Pokémon Go Egg charts: What's in 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 'Strange' red 12km Eggs

What you can find in Eggs of all distances in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Eggs date back to the second generation of the main series, and in Pokémon Go, they also have a very important role to play.

Unlike the main games, there's no breeding mechanic this time. Pokémon Eggs are found at random from PokéStops - or in the case of 7km Eggs, Gifts, and 12km Eggs, from Rocket Leaders - until you reach a maximum of 9 in your bag.

Most importantly, there's no way of telling which Pokémon's inside the Egg itself, aside from, that is, narrowing it down to the four large Egg groups for 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 12km Eggs below.

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Pokémon Go 2km Egg Chart

The Pokémon available from 2km eggs changed on Tuesday, 20th October and you can find all the confirmed 2km Egg hatches below:

  • Zubat (Gen 1)
  • Poliwag (Gen 1)
  • Cubone (Gen 1)
  • Magikarp (Gen 1)
  • Mareep (Gen 2)
  • Wooper (Gen 2)
  • Snubbull (Gen 2)
  • Wailmer (Gen 3)
  • Swablu (Gen 3)
  • Buizel (Gen 4)
  • Buneary (Gen 4)
  • Snivy (Gen 5 starter)
  • Tepig (Gen 5 starter)
  • Oshawott (Gen 5 starter)
  • Minccino (Gen 5)

As well as the above Pokémon, you can now find a number of regional exclusive Pokémon in 2km depending on your region:

  • Volbeat (Gen 3)
  • Illumise (Gen 3)

Pokémon Go 5km Egg Chart

On Wednesday, 20th October, the pool for the 5km Eggs changed and you can find the all the non-regional exclusive Pokémon you can hatch from 5km Eggs:

  • Machop (Gen 1)
  • Seel (Gen 1)
  • Voltorb (Gen 1)
  • Lickitung (Gen 1)
  • Eevee (Gen 1)
  • Pineco (Gen 2)
  • Corsola (Gen 2)
  • Ralts (Gen 3)
  • Aron (Gen 3)
  • Feebas (Gen 3)
  • Clamperl (Gen 3)
  • Hippopotas (Gen 4)
  • Blitzle (Gen 5)
  • Roggenrola (Gen 5)
  • Gothita (Gen 5)
  • Solosis (Gen 5)

Depending on your region, you can now find a number of regional exclusive Pokémon by hatching 5km eggs:

  • Farfetch'd (Gen 1)
  • Kangaskhan (Gen 1)
  • Tauros (Gen 1)
  • Heracross (Gen 2)
  • Torkoal (Gen 3)
  • Tropius (Gen 3)
  • Relicanth (Gen 3)
  • Minme Jr. (Gen 4
  • Chatot (Gen 4)
  • Carnivine (Gen 4)
  • Pansage (Gen 5)
  • Pansear (Gen 5)
  • Panpour (Gen 5)
  • Pachirisu (Gen 5)
  • Maractus (Gen 5)
  • Bouffalant (Gen 5)

Pokémon Go 7km Egg Chart

The contents of 7km eggs will often change if there is an in-game event running in Pokémon Go, before reverting back to the following.

Since June 8th, 2020, the 7km egg pool has been focused on the available Galarian and Alolan Pokémon, including:

  • Galarian Darumaka
  • Galarian Farfetch'd
  • Galarian Meowth
  • Galarian Stunfisk
  • Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Alolan Diglett
  • Alolan Geodude
  • Alolan Grimer
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Alolan Sandshrew
  • Alolan Vulpix

7km eggs have had the most varied history of all Egg pools. Previously, they focused on Baby Pokémon and Alolan Pokémon, as well as being briefly dedicated to fossil types.

Pokémon Go 10km Egg Chart

Below you can find all the non-regional exclusive Pokémon that can be hatched from 10km eggs from Wednesday, 20th October onwards:

  • Shinx (Gen 4)
  • Gible (Gen 4)
  • Audino (Gen 5)
  • Timburr (Gen 5)
  • Darumaka (Gen 5)
  • Emolga (Gen 5)
  • Ferroseed (Gen 5)
  • Klink (Gen 5)
  • Elgyem (Gen 5)
  • Litwick (Gen 5)
  • Axew (Gen 5)
  • Golett (Gen 5)
  • Rufflet (Gen 5)

You can now find the following regionally exclusive Pokémon by hatching 10km eggs collected in their specific region:

  • Sigilyph (Gen 5)

Pokémon Go Red 'Strange' 12km Egg Chart

12km eggs - also known as 'Strange' or red Eggs - were first made available in October 2020 as part of a Team Go Rocket event.

To get a red 'strange' egg, you must defeat a Leader in battle, and have an open space in your egg inventory.

The contents at launch are as follows:

  • Larvitar (Gen 2)
  • Absol (Gen 3)
  • Sandile (Gen 5)
  • Scraggy (Gen 5)
  • Trubbish (Gen 5)
  • Pawniard (Gen 5)
  • Vullaby (Gen 5)
  • Deino (Gen 5)

Thanks to Silph Road findings for helping fill in the gaps with the above charts, including the launch 12km Egg additions.

Coming soon as part of the Go Beyond update is the Season of Celebration, a level cap increase, Platinum Medals, the arrival of Gen 6 Pokémon and changes to Go Battle League We've recently seen the addition of 'Strange' red eggs and new Arlo, Cliff, Sierra andGiovanni line-ups. 2020 has seen several other new features in Pokémon Go - Mega Evolutions, Go Battle League and the trade evolution feature.

Pokémon Go Egg hatching, and chances of hatching a specific Pokémon, explained


On the surface, Eggs in Pokémon Go appear to simply be another way of randomly acquiring new Pokémon - but just like the mighty Magikarp, we shouldn't judge Eggs by their seemingly ineffectual appearances.

Eggs and hatching can still be an extremely useful tool for expanding your collection - or indeed powering up the Pokémon you already have.

Aside from the Egg charts above, there is no way from the outset of knowing what might be inside the Egg. Additionally, the odds of catching each respective Pokémon are hidden from the player - something which the community has been asking for the game to disclose.

With this in mind, know that the chances of catching each individual Pokémon within a pool is not the same as the rest - and they should be treated as blind loot boxes you see in other live service games.

What else you need to know about hatching 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 12km Eggs in Pokémon Go

Finally, there are a few other general - but still important - tips to bear in mind when hatching Eggs in Pokémon Go:

  • You can only hold a maximum of 9 Eggs at a time, including the Eggs you have in Incubators.
  • If you hit the maximum of 9 Eggs, you'll watch to hatch some to pick up others, whether it's 7km Eggs from Gifts or 2km, 5km and 10km Eggs from PokéStops.
  • Incubators purchased with PokéCoins are disposable, with only three uses each. To get the very most out of them, hatch your 10km and 12km Eggs in the disposable Incubators, whilst your free, infinite-use Incubator quickly churns out 2km and 5km Eggs in a higher volume.
  • Only the first evolution of each chain is available from an Egg - for example Bulbasaur can be hatched from an Egg, but not Ivysaur or Venusaur.
  • That rule is the same for the baby Pokémon Togepi, Pichu, Smoochum and so on, as they were seemingly counted as pre-evolutions at first and included alongside their evolved forms - for example, Elekid with Electabuzz - in their respective egg groups.
  • Pokémon Eggs are likely to be the quickest way to power up starter Pokémon - Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and the like - unless you're fortunate enough to have found a particularly good spot to find them in the wild. The fact they can be found in the relatively common, quick-to-hatch Eggs makes all the difference.
  • The Pokémon Go app does not need to be open to progress your Egg walking distance, provided you have Adventure Sync enabled.
  • Travelling in cars, trains, and other fast-moving vehicles won't count towards your distance travelled, as the game knows when you're moving too fast to be walking.
  • Often the app will display your character as moving slightly, even though you and your phone may be staying perfectly still. This can, in fact, be used to help tick away at your Egg hatching - plug your phone into a charger, leave it open, and the game should do some of the work for you simply through the quirks of its GPS.
  • The CP of Pokémon hatched from Eggs are tied trainer level at the time you acquired the Egg - not at the time the Egg hatches.
  • The various region exclusive Pokémon are unable to be found through either Egg hatching or encountering in the wild outside of those regions.
  • If you're a completionist, then hatching Eggs is a requirement for some of Pokémon Go's Medals, which might be an added incentive if you're not particularly interested in Candy or Stardust.

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