Microsoft's X06 press conference

X06: Re-read our text commentary.

With our Tokyo jetlag still a very present memory, Microsoft's gearing up to keep our eyelids from drooping with its annual showcase of Xbox and Windows software. X06 takes place in Barcelona today and tomorrow, and the high point for you from a frothing on the Internet perspective will be this evening's press conference, starting at 6PM BST. As ever, we'll be on hand to provide live-text commentary on whatever's announced - with Gears of War, Halo 3 and a number of new titles likely to make an appearance. Read along!

Our live coverage of this event has finished.



Hello and welcome to X06! Peope are pouring into the hall, taking their seats in a typically plush venue on the outskirts of Barcelona. For once, it looks like it might even start on time!


Amongst the deadening sounds of wobbly techno, we can see various Gamertags displayed on the vast screen in front of us. Horus, Gimpster, Stinkster. The Droog. I'm not even making this up.


Mr Fiddler. DocFoz. Vader. Come on guys, you can be more offensive than that!

... Do you think Mr Fiddler is Gary Glitter's Gamertag?


Industry luminaries flank the Eurogamer posse. Oooh look, there's Amy and Simon from EA! And Rob Cooper from Ubisoft. They're luminaries!


The bass throb continues to wobble its way into hundreds of skulls. I may be sent into a trance-induced coma in a minute. No sign of proceedings getting underway early, unsurprisingly enough. Eight more minutes of pounding bassline.


Intrepid Ant. Dr Zoidberg. Cyberclone. Add these people to your friends list and see if they're real. And then give them negative feedback. Be evil.


The hall is about 90 per cent full now, so there shouldn't be too much of a delay - a first for any event we've done Live Text from. Except Ken Kutaragi's speech last week, but we're all trying to forget that, aren't we?


Microsoft also wins brownie points for the lack of stupid security men brandishing torches and demanding that we all switch off our laptops. Hurrah!


Oho! Things are occurring. Sexy girls in golf visors are lined up at the front of the stage...


Actually, Kristan reports that he might be mistaken about the "sexy" bit.


People in suits are scurrying about checking mobile phones and running backstage. It's all very exciting. The girls in visors are handing out something - chances are it's sweets, but it looks like condoms. Hard to tell. God, I hope it's not condoms.


More stupid user names. Shockymonkey, Katkill. What's with the animal abuse?


On mature reflection, Kristan has decided that the visor girls might be cute - in the dark. We're not sure what that means. Or what he's planning.


The stage itself has two podiums on either side. The left one, as we look at it, has two pads on top of it with two 360s standing monolith-like on either side. The right one has four 360s arranged artistically.


They've put the text cues up on screen! A foolish mistake! Let's get a SNEAK PREVIEW! ... "Hello everyone. I'm Chris Lewis, and welcome to Barcelona." Bah. "It's great to see so..." It's gone. We assume that line ended "many pale skinned individuals in one place."


Lights are down! A terrible ballad wafts out - with a massive Europop bass throb. Self-styled music buff Kristan is clawing the walls and threatening to off himself.


A Rare logo on screen. It's Banjo!


We see a scribbly environment, with a fully rendered Banjo trying to get out of a pencil-drawn door - then the screen gives way to a lush rendered scene.

"Banjo is back!" the text informs us. And here's Chris Lewis on stage.


He's the Regional Vice President, doncha know.


Hi Chris. He says he's "priveliged" to be a part of the Xbox team since before launch. It's reflection time, according to Chris - who's recalling X01, the first X event in Europe. He admits that they had a lot of work to do - but fast forward to today, and "we've come a very long way."


Every publisher is making "amazing" games. 1.3 million Xbox 360s in Europe to date - and five million worldwide by the end of June. This is a faster roll-out that anyone else in history has managed, he claims - and reiterates the 10 million unit projection for this Christmas.


Xbox 360 sales account for 60 per cent of home console revenue in Europe right now, he says.


He mentions the new territories getting 360 for Christmas - Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and South Africa (which I'm sure he knows isn't in Europe - it's one of the "EMEA" territories though).


60 minutes to go, he says. With Xbox Live kicking off the presentation. It's the premiere online service, servicing a community of millions... And he can't resist a sly jab at others for copying their features.


"We're not complacent," he says. They will continue to innovate, challenge and entertain. Building a community has been realised - gamers are responding in droves, the community is growing and growing. 60 per cent of users connected, compared with 10 per cent on Xbox 1.


There are 1500 pieces of downloadable content - 57 million downloads to date.


Kane and Lynch (that's the new game from Io, from memory) is making its debut exclusively on the 360. Crossfire, from Pivotal, is also debuting on the 360 and Windows.


He mentions the recent Xbox Live week, which gave the Gold service to users free of charge for a week, and boasts about the X06 live coverage on the service. Now, on to Xbox Live arcade. Ten million downloads surpassed to date - and Sensible World of Soccer is coming to the 360 on Live Arcade. You'd know that already if we hadn't had to turn off exports on the main site to run this live text. Doh!


Actually, to be clear, there's going to be a 360 version of Sensible World of Soccer, as well as a Live Arcade port of the old SWOS. In other old-game news, Doom is also coming to Live Arcade.

Showreel time!

Doom, Lumines Live, Contra, Ultimate MK3, Small Arms, Gyruss, Mutant Storm Empires, Totemball, Defender...


... Assault Heroes, Heavy Weapons... Quite a few, then! And not all retro stuff too, which is nice. Some good stuff in there really.

SWOS coming next year.


Doom on Live Arcade from TONIGHT!


And now here's Peter Moore. I wonder what he's got tattooed this time? My money is on a tramp stamp with Banjo's face on it.


The power of a console is equal parts Software, Hardware and Services, he says. He promises that the 360 will deliver on all three points.


First, the games - he reiterates that they're going to do native 1080p. Your friends, your lifestyle... These expand and evolve your gaming world in entirely new ways.

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. He says that every time we speak to him. Peter LOVES pudding. There'll be 160 hi-def games on the console by Christmas (I bet he absolutely adores Christmas Pudding, especially). There'll be something for everything, regardless of age, skill or budget.


Here's the Gears of War spiel. Cliffy B is on stage, wearing thankfully little leather but a t-shirt which says "Royal Rock" in a font that makes it look like "Royal Cock". No comment. He looks more like Beck than ever, though.


Lucky sods at X06 will get to play drop in and drop out co-op in Gears of War tonight! And now, rolling the footage...


Lots of crouch and fire action. Gooey blood. Immense amounts of detail being shifted about.


The enemies appear to be using cover very intelligently, which is nice. Hard to tell in a video how scriped that is, of course. It sounds like a bloody earthquake in here, too - aliens rising from the ground itself, accompanied by evil music and bone shaking sound effects. Lots of low, guttural monster sounds.


(Yes, Kristan did just call it "evil music" - I'm not sure if he's been reading Chick Tracts or something...)


Our armour-clad marine chap says "sweet" - yep, it's an Epic game. Now he's mashing up some alien scum with a chainsaw attached to his gun. Is that standard issue these days? Still, niiiice.

Footage is over. It does, as Moore is happy to point out, look pretty amazing.


As we know, it's out on November 17th here, the same day as the PS3 would have been out if... Oh, let's not reopen that wound, shall we? Novemeber 12th in the States.


Moore is back and standing in front of a big map of the world. The blood, sweat and tears were worth it. Presumably the puddings, too. "When Microsoft makes a commitment, we deliver on it." That's why we're all using PCs running Windows Vista now... Oh, let's not reopen that wound either, shall we?


He's talking about the experience in Delhi, where it's the first console ever to launch in India. They've launched in 32 countries in less than a year.

Now he's reeling off the big hitters - Trusty Bell for Japan (Eternal Sonata over here), Madden in the USA, FIFA in Europe.


Trailer reel!

Forza 2, Lost Planet, Lego Star Wars 2, Gears of War, FIFA 07, Crossfire (which looks like a very typical FPS), The Darkness, Viva Pinata, Alan Wake, Battlestations Midway, Fable 2, FEAR, Fusion Frenzy 2


Splinter Cell Double Agent... NBA 2k7... Halo 3... Tony Hawk's Project 8... Kane and Lynch... Tiger Woods... Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2... WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2.... Crackdown... Mass Effect


It's still going! Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer 6.... Need for Speed Carbon... Stranglehold... Virtua Tennis 3... Rainbow Six Vegas... Sonic... Team Fortress 2... Shrek the Third...


And that's your lot on the trailer avalanche. Good lord. "Something for everyone," says Moore - which is a cue to show off Viva Pinata again. God.


Two million viewers, yadda yadda. It's different, check; groundbreaking, check... And now here's a trailer.


Unlike the one we saw at Leipzig last month, this one runs at more than 10 frames per second. It looks quirky, alright - and a bit silly, if I'm honest. It has the worst theme tune EVER... Make it stooooop...

Phew. Peter's back.


He talks about the two and half hours to see Blue Dragon at TGS this week. It's proof that the masters are still at the top of their game (or that the game wasn't in a big enough room, at least). It's coming to the US and Europe in 2007 - and now it's trailer time!

This trailer makes it look like a big budget animated movie - suitably epic.


Lots of mechanical things rising their way out of the ground, a purple headed man looking suitably evil... Yep, that'll be Akira Toriyama at work (the art, not the purple headed man - I don't think Toriyama has a purple h... I'm not even going there). Characters tremble with fear!

And now it's back to being all serene. Piano backing music... A really very lavish sequence.


Kristan opines that "Rob is currently wetting his pants, and Tom will buy it on import for no apparent reason." The latter may be true, but the former is a complete lie - I only wet my pants TWICE at TGS, so I'm getting much better.


Moore's back on stage. Still no tattoos. GET THEM OUT!


He mentions the raft of upcoming games such as Mass Effect and Alan Wake - and further ahead, Fable 2.


Expect to hear more about Halo 3 by the end of this year.

And now - PGR 4! A trailer, woo!


The bass in this place is quite something. Kristan's face just wobbled alarmingly, he reports. That'll be the botox, no doubt.

And here's a lovely rendered Ferrari! Which is very nice, but we'd rather hoped to see some game. Shots of a car driving at mental speed over a landscape that rips up as it goes... That's your lot.

Peter's back again.



He repeats the October 16th USA, October 17th Europe date (in 2007, before you get wildly excited). The team at Rockstar will also release two more episodes of the game online within months of release, with hours of entirely new gameplay.


Moore asked Rockstar to "throw us a bone" apparently - and each of those episodes will be exclusive to the 360! That's quite a scoop. I wonder how big the money hat they swapped for the bone was?


Next up, Assassin's Creed.


The game's producer, Jade Raymond, is on stage, along with Christophe from the design team. This is to be the first ever live demo of the game in public. Exciting!

They do admit that pop-up will be there at this stage in development.


First scene - galloping along on a horse. Holy shit, the detail is staggering! Riding into a medieval town; the rider jumps off the horse and runs into the town. This part is just like the E3 demo.


He's deliberately bumping into people, showing off the crowd dynamics.


It shows how people react, and how you can draw attention to yourself if you want. You're in complete control, and can go anywhere in the environment - he's just climbed up the walls to look around the town of Acre.


The town is based on historical documents. There is no level design, as such - it's all just one massive free roam.


Now they're using the character's "intuition" skill - the screen glows in a blurry way as you scan the crowd from a high vantage point looking for your target. There are various ways to do things from here - Jade shows off "Social Stealth." You won't attract much attention if you do this...

Now we see a stylish assassination where the action chops around. Chaos ensues!


You can break things dynamically to create a barricade. They show you being cornered, and demonstrate how the realistic combat works.

You can't take a hundred blows - you need to take a defensive stance. Oops! He's dead!


Moore is back, and complaining about the cheers Jade got. Sorry, Peter - she's female and cute. Your lovely beard just doesn't cut it.

Next up, Bioshock - which is now exclusive to the 360 and Windows. That's a killer signing for Microsoft! Roll the trailer...


There's a real 30s quality to the voiceover, which is nice. First we see the underwater city, and pan into the luxurious art deco interior. Here's the frightened little girl we saw at the E3 demo... If this is in-game, expect to be blown away.


The girl's Big Daddy protector attacking and pinning you down in first person - the deep groaning sound effects are immense. And now, something really rather gross has evidently just been implanted into us, Matrix style through our belly button... Massive applause as the trailer ends.

This looks like a real killer app for the 360.


Moore's back to talk about Lost Oddysey. Launches in Europe and North America are confirmed.

This is a work in progress and is unoptimised, he points out. It's a "truly unique and amazing experience"... He's got a pad in hand, so it looks like the demo will be part-realtime.

First, of course, the jaw-dropping intro - this is familiar from TGS. A massive battlefield, with lots of armour clad warriors chopping one another to bits. Right up there with Squeenix' best efforts...


Yep, this is the TGS footage - the fallen warriors are resurrected by magic, and the battle continues to rage. Cue to our hero, the lithe chap wearing rather less armour, but kicking arse all around him. Possibly not wearing 100 kilograms of iron is helping - who can say?


Beautiful blend through to real-time footage. The frame-rate here is shaky, definitely, but the detail is awesome. Think Ninety-Nine Nights, but without the blurry background and with more detail.


The gameplay is different, though - it's turn based, and you select attacks from a menu. It blends back into more cut-scene, and then back out to real-time again - looking totally seamless. Now he's facing off against a massive war machine...


And so, armed with a piddly little sword, he pulverises the war machine. There's a flash of purple electricity and flames, as it all falls apart. Epic! And silly. But still - epic! He's running and jumping about 100 feet in the air to finish the rest off.

Massive applause. Yes, we're all suitably impressed.


Moore's back- and confirms that we'll be playing Lost Oddysey later. There's no confirmed or even hinted release date, though, aside from "next year."

More lost things! Lost Planet next! Xbox 360 - officially the console with the most CARELESS developers. Retrace your steps - where did you last have your planet / oddysey / head ?


Lots of boasting about the various awards and the single and multiplayer demos for Lost Planet.

Now, moving from east to west - on to Splinter Cell Double Agent. Never seen before footage...


Lots of gravelly voiced stuff from the bloke that plays the President in 24 again. Sam mutters that "no one should have to make these choices."

The movie voice guy drifts into self-parody with talk of "mercenary, SOLDIER, spy, DOUBLE AGENT!!!!" Looks great, though - let's hope it delivers.

Double Agent is EXCLUSIVE to Xbox 360 and Windows.


Good grief, another exclusive deal - although no details of these are being announced, so we don't know if they're permanent or just for a certain amount of time.

Now we're talking about Forza 2 - it's got the best physics simulator, the best graphics, running at 60FPS, and it'll be playable later.


Ah, we thought this was coming - the HD-DVD add-on.

When you're ready for it, you've got the emergent format of choice available to you, Moore says. More than twice as many movies as Blu-Ray.


Over 50 titles available by Christmas. And the price...

199 Euros. 129 quid. Mid-November in the UK, France, Germany and the USA. The media remote will be bundled with it. And a movie, too - King Kong.


"Makes the perfect compliment to your gaming experience" says Moore, and it runs at 1080p too. "We leave the choice in their hands."


Now we're moving off Xbox 360, and talking about Windows. Crysis, Age of Conan, Hellgate, Flight Sim X, Halo 2, Lord of the Rings Online...

A safer experience than ever before. Microsoft committed to Windows as a gaming platform - and the trailer reel kicks off...


Halo 2. Company of Heroes. Alan Wake, Flight Sim X, Crysis, Age of Conan, Rail Simulator (choo-choo!).


Hellgate London, Lego Star Wars 2, Shadowrun, Zoo Tycoon 2, Lord of the Rings.

That's yer lot!

Moore is back. It's Live Anywhere time, folks!


A simple to use interface that's consistent across platforms - and it all kicks off with the release of Shadowrun early next year.


Another title to use Live Anywhere will be a new Marvel licensed title from Cryptic Studios... Called...

Marvel Universe Online.

Shots of Spidey, Hulk, and others.


No gameplay footage - but since it's from the City of Heroes gang (hey, weren't Marvel suing them only a few months ago?), you can have a good guess.


Next thing...

Moore is talking about a new long-term partnership with Peter Jackson. Wow, that got a BIG cheer.


It's almost like the US has invaded, with the amount of whooping going on behind us.


Here's the man himself. It's good to see that Jackson's millions don't extend to buying fancy shoes.

He believes that there's a new form of entertainment here. He's interested in telling stories that can be steered with technology - a new way of telling stories that doesn't involve film.

He decided that the Halo universe is the best place for him to start... But what he's working on is not Halo 3, he emphasises.

We're not talking about traditional videogames here at all, in fact.


He had so many ideas for stories where now, instead of making a film, you interact directly... Frankly, he doesn't sound sure what it is, but he sounds very excited about it. It's definitely a headline-grabbing move.


Tech has got to the point where movies and games can blend... Fran Walsh is joining in. She will help to create these entertainment forms - they just need to come up with a name for it first!

Moore is wrapping up for Jackson - he says that he can't wait to see what they come up with. It's a landmark, he says.

The new company is Wingnut Interactive (Jackson's movie company is Wingnut Films), and they'll be working on a new Halo series - as well as an all new series of their own.



Chris Lewis is back to wrap things up. Kristan says that Chris Lewis wears very nice, expensive smelling aftershave, but he's still going to have a tough time following Peter Jackson.


"It's very clear that 360 is leading the world into the next generation..."

Oh, and ONE MORE THING. I guess Microsoft must watch those Steve Jobs keynotes too.


Ensemble Studios - working on another sci-fi adventure title of sorts. It looks like an icy Halo, from first impressions - with shades of Predator about it. All rendered, mind you.


Ships descend from the skies, firing.

Halo Wars!

Well, there you go.


Lots of thrilling looking sci-fi space antics between space craft and ground-based aliens, very dark, very metallic, and very much in keeping with the art style of Bungie.

Short, sweet trailer... And that's that. No date.


And that's your lot, folks! There couldn't be more of a contrast between this and Sony's keynote last week - it's been all about the big-name games here in Barcelona, and all the better for it. Lots to get excited about.

The house lights are up, the music is playing, and Microsoft has had, by some margin, its most impressive X-event keynote ever.


Kristan is off to forage for a drink and play some games in evening heat of a Mediterranean autumn. Back in the UK, we're wrapping ourselves in animal furs and wondering if Starbucks is still open. Thanks for tuning in, as it were - and look forward to our impressions of the games from X06 over the next few days!

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    admir 15 years ago
    where are the new games
    Knot 15 years ago
    Oh my... Did someone drop a (Xbox360) green paintbucket all over this website or what ?
    IronGiant 15 years ago
    Just goes to show that throwing money around is the way forward.. and to think Sony were slated for all their exclusivity deals, how innovative. MS are becoming Sony and Sony are becoming SEGA!

    I honestly can't see what all the fuss is about, some decent games shown but no huge surprises or anything we didn't already suspect/know. More sequels and Peter Jackson, so what. Lost Planet is the game i want most and intruiged by the Halo RTS.

    PS3 for me at launch no question.. no Wii though. It's a PS360 combo for me.
    effinwooly 15 years ago
    not me mate !
    Penguinzoot 15 years ago
    Sid, you forgot Alba and Wharfedale from your list.
    Sid-Nice 15 years ago
    BartonFink 15 years ago
    +1 Brilliant keynote and some great news on the games and HD-DVD.
    Walshicus 15 years ago
    Re: Ronuds
    Halo Wars is an RTS? Ugh... those normally don't do well on consoles. See - BFME: II and you'll know what I mean.
    You just used to only universally recognised example of a console RTS that worked there. Fool.
    Sid-Nice 15 years ago
    Yes, King Kong really showed off the 360's power; so when we insert PJKK-HD-DVD into the drive and the graphics are shit; we can all say "Obviously the quality of the first batch of HD-DVD movies will be crap; developers need time." :)
    J_C_X 15 years ago
    Xerx3s 15 years ago
    I wonder if they will use the myth II engine for Halo wars... ;p
    The-Bodybuilder 15 years ago

    Another conference, another non-shenmue news.
    ronuds 15 years ago
    Halo Wars is an RTS? Ugh... those normally don't do well on consoles. See - BFME: II and you'll know what I mean.
    drumbaby 15 years ago
    Roll on March....
    Derblington 15 years ago
    Halo Wars is a 360 exclusive according to the developer website.
    Calgon 15 years ago
    I dont think anyone could have asked for a better press conference... indeed X06 was the best so far.

    Well 360 is looking stronger than ever now, they are in a good position, all they need to do is keep this up(including the growing number of promising looking japanese made titles, just get a nice steady flow of heavy hitters to start with and then watch the quirky/"innovative" lower budget ones follow suit once the devs realise it would be alot cheaper than developing for PS3... Japanese gamers would have no excuses left then and even if they dont buy they will sell more than enough in the US and EU, its win-win) and it looks like(once I buy one, hopefully at the end of the year) it could end up being my favourite of all time.

    360 FTW \0/

    edit: Oh that PS3 Bioshock roumer was obviously a lie and the HD DVD package looks like a great deal theres no denying it, I liked the "when you are ready for it" line though as Im not(and dont think I should have to pay for something I dont want yet...) but if I was Id be quite chuffed with that deal.
    ronuds 15 years ago
    Bioshock is now exclusive? That was the game that won most of the awards at E3 - right? I thought it was always exclusive until a couple weeks ago when I saw it was supposedly coming to PS3, but now it's exclusive again?

    Good show, though. Seems like a good time to own a 360.
    Xerx3s 15 years ago
    Just read the stuff and; wow. Ms had some pretty amazing stuff by the sound of it. Anywhere where I can dl the vid of the conference?
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    I would have liked to have heard about a black version of the 360. =(
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    What's wrong with the halo universe? I found it all really interesting, probably the first time I've ever read books based on a game before.
    gaselite 15 years ago
    Haha nah it looked good, I'm just not much of a Halo fan is all.

    The rest of the show was great though, I'm genuinely impressed by how Microsoft are handling themselves this time around. The contrast between MS and Sony at the moment is startling. They've also picked up a lot of handy exclusives.
    effinwooly 15 years ago
    didn't like the look of it gas ?
    gaselite 15 years ago
    Ensemble Studios points to an RTS rather than an MMO

    Shame that Halo is such a lame IP really
    avtar 15 years ago
    no larger hard drive announced :(
    JSD124 15 years ago
    According to Joystiq, Halo Wars is an RTS in development for the 360 only.

    PC too
    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    Not as good as this though!!
    Farcabio 15 years ago
    According to Joystiq, Halo Wars is an RTS in development for the 360 only.
    effinwooly 15 years ago
    amazing show......... fair dues to them
    Yossarian 15 years ago
    Microsoft knocked this one out of the park
    captainrentboy 15 years ago
    I agree woohoo,those rendered Elites bloody rocked.One thing,is this actually being developed for both the 360 and windows?
    oceanmotion 15 years ago
    Hope thats the sort of style Bungie go with for Halo 3. Elites looked brilliant instead of the usual coloured blobs.
    alpha-0ne 15 years ago
    I think halo wars is an RTS not sure though could be the MMO they have rumoured to be working on.. oh hell off to lie down

    Great show MS!
    captainrentboy 15 years ago
    Halo wars huh?Interesting...And that's what the Elites need to look like in Halo 3,instead of just a mass of polygons jutting out in weird directions.They were scary assed Elites.
    effinwooly 15 years ago
    what is Halo Wars ???? its lookings amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    good show.

    Lots to look forward to
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    Woah, that looked so cool.
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    Halo Movie ??? RTS ???

    Nope - Halo Wars !!!!
    Stormflood 15 years ago
    Peter Jackson is starting to sound like Ken Kuturagi. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't he just describing videogames?
    malteaserhead 15 years ago
    Anyone else have absolutely no idea what Peter Jackson's on about?

    yes Peter Jackson for one :)
    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    Halo: The Musical - MasterChief Vs The Hobbits!!
    captainrentboy 15 years ago
    Anyone else have absolutely no idea what Peter Jackson's on about? :)
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    What in the name of Jesus is Jackson talking about. They dont seem to have thought this out too well.
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    ..and here's the peter jackson thing.
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    effinwooly 15 years ago
    captainrentboy 15 years ago
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    You can watch the conference here:
    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    Splinter Cell:
    "mercenary, SOLDIER, spy, DOUBLE AGENT!!!!"

    No Gypsy Catcher though!! - disappointed !!!
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    Well, that's all the predictions from earlier other than the peter jackson thing.
    Blitz 15 years ago
    Have to admit...this seems to be the way to sell your console.

    Just line up all your triple A titles and let them one after another do the talking.

    refreshing after TGS.
    MrAtheist 15 years ago
    He corrected himself, the next Splinter Cell AFTER Double Agent is going to be exclusive X360/PC , not Double Agent. :)
    malteaserhead 15 years ago
    SC: DA exclusive eh?
    really starting to fling the cash around...
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    and the splinter cell prediction...
    swe_goliath 15 years ago
    damn i cant see the feed,,, i have to reed it all ,,, thats the prob with downloaded xp/media center
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    Now there's a shocking announcement.

    It was never an excusive.
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    Assassin's Creed - colour me interested.
    Looks very good...
    Oblivion meets prince of persia!
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    ubi soft always publish cross platforms so no surprise there
    swe_goliath 15 years ago
    i hope the crowd dynamics dont suck as mutch like in hitman
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    Assassin's Creed? on the 360?

    Now there's a shocking announcement.

    It does look rather special though
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    Time for the horny press people to have some fun with Jade...
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    That's not sarcasm, that's Eurogamer's famous wits...
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    don't think its a new trailer...more like a 10 seconds rehash of what they already showed...
    matrim83 15 years ago
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    Scuse me while I change my pants.
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    Japanese franchises from the Namco, Konami and Capcom are missing
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    great selection of new titles coming out.

    Lets hope that most of them have /\/\0t0r|31K3S !!!
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    Xbox site is un-broken! Got the feed now.
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    Psychotext 15 years ago is back up (for me anyway)
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    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    Will 'The Darkness' game feature all of their hit songs??
    malteaserhead 15 years ago
    I heard you!
    /puts on lippy
    Stormflood 15 years ago
    Nov 17th - my birthday (says loudly in front of gf)
    Avaloner 15 years ago
    we are?
    Pike 15 years ago
    Yes, Kristan did just call it "evil music" - I'm not sure if he's been reading Chick Tracts or something

    If that was the case the simple fact that it was music at all would make it evil, surely?
    Helios 15 years ago
    Avaloner 15 years ago
    last I seen GoW running it did not have what you call a rock solid frame rate...
    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    Gears of War: Lots of crouch and fire action. Gooey blood. Immense amounts of detail being shifted about.

    Are there any Motorbikes in it?????
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    Sensi is great fun. =)
    Helios 15 years ago
    Doom doom, shake the room!

    AHiFi 15 years ago
    Well there's Doom confirmed for tonight then.
    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    'and boasts about the X06 live coverage on the service. '

    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    Isnt Crossfire where you fire the little metal ball things down a track and bounce them off two elastic bands to see who can get closest to the score area (like bowls)??
    Whizzo 15 years ago
    It's the premiere online service

    Pity is broken while it's supposed to be streaming this then...
    AHiFi 15 years ago
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    Would be nice if they turned customerrors on for us, I'd like to debug some carnage for them. =D
    potatoes 15 years ago
    yes, the xbox site has indeed died.

    and to rub it in they forgot to set up a custom error page, so all you see is the default one.

    you would think they would have learned by now wouldnt you... what with being a software company and all.
    Yossarian 15 years ago
    I can't help but feel that if the ENTIRETY OF AMERICAN XBOX FANS ONLINE WEREN'T TRYING TO PROXY THEIR WAY INTO A EUROPEAN STREAM this might not have happened
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    Some poor developer is probably sweating buckets right now trying to fix it! :)
    AHiFi 15 years ago
    Yes, it has - expected it to do so though.
    hoathenfold 15 years ago
    is it me or has the site fallen over?
    I wanted to view the live feed :(
    AHiFi 15 years ago
    Oh no, the dread 'peope' are trying to kill Eurogamer!
    AHiFi 15 years ago
    Here we go I guess.
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    I can't see why wanting to see items exclusive to the platform you own is fanboyism. More exclusives mean more people buy the console you have which generally means more games get developed on it.

    Wanting to see better games for the machine you bought isn't fanboyism.

    * I'm against exclusives, I'd like to see most games go cross platform, but it's just not going to happen.
    AHiFi 15 years ago
    Hopefully the updates start quite soon.
    Xerx3s 15 years ago
    and i dunno why xbots want re5 exclusive.. did you guys even play re4, or any other re for that matter?

    Tsk, tsk. Haven't you heard? Fanboyisms like $ and xbot is soooooooo 2005....
    Foxclose 15 years ago
    "and i dunno why xbots want re5 exclusive.. did you guys even play re4, or any other re for that matter?"

    Yes! And I think I am posting in the wrong article!

    Seriously though something exclusive like GTA 4 or MSG 4 would be good for MS.

    Until than.....
    Psychotext 15 years ago
    I loved RE4, thought it was a great game. Anyway, Capcom have already come out and said RE5 will be on 360 and PS3.
    morriss 15 years ago
    "With our Tokyo jetlag still a very present memory, Microsoft's gearing up to keep our eyelids from drooping "

    heh. You akmost make it sound like 'real work'. ;)
    nithr 15 years ago

    and i dunno why xbots want re5 exclusive.. did you guys even play re4, or any other re for that matter?
    Foxclose 15 years ago
    RE 5 Exclusive ??
    Ihya 15 years ago
    I predict nothing too gobsmacking. Price of the HD DVD add on, more Gears lovelyness batting its eyelids coquettishly at our hearts and wallets, no real news of substance regarding Halo 3 (so no thunder is stolen from GoW). More trailers of all things up and coming. Hopefully a GoW xmas bundle...
    Wobble 15 years ago
    Well it was " Baz_Dude 27-Sep-06 13:52:42 " when you posted :p
    manic_mouse 15 years ago
    something new and fresh would be nice, MS have been doing well with games like Mass Effect and Alan Wake. More new, innovative titles please!
    Zomoniac 15 years ago
    MDK2 on DC was 2000 (this millenium), and was brilliant. Epic have always said there will be no pre-release demo on Marketplace for Gears Of War, and I'll be very surprised if Halo 3 makes an appearance. Gears is the MS flagship title this Christmas, it's going up against the US PS3 launch. The last thing they want to do is risk upstaging it with a game that won't be out for at least another six months.
    Baz_Dude 15 years ago
    So whats the time over their atm?

    If what i know is right it will start at 3am Australian EST =(
    nithr 15 years ago
    alan wake gameplay pls
    kangarootoo 15 years ago

    "nostalgia = $

    I'll play Doom on my PC for 10 minutes to prevent me from wasting any more money on XBLA. "

    asphaltcowboy 15 years ago
    MDK was brilliant!
    glaeken 15 years ago
    Yeah but MDK was the 90's. If I were MS I would stick to buying developers who have made a decent game in the current millennium.
    swinnertond 15 years ago
    "or you could watch it live on"

    Cant really watch a video stream at work can I though? I don't think that will go down too well.
    Xerx3s 15 years ago
    Yeah, that wouldn't be great news - Shiny haven't made a decent game in many years...I'd go so far as to say they haven't made a decent game since Earthworm Jim, and I thought that was overrated!

    MDK was pretty good imo.
    Blerk 15 years ago
    There's been some info that might have been leaked.

    If that's real then I hope they purposely didn't leak the biggest announcements. That's a pretty boring list.
    Xerx3s 15 years ago
    I seriously doubt that they are gonna show H3.
    freedumb 15 years ago
    Banjo-Threeie! Banjo-Threeie! Banjo-Threeie!
    Steroyd 15 years ago
    There's been some info that might have been leaked. (And MS had a good track record until now).

    If you want to be surprised at 6PM don't click.

    Some of it i find hilarious.
    Salubrious_K 15 years ago
    If you're interested it looks like will be doing a webcast of the conference (or I think that's what they mean):
    escapedape 15 years ago
    Yeah, that wouldn't be great news - Shiny haven't made a decent game in many years...I'd go so far as to say they haven't made a decent game since Earthworm Jim, and I thought that was overrated!
    Wash 15 years ago
    Hopefully there will be a few surprises, should be good. PES demo would of been nice over these two events :|
    Blerk 15 years ago
    There's rumours swirling that MS has bought Shiny Entertainment...

    Haven't they bought enough duffers already? :-D
    Steroyd 15 years ago
    There's rumours swirling that MS has bought Shiny Entertainment...

    Surely MS is going to talk about the games right?
    An event soley about the Xbox 360 they can't go wrong.
    escapedape 15 years ago
    Where did you hear that Dizzy?

    Would be awesome if true!
    Stormflood 15 years ago
    nostalgia = $

    I'll play Doom on my PC for 10 minutes to prevent me from wasting any more money on XBLA.

    Looking forward to a Gears' demo though.
    king_skins 15 years ago
    Apparently Doom will be released on XBLA tonite!!!

    Wow, that would be sweet. Does it have multiplayer??
    king_skins 15 years ago
    or you could watch it live on
    Dizzy 15 years ago
    Apparently Doom will be released on XBLA tonite!!!
    Blerk 15 years ago
    The Wii?
    brooza664 15 years ago
    Hopefully this'll work better than the Nintendo thing
    swinnertond 15 years ago
    Glad this page has gone up. Im stuck at work till 19:30 and was starting to think you wern't going to cover it. Can keep up to date on my phone while there now.
    Cloudane 15 years ago