playing SOCOM 4 and he's got the Move in one hand and the sub-controller in the other. He's using the SC to move his character and aiming with the Move wand thing.


The pictures sort of speak for themselves. He can move around in traditional third-person shooter style, go to iron sights, and lob grenades.


Apparently the reason it's suitable to play through the whole of SOCOM 4 is that it was really easy for Zipper to integrate the control system. Now Rodhe's going to "kick it back to Pete".


"We promised at the outset you'd see a broad range of games... The PS brand has always been a very big tent." What?


Oh right, a tent that welcomes all ages and genres.


Third party logos on screen now - Acti, Capcom, WB, Namco, Squenix, Crave, Konami, Ubi, SEGA, Tecmo, Disney, EA. [We'll have a full list of 36 supporting companies after the conference. - Ed]


"Virtually all" third parties are in, and are finding the Move very easy to develop for. They're creating dual skus which work with both Sixaxis and Move, and which can fit on the same Blu-ray disc.


Dille's spaffing on about it doing everything again. This summer it will also do 3D gaming, as announced at CES.


"Seeing a video is one thing - seeing a demo is another - but playing the games is really what it's all about."


There are 30 kiosks next door so we can play the games. Only 30?


And it's over. We're racing over to that kiosk right now!


Thanks for joining us everyone. Look out for screenshots galore and more details on Move in the next few minutes.

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    Stepharneo 9 years ago
    " Nah. People would just find something else to fight over :) "

    Like a football team...oh wait.
    TonyHarrison 9 years ago
    "whats to stop people doing a duck hunt on socom and just holding the thing right up to the screen thus gaining a huge advantage over people using dualshocks?"

    Possibly the fact that the thing would stop working if you put it right up to the screen due to it being out of view of the camera...
    dfish 9 years ago
    nowt wrong with going the wand/nunchuck route, at least this is proper 1:1 this time.
    man.the.king 9 years ago

    "wud love to see MS and sony expressing their love for each other one day. if they got together and made a baby, it wud be a beast of a baby! when it comes to gaming tht can only be a good thing :D
    and it wud end the fucking fanboy wars FOREVER! "

    Nah. People would just find something else to fight over :)
    smelly 9 years ago
    @davisorle : Sony didnt "rip off" the wiimote.. youtube videos of the tech this is running on are available from way back in ps2 era, before wii was even announced (but it was too slow to do the job properly).

    If anything is a "rip off" it's natal.. But I seem to upset 360 owners when i point that out.
    smelly 9 years ago

    I thought the console makers werent being allowed to do GDC press conferences this year?
    davisorle 9 years ago
    So, in order for Sony to make more profit of what they ripped off in the first place ( look WiiMote ) they are selling sepperately the "Move" from the "Sub Controller". Even I'm surprised.. lol And im a guy that can expect the worst from Sony when it comes to forcing shit down consumers' throats in straight out or manipulative ways.

    And what's up with the name? Still sounds bad. Would sound better if they put all those names together even for a fancy tv show star "Wandarc Move".

    In all honesty I can't be impressed from a new wiimote, which has been out there for many years and sold millions and yet it's not my kind of thing... Even the black version was released already in order to say "Hey at least this is black" since i do prefer the color but not that damn "ball" on the top of the main unit.. lol Holding something up and aiming it ( your "ball" ) is too tiring for hardcore gamer that wont sit down to just play half / one hour even if not often it can be WAY too many hours.
    Stepharneo 9 years ago
    The camera might get in the way, you can put the controller right up against it if you want, but it won't actually do anything. it isn't a lightgun, it knows where you are pointing the thing because it's bloody accurate.
    oldskooldeano 9 years ago
    Seriously. *yawn* is that it? Nintendo and Microsoft must be pissing themselves laughing. Where is the innovation? What a load of me-too bollocks
    laharl80 9 years ago
    whats to stop people doing a duck hunt on socom and just holding the thing right up to the screen thus gaining a huge advantage over people using dualshocks?
    bigdan1035 9 years ago
    Will you have to buy 2 of these for some of the games/ideas shown?

    Not impressed personally.

    The only thing about motion control that really interests me is the possibility of a chance to play light gun games again on an LCD TV, it's a genre I've missed this generation. I'd love all the Virtua Cops, Time Crisis' or House Of The Deads remade in HD.
    Stoatboy 9 years ago
    @GamesConnoisseur: "Move" is a verb, man. Naming stuff after verbs is cool.

    (If you're a hateful marketing fuck-piglet.*)

    *Not actually sure what a fuck-piglet is, but this post was flow of consciousness stuff, and it worked for me at the time...
    Stepharneo 9 years ago
    @Murton: well it is Ellie's job to make us all laugh.

    @Username pending: the lights are to make it easier for the eye to follow, so that you avoid that crap with eyetoy games of old where the room lighting was off and the game couldn't see you. And as for too much plastic, as a full guitar hero band set owner I would say you can never have too many cheap plastic peripherals.

    More importantly, most people probably only have 2 pads for the ps3, if you have these as well, then when people come back from the pub you might actually have enough controllers for a decent game of Pes. Especially if they implement/steal the wii controls for pes, they are definitely "fun" when drunk.
    UsernamePending 9 years ago
    Is there some reason for the light on the end of the Move? Does it double-up as a torch?

    Also, 2 Moves, plus the Move sub-controller, plus the camera seems like too much plastic.
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago
    GamesConnoisseur 9 years ago
    Playstation Move, seem pretty awkward in practice. You wont say Playstation Move, ll be just 'Move' for everyday use right? Then imagine a party at house with some people in front of TV and others around..

    Host of the house.... "No no no.. you need to move the Move gently, dont flapping the Move about..."

    "Wot? I wasnt dancing I was trying to play the game"

    "Yes I know I was just telling you.. oh well just use the wand thingy more gently"

    "Oh that!! Yes I got it!"
    sanctusmortis 9 years ago
    Can't help but note that "we see this as a virtual platform launch" comment being a "we intend to go head-on with MS" comment. It's nearly word for word what MS called Natal at E3 09!
    henrix 9 years ago
    Just finished watching the stream. Not impressed at all. Just looked like a wii with slightly prettier graphics. Socom looked kinda cool though.
    Stoatboy 9 years ago
    "Sixaxis" Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time.
    b00n 9 years ago
    So.. a remote , a nunchuck, Eyepet, lots of mini-games that we have seen before, a bit of Red Steel and SOCOM with motion that doesn't seem to add anything at all. Call me what you like, but I'm not very confident this will bring a lot of added value if you already have a Wii at home.

    It definitely seems to be more precise and quicker, and obviously graphics are win vs Wii, but ... well... Can't feel excited with what was shown today.
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago

    i doubt the names are confirmed yet, i mean cmon, it took sony a year to name the playstation dildo properly!
    WinterSnowblind 9 years ago
    Also, can I ask what happened to the Sony marketing team? Are they seriously going with "Gladiator game"?
    captain_Carl 9 years ago
    "Playstation Move Sub Controller"

    EmiliasHorse 9 years ago
    Veiled shots at Sony?

    gjgjg 9 years ago
    god i thought they said ...interacting with ipad (not eyepet). thats it bed i think
    frunk 9 years ago
    LBP editor with PS Move...

    Now that *is* useful... may actually get off my arse and finish one of the half dozen levelled I started designing but gave up on because the whole thing was too finicky. But they could have supported mouse input :)
    WinterSnowblind 9 years ago
    Not particulary impressed with what they've shown so far. Looks almost identical to what the Wii is already doing, right down to the awkward artificial family gathering advertisment campaigns. It does at least appear to be more accurate, but even with this gladiator minigame they're showing just looks too awkward to play, as opposed to just pressing buttons.

    If they want to focus on casual games, that's fine, but let's not pretend it caters to 'core' gamers as well. This is really what I'm hoping Microsoft avoids with Natal.. focus on the strengths of the system, and the new things it can offer. Don't slap on gimmicky controls to existing games.
    frunk 9 years ago
    "Sports champions...It's Wii Sports...pretty much exactly"

    No harm in that - have had the Wii since launch and Wii Sports is STILL the most played game with mates back from the pub... simple, elegant and FUN!

    And Natal will probably do the same, its a winning formula... don't change what is not broken - just improve it.
    reeferchief 9 years ago
    "On the screen there are pictures of a man, woman and ethnic minority using the wand as a glof club, tennis racket and sword and shield."

    WHAT? Could'nt they just refer to the "ethnic minority" as a man, woman or child, thats just disgraceful.
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago
    no its not wii sports its MOVE sports! or playstation sports...i hate being confused :(
    captain_Carl 9 years ago
    Sports champions...It's Wii Sports...pretty much exactly :L
    Stoatboy 9 years ago
    @sfp_noodle: Microsoft have commended Nintendo a few times in the past. I'm guessing it's second-console-syndrome, corporate stylee.
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago
    wow ellie wasnt kidding about the jetlag! already 3 typos in there :p
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago
    im genuinely suprised to see them talking so positively about nintendo, they were rivals for well over a decade at one point. now tht they have different focus, they seem to be on good terms. quite refreshing actually. wud love to see MS and sony expressing their love for each other one day. if they got together and made a baby, it wud be a beast of a baby! when it comes to gaming tht can only be a good thing :D

    and it wud end the fucking fanboy wars FOREVER!

    Stoatboy 9 years ago
    "PS3 was the only console that experienced 50% growth in software sales from 2008 to 2009, says Dille."

    Because they were the only console where software sales were appallingly piss-poor before, perhaps?
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago
    'may i introduce playstation move'

    lol we already knew what it was, jus wanted to know the name really :D so shuda been 'may i re-introduce the playstation dildo now renamed playstation move...coz u know, u have to move to use it.'... least theyre not taking the piss with the wii...
    dingo75 9 years ago
    Wohoo Ellie!
    That was my wish to EG for 2010: Ellie as the coverage of the Press conferences!
    Will slap myself now to stay awake :)
    gjgjg 9 years ago
    just date last guardian ill be happy

    edit anyone else have to keep refreshing for updates?
    jonbwfc 9 years ago
    I predict : I'll be going to bed some time before midnight.

    The news is still going to be there tomorrow morning for pity's sake.
    man.the.king 9 years ago

    I don't know about the games announcements. Isn't this supposed to be a gathering of developers rather than for press announcements?

    I could be wrong. Just guessing...
    aphexstwin 9 years ago
    gt5 please. nothing else thanks, we've only been waiting for fucking YEARS for this game. and psn fees can do one, only the extremely sad are going to pay for something that works completely ok to be a little bit better
    onyxbox 9 years ago
    I think they'll keep this pretty low key TBH.

    I mean why blow your load now when you know you have to perform on the next date (i.e. E3)
    WinterSnowblind 9 years ago
    This is tonight? Completely didn't realize.
    I wouldn't expect too much from GDC, people usually get too hyped up for this event which is primarily focused on the games developers. But still hoping to see some inFamous 2. No doubt they'll be demonstrating the motion controller quite a bit too.

    Considering G4 just put up the trailer, and had to take it down because they put it up too soon.. I'd say yes ;) It confirmed it for a PSN release this April (as well as XBL and PC of course)
    taurus82 9 years ago
    Does anyone think we'll hear something about Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse or Monkey Island 2 SE?
    spengos 9 years ago
    Stuff I'd like to see:

    More FF14 info
    Last Guardian info, maybe a gameplay trailer
    DC Universe release info
    Agency mmo info
    Killzone 3 announced
    Resistance 3 announced
    More info on R* exclusive The Agent
    Release info for Motion Controller. Maybe some games announced
    Gran Tourismo 5 release date announced

    Likelihood of any of this? Slim, very slim.
    betahoven 9 years ago
    It's going to be all about 3D and waggle. Maybe one or two game announcements in there as well, but only as examples of titles that will support the aforementioned features.
    DavidBoring 9 years ago
    sony set up a live stream for the event, so i think it will be keynote-ish
    Widge 9 years ago
    I was going to say, I thought GDC was the home non-announcement related stuff and was more of a seminar vibe.
    myiagros 9 years ago
    "I thought they were dropping major platform holder events this year?"

    I believe this event is not part of GDC, just happening at the same time, in an extremely nearby location.
    Dolly 9 years ago
    I would also chance on there being a new revision of the original PSP, with PSP 4000 showing up a few months ago on some adverts if I remember rightly.
    Thedni 9 years ago
    I thought they were dropping major platform holder events this year?
    52pickup 9 years ago
    Does anyone know if we can actually watch the conference on G4? Last time,when G4 streamed the VGA's anyone outside of US could not see the live stream.
    Goffee 9 years ago
    Will they bring out and shoot dead the PSPGo live on stage?
    JahB 9 years ago
    Live and sarcasm free!

    when the mighty Kaz Hirai opens his mouth, sarcasm is desperately needed. i love my ps3, but i'll just read the important bits in the news tomorrow instead of actually listening to the PR babble.
    barnettbeans 9 years ago
    Well as for 3D games I cant see it this year. Games just dont run at 60 fps and when they do the graphics take a dent. Then there is the cost of 3D tvs and goggles to match so I think it may get a mention but nothing as standard.

    possible metal gear game
    Possible LBP (quite possible)
    Gran turismo 5 ( dated)
    Would really like to see some news on WOW cataclysm at GDC in general but I doubt that.

    As for the rest im sure well see resistance 2 and obviously duke nuke em 3D. lol.
    wizlon 9 years ago
    Jumping Flash 3!
    Mkwone 9 years ago
    There's rumours of something from LBP being shown so i'll be interested in that. Also looking forward to hear if anything the say on their motion control.

    I won't be staying up until midnight though. It'll just have to wait till i wake up.
    Rich0de 9 years ago
    it's called PS Move.
    52pickup 9 years ago
    PSN subscription service. 3D and Sony Motion controller date,price and a few compatible games. At least one big game announcement wouldn't go a miss either.
    AllMetal 9 years ago
    Killzone 3 - fully 3D compatable
    lunnytoon 9 years ago
    Maybe, just maybe, the possibility of a concrete release date for GT5.......or maybe not

    Maybe next year then :/
    liverpoolfc 9 years ago
    uncharted for PSP.....anyone. Maybe in E3 then
    sfp_noodle 9 years ago
    hmm i seriously doubt there will be anything major announced. maybe a few new games announcements here and there, but all the big guns like resistence 3, killzone 3 (likely) or anny other big exclusive for tht matter will be saved for E3. sony finally had a good showing last year after 2 pretty crappy showings in the years before. i doubt they want to lose any of tht momentum now
    Lee_Morris 9 years ago
    Mostly motion control but if they wanna throw in a Motorstorm 3 announcement, I'd be cool with that ; )
    myiagros 9 years ago
    i predict:

    inFamous 2 anouncement.
    Resistance 3 anouncement.
    Motion Controller name, release period (not specific date) & some games for it (1st & 3rd party).
    ModNation Racers release date.

    oh and for an outside bet:

    Lair 2 for the motion controller.
    hilts 9 years ago