New Pokémon Snap - Manaphy's locations, Myth of the Sea Request and how to take a four star Manaphy photo explained

How to photograph the legendary seafaring Pokémon.

Manaphy is one of the ten legendary Pokémon you can find and photograph in New Pokémon Snap.

Manaphy can appear in two different locations in the Reef (Evening) course depending on the actions you take, which helps you take a range of photographs.

When it comes to Manaphy, your priorities will most likely be either completing the Myth of the Sea LenTalk Request and taking a four star Manaphy photo.

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Manaphy's locations and Myth of the Sea LenTalk Request in New Pokémon Snap explained

If you want to take a photograph of Manaphy in New Pokémon Snap, then you first need to complete the game's storyline to unlock the Reef (Evening) course. If you haven't completed the storyline yet or are stuck on a particular activity, have a look at our New Pokémon Snap walkthrough.

Once you've unlocked Reef (Evening), you will need to reach Research Level 2 on this particular course.

After achieving this, you'll be able to find Manaphy on Research Level 2 for Reef (Evening) in the two following locations.

Where to find Manaphy in New Pokémon Snap

Location One

To make Manaphy appear in its first location, you need to hit the first Crystabloom in the Reef (Evening) course which will be on your right-hand side.

Hit this Crystabloom first.

This task needs to be accomplished before the two Inkay swim past the Crystabloom, but, thankfully, it's quite easy to do. You'll also know if you do this successfully, because the two Inkay will jump out of the water as they pass the Crystabloom.


Now you need to hit the next Crystabloom in this course, which is located to the left of the whirlpool.


Doing this will cause the right-hand Wailord to dive beneath the waves, allowing you to explore this area of the sea.


As you approach the area where the Wailord once sat, you'll be able to see Manaphy swimming alongside the Inkay.


While Manaphy is in this location, you'll be able to feed it a Fluffruit for a three star photo and make it dance by using the Melody Maker.

Each gallery can have its own caption.

It's important to note that, if you find Manaphy in this location, you can't make it appear in the second during your current course run. Instead, you'll have to play through the Reef (Evening) course again.

Location Two and the Myth of the Sea LenTalk Request

To find Manaphy in its second location, you need to take the alternative route offered right at the end of the Reef (Evening) course, which will take you past four Lapras.


You will now have to hit each Lapras with an Illumina Orb; we recommend starting with the Lapras on your right-hand side, because this one can be hard to hit if left too late.

Start with this Lapras.

Once every Lapras has been hit with an Illumina Orb, use the Melody Player and the two Lapras in the middle of the area will begin to sing.


Shortly into their song, Manaphy will jump from the water between them and start swimming through this area.

A wild Manaphy appears!

If you time this moment correctly, you'll be able to take a photo of Manaphy mid-jump. This can, however, be rather difficult to achieve, because it's easy to accidentally make Lapras the subject of your photo rather than Manaphy.

Don't worry if you miss this photo though - Manaphy will swim around this area, following a Lapras, giving you ample time to take it's photo.


Any photo you take of Manaphy in this area will also complete the Myth of the Sea LenTalk Request.


How to take a four star Manaphy photo in New Pokémon Snap explained

If you want to take a four star photo of Manaphy in New Pokémon Snap, then you need to make it appear in its first location near the Wailord.

Start playing the Melody Player as you approach Manaphy in this location and continue doing this as you pass it.


This will make Manaphy dance, which will result in a three star photo, but, if you're lucky, Manaphy will decide to jump out of the water, which is the four-star photo opportunity you're looking for.

Manaphy will do an underwater spin before it leaps out of the water.

Taking this photo does require a little bit of luck, as Manaphy seems to decide when to jump randomly.

If you'd like to learn more, visit our New Pokémon Snap walkthrough and legendary Pokémon guide.

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