Pokémon Go Yveltal counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

It's time to capture the destruction Pokémon!

Yveltal, the mascot for Pokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS, has arrived in Pokémon Go.

If you want to add this death bird god to your Pokédex, then you need to have a good understanding of Yveltal's counters and weaknesses.

Like all legendary Pokémon, Yveltal appears in five-star raids and, to ensure its defeat, you'll want to battle it alongside a group of trainers, which, thanks to Remote Raid passes, you can compete in at home.

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Battling and catching Yveltal in Pokémon Go

Yveltal counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Below you can find Yveltal's weaknesses, along with some counters, in Pokémon Go:

  • Yveltal type - Dark and flying-type
  • Yveltal is weak against - Electric, fairy, ice and rock-types
  • Yveltal counters - Zapdos, Raikou, Rhyperior, Mamoswine, Rampardos, Electivire, Zekrom, Thundurus and Terrakion
  • Other Yveltal notes - An easy way to defeat Yveltal is to focus on rock and electric-type Pokémon to take advantage of it's part flying-type nature.

Yveltal CP in Pokémon Go

Here are the CP ranges you can expect to see when battling or attempting to catch Yveltal in Pokémon Go:

  • Raid Boss CP - 45,899 CP
  • Max CP when being caught - 2160 CP
  • Weather boosted max CP (Fog) when being caught - 2701 CP

Yveltal Moveset in Pokémon Go

Yveltal can use a variety of Fast and Charged moves in Pokémon Go, which includes:


Possible Fast Moves:

  • Gust (Flying)
  • Snarl (Dark)
  • Sucker Punch (Dark)

Possible Charged Moves:

  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Focus Blast (Fighting)
  • Hurricane (Flying)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Psychic (Psychic)

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Everything we know about Yveltal

Alongside Xerneas and Zygarde, Yveltal is a member of the Aura Trio who make their home in the Kalos region.

Being the counterpart of Xerneas, Yveltal is a representative of death - stealing away life energy rather than giving it. When Yveltal's own lifespan reaches its end, this legendary Pokémon uses its wing to steal all of the life energy from the land around it before going to sleep in a cocoon for a thousand years.

While Yveltal sleeps, Xerneas plays their part in the cycle, bringing life to the world, and, if this cycle is ever disturbed, then Zygarde comes forth.

Xerneas and Zygarde are the other members of the Aura Trio.

Considering it's status as a literal death bird god, it's possible that Yveltal, and in turn the Aura Trio itself, has taken some inspiration from the Morrigan from Celtic mythology.

The Morrigan is a shape-shifting goddess associated with war and fate. She was often depicted as a crow, flying across the battlefield, deciding which warriors should live and which should die. The Morrigan is also considered to be a triple goddess and sometimes appears as a trinity alongside her sisters Badb and Macha.

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