Live Age of Conan interview

Game director Craig Morrison in hot-seat.

Age of Conan game director Craig Morrison has been answering your questions live on Eurogamer.

He's talked about upcoming changes to the MMO and the vision for the year ahead.

Apologies to those people whose questions we didn't have time to ask, but thank you for taking part.

The full transcript of the live interview with Craig Morrison follows. The earliest questions and answers are printed first.

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Super Moderating Hero: First things first, Craig, can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you're so famous? Perhaps ignoring the IGN part of your life. Cough.

Craig Morrison: Hah, well, I'm not sure famous is the right word! I am the Producer for Age of Conan here at Funcom and responsible for the ongoing direction and production of the game. I previously had the same role on Anarchy Online and in the dim and distant past had a life on the other side of the fence working on fan-sites and reviews for that site you didn't want me to mention!


Super Moderating Hero: You took over last September, Craig. What's changed since then? Has there been major restructuring? Is the Age of Conan team now a honed racing pigeon compared to the hobbling city pigeon of the past?

Craig Morrison: We have made some changes certainly, that's an inherent part of someone new taking the reigns on a project. There will always be some adjustments. I think mainly it's been focusing on two things, making our processes and focus more efficient and secondly making sure we have the correct development focus, on making the experience fun and engaging for the players. By focusing that single question - "is this fun?" - to everything we do, I think we start to see better results. I have a talented and dedicated team, and that is by and large the same team I inherited, so its more been about shifting resources around for efficiency and focus rather than making any sweeping changes.


What's the biggest difference in design philosophy between you and previous game director Gaute Godager?

Craig Morrison: I think that's a very subjective thing, to be honest. As I mentioned above, I really like to focus on putting ourselves in the player's shoes when we consider design, and I think all designers to that to one degree or another. I think our approaches are certainly different in many ways, perhaps as someone who has always worked on live games rather than the development I have a degree easier as I can focus on refining and making sure the game systems we have work well and are tuned to provide the player with solid fun content. I am not sure that's any different than the approach Gaute took, we just express in different areas and slightly different focuses.


As a player since beta, I've really enjoyed my time in Hyboria. However, since the server merges, the Fury realm has turned into chaotic PvP, especially in Kheshetta, where big guilds and groups gank constantly without a care in the world. When will consequences come in? Are there any plans in the works to solve this chaos? Casual players are being muscled out.

Craig Morrison: I think that it's only natural that there will be a period of adjustment after the server merges that will calm down over time in addition to the changes we make.

There are already some additions that will hopefully shift some of the open world PVP focus to the border kingdoms and resource gather with the new PVP resource system. On a PVP server though there will always be a competitive atmosphere, in particular at the higher levels. We do of course monitor the behaviour of players on live, and should we see that we need to make additional changes or additions to the consequence system after the merges we will do so.

It's only been a few days at this stage though so we need to see how things progress, in particular after the next game update.


Craig, I never got into AOC, I was tempted at the time, but decided to hold off until Warhammer Online. As it plays out, I've found Warhammer to be a massive disappointment. Part of my problem was that it tried to emulate WoW too much and not push enough WAR. From what I've read that seems to be a problem with AOC.

Are you bringing AOC more in-line with other MMOs, or trying to be increasingly different in order to stand out?

Craig Morrison: I think that's a balance thing, we certainly have some elements that are different from WOW and some that are similar. It's definitely a design dilemma of a sort for the MMO genre with WOW's presence as so many people play and love that game, that they miss features from it when they aren't present.

Personally, though, having played many MMOs for many years, I prefer to look at it as choosing the right elements that are right for your game and your game-world. It's about finding the right fit. Some of those things might be features that players are familiar with from WOW, or they might be inspired from other areas, even those not specifically for MMOs. It's certainly important for us to be unique and play on our unique elements rather than take the lazy option and try to emulate a huge title like WOW. We should be Age of Conan and try to bring things to players that allow them to feel that they are getting a unique and engaging experience.


Super Moderating Hero: What is the next game update, by the way?

Craig Morrison: The next game-update is quite significant, I am not sure I'd have the time to list all the changes and updates here (they are though available on our test server forums if you want to check them out), the highlights though are three new dungeons, including a single-team, level 80 dungeon called Xibaluku, that really pushes the dynamic nature of our game-play content.

There is also the addition of new PVP resources that will be required for battlekeeps and can be found in the Border Kingdoms PVP zones - the cool thing being that these resources can be looted from other players if you defeat them in PVP, so you'll have to be watchful while collecting them! It is a very large update though in addition to those highlights, with a lot of tweaks, updates and improvements


Super Moderating Hero: And when's that coming out?

Craig Morrison: When it's ready! Sorry, I had to use that line once!

On a serious note, it's currently on the test server being put through it's paces. We hope to be ready for the live servers soon, most likely at some point in February, but it will depend on testing. I'd much rather give a realistic outlook that might be a little more vague than give arbitrary dates that might end up being missed due to testing or further polish and tweaking.


Historically, once an MMO begins to slide there's no way back, given the calibre of competition on the market. How do you about-turn and convince disillusioned players you're back on track when so many claim Age of Conan remains fundamentally broken?

Craig Morrison: I'm not sure that it's completely true a game can't come back, EVE Online for example has built itself up very successfully over the years, and our own Anarchy Online is still going strong almost eight years on from its poor launch.

So I firmly believe that if we focus on the right things and continue to provide that fun and engaging content I mentioned above then it does start to turn. Once players are having fun in the game and enjoying the content, they start to tell their friends and word of mouth improves and it can grow from there.

There will of course always be some players who simply aren't into giving a game a second chance and will continue to mention only the launch, but I think the majority are fair minded enough to listen when they hear fellow players saying, 'You know what? This came has really improved,' because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what we say about the game ourselves, the key is what those playing it think and share with the community. To achieve that we need to keep that all important focus on improving the game and giving players the experience that warrants them telling their friends about the improvements.


Super Moderating Hero: What about specifics, things like free trials and promotions? And, similarly, how do you reward your loyal players?

Craig Morrison: That's really an area for our PR or Marketing folk, but there are plans for those kinds of campaigns, yes.

It was important for us to get the server merges done first so that we didn't risk uprooting new trial players during their trial experience. I am sure you will see trials of some form in the near future. In terms of our loyal players I think that's two fold, firstly the most important thing we can do is to keep providing them with new content, but we are also considering some form of loyalty program for later this year which will offer some form of rewards for subscribers. With our strong focus on the upcoming item and statistic changes first though it's something that hasn't been flushed out in detail just yet.


Super Moderating Hero: What sort of item and statistic changes are those?

Craig Morrison: As we have mentioned in various community letters and interviews one of the areas we weren't satisfied with after launch was the itemisation and statistics in the game. While Age of Conan was intended to not be an item-centric game we feel that we probably took it too far and that the item progression in the game, and how much the player's statistics meant to game-play, needed to be better.

This has meant us going back and overhauling the underlying formulas and statistics to improve the character progression and make items more meaningful in the game. We won't be going all the way to the other extreme, where items are 'everything', but we do intend to make item acquisition a better gameplay driver.

These have been really extensive changes for us, and we have the first builds being tested internally now. Then we will release a version for public testing sometime soon after the current update cycle is complete.


What's the plan for updates during 2009? How often can we expect meaty patches? Can you give us an example of the areas being targeted and the type of change we can expect? And, leaving aside the expansion, what's the most exciting piece of content in development?

Craig Morrison: Again, I'm not really one for setting schedules and specific time-lines. I think the frequency will be pretty similar to that you have seen over the last few major updates, at least for those 'meaty' updates.

In terms of the overall plan, I think it's split into three fundamental areas. Firstly, there is the new content, starting with Xibaluku, aimed at level-80 players, then Tarantia Commons, which will be aimed at the mid-70s (to break up the levelling in Kheshatta), and features a really cool story-driven outdoor zone with lots of quests and several dungeons.

Then we will have House of Crom a large dungeon experience aimed at the highest-level players and featuring a combination of single and multi-group encounters.

We will keep adding new areas after those mentioned as well. We are already working on parts of other areas, too, but it's a little early to go into details there.

Then we have the area I mentioned in the last question. The items and statistics update will really be the foundation for us being able to improve all our content in various ways. This will be through improved itemisation and rewards, better balance and an ability to work better on class feats and abilities as well the building block for further systems to provide better character advancement.

Lastly, we have an additional focus for the year, and that's the community elements of the game. We want to improve the guild functionality and we have plans already in motion for that area. It's a little early to go into too many details on this just yet, but it's most definitely something I want to achieve in 2009.


Super Moderating Hero: Better character advancement? Does that mean feats and abilities will be completely overhauled? And will classes fundamentally change?

Craig Morrison: No, we won't be making fundamental changes to the class roles for sure! What it means is that players will have more options for character development.

Some feats and abilities may need to be tweaked and improved but we aren't talking about radical changes. We are talking about making the player's choices - what items they equip or where they put their feat points - more meaningful.


We've seen Blizzard scale back dungeons to focus on 5-man groups and 25-man raids, and add hard modes to the former offering epic rewards. Are there plans to make Age of Conan epic drops more achievable and less time consuming?

Craig Morrison: I think we have a different game from WOW and the itemisation can't really be compared directly. I think the key - and this ties back to the items and statistics update again - is for us to make sure that the items and rewards players recieve offer them good options and upgrades. Having already acknowledged that this was an area we weren't happy with, we are working hard to improve the rewards of gameplay.


What about factions? Why were reputation rewards never included as a way to work towards sparkly items? And will we ever see them?

Craig Morrison: I personally can't answer why it wasn't included for launch as I wasn't involved. I think 'reputation grinding' is something WOW has taken and run further with than any other MMO in the past, but it was a system that we didn't go with for the development of Age of Conan.

I think this links to the earlier question about how much of a clone of WOW you should be. If we found a variation of such a system that would benefit our game would we consider it? Sure, of course we would. It's an area we're looking at. But as I said before, it's not just about taking a system from another game, it's about finding the right way of incorporating the same gameplay goals and drivers in a way that works for your game. That is certainly an area we are looking at, even if we don't have any specific plans right now.


Let's talk about the expansion! When's it coming out? And can you give us a little spoiler what of what we can expect? A new continent? New classes? Motorbikes?

Craig Morrison: I'm afraid it's a little early to talk much about the expansion plans, right now there is a dedicated team working on concept and playfield design for it, but the focus for the majority of the team is working on the currently scheduled work for the live game. I am sure as the year progresses you will start to hear a little more about the expansion.


Are there any plans to rework low-level content or offer an alternative for people re-rolling characters? And what about adding more support for the role-playing community to get their teeth into?

Craig Morrison: I think the early-game experience in Age of Conan is one of its strengths. The vast majority of feedback we receive on Tortage is positive and players seem to really enjoy it, so I don't think you will see many changes there. We have discussed the options for allowing veteran players re-rolling to skip Toratge possibly, but there aren't any firm plans on it at the moment. It's one of those 'maybe in the future' ideas.

In terms of role-playing that is an area that was never a strong focus for the game as a whole but we do try and include what we can when we can to offer role-players more options. It is, however, not one of our primary focuses for the game for the coming year.


Super Moderating Hero: Going back to the expansion - oh look over there it's a flying distraction - can you give us a teensy weensy clue as to the theme?

Craig Morrison: I'm afraid that I fear the flying distractions that might come from our lovely marketing folk if I was too distracted by your distraction to answer that!


You've quite clearly got your hands full with the PC version. Are we really still going to see Age of Conan on Xbox 360? I don't think anyone would be shocked if we didn't.

Craig Morrison: There is a small dedicated team working on the Xbox platform at the moment. We still plan on having a 360 version of the game at some stage but I'm afraid I can't go into any specifics beyond that at the moment. It is a very technical task for a game like ours.


In Anarchy Online you were known for being very active in communicating with the community. How will you handle communication with the Age of Conan community?

Craig Morrison: I try to be as active as I can, although I also have to let our fine community team do their job as well. Having graduated from community manager to production on Anarchy Online, I was very hands on. Here I also have a sizable team of community folks to help with the communication. I read the forums every day, and probably always will, and make sure to pop in and post on threads where appropriate in addition to the community letters and doing interviews like this.


Super Moderating Hero: That's all Craig has time for, we're afraid. We suggest looking out on the official Age of Conan forums for specific change notes in the future - lots of people asked about intricate tweaks.

But before we go, Craig, would you rather have lasers for eyes or be able to turn invisible? And why?

Craig Morrison: Oh, most definitely invisible! So many opportunities for seeing cool things you might not be supposed to! I think I'd probably be very geeky and wander through film lots trying to see all my favourite films or TV shows ahead of time!


Super Moderating Hero: And what is your favourite film?

Craig Morrison: My favorite film? Dangerous question to ask a total film nerd! Probably Bladerunner or Akira if pushed!

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    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Most of all the launch there was DirectX10 included.


    Btw. Funcom is a much better company than many others. They do their best to solve problems with games, something what I can't say about other game companies

    Problems they themselves created in the first instance.

    And I don't know about you, but I prefer to buy products that, you know, ACTUALLY WORK... I dunno, maybe I'm just out of touch with this crazy modern world but somebody selling me a product using false advertising that's not fit for purpose doesn't really leave me thinking, "Hey, they're a great company! I want to give them MORE of my money and one day I might actually get the product I paid for, instead of a broken mess!"

    But hey, if you're having fun, good for you...
    Kami 13 years ago
    Roxette 13 years ago
    The game inmproved a lot. No bugs to be found anymore, a lot more content.......and a rapid growing number off players.

    Most of all the launch there was DirectX10 included. It only was taken out at the first patch. I played it the first 2 weeks with DX10.

    Btw. Funcom is a much better company than many others. They do their best to solve problems with games, something what I can't say about other game companies. Biorware is 10x worse than Funcom. Recently I had some Bioware folks on the phone about a bug in one of their games. They only replied with: "bugs, thats your problem". Well, 40% of the players have the same bug. Its a Bioware problem, not a players problem.

    So to all gamemakers we can say "Can we have our money back!"

    And what to say about Blizzard? Those ordinary thieves. I hope that one goes bankrupt.....I want to have my money back which they stole from me.

    So to those who dont want to hear it, or to listen to it, or to believe...............Conan is the best there is. No matter what those anti-Conan Nazis tell.......
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Go play AoC for yourself, Semen, then we'll talk.
    1simen1 13 years ago

    1 : I am not lieing. You still resort to low blows when you know an argument is lost. It will only continue to refelct poorly on you.

    2 : Semantics. It's a feature. Not now, but it will be when implemented. Since just before launch Funcoms official stance have been that it will be put into the game when they feel its good enough. They are getting there, sadly slower than anticipated.
    I would rather have it in when its working as intended instead of half assed. According to your agrument i take it you share that opinon.

    3 : Granted you have more experience than me. Doesn't take much since i have never played the game. You haven't played it since last summer. You quit before the big fixes was in. Making your experience old and not up to date.

    4 : The official forums of any MMO, will bring you all information you'll ever need. Some of the games biggest critics will always be present there.For instance I played SWG for over 2years. Believe me there was outrage and hysteria going on the whole time from existing players.
    The same is the case in the AOC forums. People will say their piece good or bad, and they do. I'ts nerf this and nerf that,change this and change that, this and that is bugged and what not. It's all present for anyone to see in AOC's official forums.
    Since there hardly are any bugs left and the game runs stable it's more nerf this and that bableing, and gameplay elements that some don't like that get the evil eye nowadays.

    5 : They have already said in several interviews that they are sorry for the problems many faced during the launch period and first months.
    I for one like the new game directors policy of not setting fixed dates for updates. Things will be put into the game when it's ready and functioning as intended. Then they will avoid the problems they got when they were patching left and right in the first coupple of months. Patch fixed an issue and created two new ones...

    And a refund....Grow up!!!
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    1. Yes, you are lying.
    2. Funcom's site THE WEEKEND AFTER LAUNCH and the supposed announcement STILL LISTED DX10 as a feature.
    3. I have more experience of the game than you. So go play it and prove me wrong (yeah, right.)
    4. Second-hand information from a biased source. The majority of people quit AoC leaving only a dedicated hardcore of players. So yeah, sure, that's going to be balanced. Why not go to the WoW forums and ask the posters there what their favourite MMO is?
    5. It's still valid when Funcom are continuing there "it'll be here soon" approach to the poor souls still playing AoC and will remain so until they issue an apology, refund everybody they robbed and start giving proper dates and schedules for upcoming releases.

    Go play AoC for yourself, Semen, then we'll talk.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeymonkey: I am not lieing. Period. I resent the accusation.

    Oh and Funcoms site still to this day have this information:
    Stop it already you are just making yourself look bad.

    Go play it yourself. You havent since August was it?. And have no experience of what the game is like to day. Just like me.

    So if anyone is curious about AOC's current state, go to the official forums and the existing players will tell you the good and the bad as the game stands today on january28'th 2009.

    The problems Monkeyboy and others faced close to launch are gone, making all his arguments obselite exept for one that i totally agree with.

    AOC was released to early and problems should have been fixed sooner, but hey you can't relive the past now can you....
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Again, with the lies.

    You didn't know about the DX10 "announcement." You'd have mentioned it sooner. And again, if this article was "all over" the gaming press, why didn't Funcom's site include this information?

    And why did they wait until THE DAY BEFORE THE US RELEASE to announce it? They knew MONTHS in advance that it wasn't going to launch with DX10 support, yet did NOTHING but issue some weak, half-arsed comment mere days before launch, AFTER people had pre-ordered the game.

    And AoC's issues were found in the beta, yet they did nothing to correct them. In MMO launches (and trust me I've experienced plenty of them) some issues do become apparent after the game has finished beta. But issues such as memory leaks that crash the game every 30 minutes, the item stat code not working, content not being present are ALL issues Funcom were informed of but chose to ignore, instead hoisting a broken, feature-incomplete mess upon their customers then simply stating they'd fix it "later."

    And again, you dodge the point: you haven't played AoC. Go play it. Then we'll talk, because until you do, I have no more to say to you on the matter, as you're speaking out of your arse.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeynaive: There you go again. You know ,resorting to slander adn calling people liers will not win you the argument.

    I just told you why i didn't write about the Press release from Funcom regarding DX10.
    Got tired of listening to your "Funcom" is lieing BS. So i googled "no DX10 for AOC" to get the exact date which i didn't remember. Just remembered that it was put out by Funcom before launch.

    Again, anyone following AOC closely through development all the way until launch and claim they had no clue that DX10 wouldn't be there at launch must have had their heads buried in the sand those last few weeks.

    It was all over the internett in all mayor gameingsites. DX10 will not be ready at launch for AOC. Also it was written everywhere stating that the DX10 version would be shown at the gaming convension in Leipzig in August 2008.

    If the biggest selling point of AOC to you was DX10 and you bought it anyway when you must have known it wasn't ready, well as i said thats on you for not paying attention. The information was there for anyone to see.

    Thats the facts. Deal with it and stop repating yourself. That part of the discussion is over and done with.

    You claim to have 15 years of game development under your belt, yet you seem oblivious to some of the problems of MMO game development. You can beta test for years and there still will be problems at a MMO launch. It's in the genres nature. The real beta test if you will ,only start when the thousends of paying custumers start hacking away at the game. They will think of and discover many things that the devs wasn't aware of or though would function differently. Thanks to feedback from their new community they can fix things as fast as they can.

    Could Funcom have done a better job at that? I believe so. But there might have been som internal problems aswell slowing things down. Gaute Godagers retirement as gamedirector comes to mind....
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Yeah, sure you knew about it... /rollseyes. Look back over your posting history and see how many times this has been raised and NOT ONCE have you mentioned this information. And that's because you only found it yesterday. If there's one thing worse than a liar, it's a bad liar.

    And as I've pointed out before, the OFFICIAL SITE didn't include the information even AFTER release. So answer that one please. If this information was so widely distributed, why didn't their site include it?

    Then there's the fact ONE DAY BEFORE RELEASE (or four if you're in Europe) FUNCOM "INFORMED" THEIR CUSTOMERS OF THIS, DESPITE KNOWING FOR OVER A MONTH, MINIMUM. That's not at all shady, is it? Go on, defend that one.

    And what about those who pre-ordered the game? Did they get the option - or time - to cancel their order? No. So explain that one, too.

    Funcom KNEW they were falsely advertising a feature that wasn't in their game FOR AT LEAST A MONTH (probaly closer to SIX MONTHS) and waited until the last minute - when it was too late for those who'd pre-ordered or for word to get around - to release this information, a fact they didn't bother to include on what most people would take to be the "official" source of information, their own website.

    And please, you're talking about "spin" when you're the one squirming around about "well, it says 'optimised for DX10'" and trying every trick to make out Funcom did nothing wrong? Please...

    Funcom misjudged NOTHING. The game was in beta testing for long enough to identify their issues, but they simply didn't care. They took the attitude of "let's shove this thing out the door, recoup some costs by ripping off the audience, then string them along with a bunch of promises as we try and patch it up to the state it should have been a year before release."

    And there you go again. If AoC really is this awesome, incredible gaming experience, why aren't you playing it? Why aren't you supporting your countrymen by doing what really counts - not coming here and promoting their agenda but giving them the financial support they so desperately need, considering they've only retained about 25% of their player base. Go on, "give it a go."

    Or is it because you're scared you'll discover - as the majority of players have - that it's STILL full of bugs, lacking content, includes retrogressive features, simplistic gameplay and nothing worth paying your subscription for?
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeybad: judgeing by your faul mouth there is only one person here with a very low moral standard...And that my friend is not me ;-)

    I have known about the DX10 announcement since may 19'th. That was when i read it the first time. There was also much speculation going on in various forums and gameingsites about wether DX10 would be implemented at launch or not.

    Only reason i bothered to write down the link for you was the fact that i grew tired of people like yourself calling Funcom liers because it say "optimized for DX10" on the box and it wasn't present at launch. You can try to spinn that around as much as you like.
    It's officially proven that they did not lie about this.They told you before you could buy the game. End of that discussion.

    My guess, and it's just as good as yours. I think they had to release it abit early due to finacial pressure and marketing strategy, hoping they could fix things fast. That was the first mistake.
    Then they missjudged how fast people would level up. Missjudged how many bugs and content gaps there were. Missjudged how many problems there were with OOM's (out of memory leaks).

    I then take it they focused on the important stuff first. Fixing bugs,content gaps, broken quests, OOM's before finishing the DX10 version.

    It took them time but the DX9 version is running beatifully almost all problems fixed, whats left until this game will rock so much that even i might give a go, is more end game content ,which is comeing with patch 1.4 hopefully along with DX10.
    Next will be items ,making them more meaningfull.
    Then we might have a winner.

    I just don't see the need you fellas have to try and drag the game and the company into the mud becasue you left becasue of it's early problems. Especially since most of these problems are gone and dealt with.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Monkeybusiness: DX10; we both agree that it was not in the game at launch. To Funcoms defence they did tell the world on the 19'th of may last year before the game hit retail. This was mentioned by all major gamingsites the same day. If you bougth the game without that piece of information, well thats not entirely their fault now is it?

    Also when you print several hundred thousend boxes of AOC , many will be in store for a long time.


    Here's some maths for you to work through: they announced AoC would not have proper DX10 support one day before the US launch. To date DX10 has not been implemented, even though it's over six months since launch. That means, backtracking on that, that they knew six months before the game was released that DX10 support wouldn't make it in for launch. Yet still they insisted it was present right up until ONE DAY before the US launch.

    Had DX10 support appeared a week or two after release, then that would have at least been almost excusable. As it is, the game went gold about the same time as the packaging would have been printed - about a month prior to release day - with DX10 support still requiring another 6+ months of work to implement. AND FUNCOM KNEW THAT.

    And as I pointed out, Funcom's site still included DX10 support along with all the features they didn't ship with, right up until the weekend after release. And as I've also pointed out - and this is something you've yet to respond to - YOU didn't know about the DX10 "announcement" until today. Because if you'd known on the day it happened, you'd have mentioned it by now. Funny that, isn't it?

    And no, you're right, Funcom aren't a charity. They're a company who clearly have no regard for their customers, lie, cheat and sell product that isn't fit for purpose, use false advertising and mislead their audience on a regular basis. But if you can't see that and you think their behaviour is acceptable, then clealry you're a "man" of very low character.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Lemming81: Funcom doesn't pay me anything. I don't even own the game. But as a 35 year old gamer who follow the gameing industry out of habit, i sometimes feel like commenting here and there.

    Monkeyboy was so off target that i figured what the heck, if he can spend that much time talking crap about a game he stopped playing, then i can spend just as much time doing the opposite. Monkeyrude also turned out to be quite the polite gentleman in his discussions making these threads entertaining for teens not old enough to play the game themselves :-)

    Monkeybusiness: DX10; we both agree that it was not in the game at launch. To Funcoms defence they did tell the world on the 19'th of may last year before the game hit retail. This was mentioned by all major gamingsites the same day. If you bougth the game without that piece of information, well thats not entirely their fault now is it?

    Also when you print several hundred thousend boxes of AOC , many will be in store for a long time. The wording "optimized for DX10" makes perfectly good sence. Hopefully in less than a month DX10 will arrive and the boxes in retail shelfs world wide will be "correct" again.

    Drunken Brawlling, not in the game now and i havent read any dev comments in the official forums about when and if it will arrive.

    Sieges was there at launch but bugged to kingdom come. They have patched siegeing several times since then, and siegeing seem to be functioning quite well now. Again from what i can read in the official forums.

    Bugs, content gaps, balance and performance. All four have been fixed since launch in several small and big patches.

    End game: Still need some work but will be better after patch 1,4 this febuary that will add 2 more level 80 zones.

    So Monkeyinfant, the arguments you have been shouting in EVERY news article about AOC since you quit are becomming more and more irrellevant each day.

    That my friend is my point. Move on stop living in the past. Funcom is not into charity. They will not pay you your money back.
    You spent money on a game, played it for many hours, quit and moved on. Leave it at that.

    The games state at launch are irrelevant to people that haven't tried it as of yet. The current state is.
    The current state is also relevant to people like yourself that quit because of the launch issues like bugs OOM's (out of memory leaks) and lack of content forceing you to grind. All these issues have been adressed.

    You still argue like it's the 20'th of august last year with the problems that were present back then.

    Several months later the game should be judged as it stands to day , not like it was when you quit.
    Lemming81 13 years ago
    1simen1: "What i don't agree with is the relevance of that "issue" today, 8 months and several patches later. In less than a month DX10 will be there and then that argument will be void to.

    Unless you prefer to live in the past that is."

    You moron. It's more relevent the more time passes it isn't present. 8 months? For something that was touted at the design stage of the game? How much are Funcom paying you btw?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Yes, because I just so happen to carry the box around with me... /rollseyes.

    But let's look at the points you made: "Optimised for DX10." That means "works better with DX10." Despite the wording being vague (and therefore giving Funcom room to say, "well ,we didn't TECHNICALLY say that" and then squirm out of it) it's not true anyway. There is no DX10 special support in the game and if by "optimised for DX10" they mean "runs better under Vista" then that wasn't true either.

    And no, they slipped out a little, "oh, by the way..." comment about DX10. The game would have gone gold a good month before it was in stores, yet they waited until the verge of launch before they announced that DX10 wasn't supported? And you think that's fine and dandy?

    Well, all I can say is I'm glad I'll never have any dealings with you in real life, as you're clearly of low moral character if you think that's acceptable.

    Bar brawls, nope no sign of them yet.

    The massive battle stuff didn't work. So that's not a complete, present feature. To say it is is like saying "yeah, well my car has this pedal I press and it's supposed to slow me down and although it doesn't, that does mean I have working brakes." It DIDN'T work out of the box, despite the devs' claims that they'd been playing it. So again that's a feature that wasn't present at launch. Again though, you're going to argue that it was so it counts. /rollseyes

    And worst of all, how about, I don't know, a game that works and isn't bugged to fuckery? Not much to ask, really is it? I don't know about you but actually being able to use what I've spent my money on is pretty important when it comes to "features."

    Now it's your turn. Oh and please brush your teeth - the stench of corporate dick on your breath is quite overpowering.
    1simen1 13 years ago

    From what i can tell, the only things "on the box" that wasn't there at lauch was "Drunken Brawling". There has been no word from Funcom as far as i can tell about when and if that will make it into the game.

    The box also says"optimized" for DX10,which the game is, it's not implimented yet. But you can't really be to hard on 'em for that since they stated that it wouldn't be ready for launch before the game was avaliable in stores.

    Some of the content was seriously bugged though. Especially siegeing. Took to long before they sorted that out. Still a few hickups with siegeing, but it seems to have been functioning well for a few months now.

    So my question is: which other features were named on the box than these 2 that wasn't there on launchday?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Back to the old "MMOs change" argument.... /sigh.

    Here's a newsflash bucko: that doesn't apply when you're being sold content that is stated as being there. This isn't about balancing stuff and fixing bugs or introducing new content. Funcom LIED to the userbase about the game's content and claimed features were present that weren't. They didn't say "we'll introduce that at a later date." No, they said, "yes, that is in the game and when you buy it and install it, you will be able to do that." They stated that the content WAS THERE AT LAUNCH. It wasn't.

    That's why your "MMOs change" argument is totally invalid.
    1simen1 13 years ago

    MMO's are subject to change. They start with a gaminig world ,the skeleton,that is slowly filled with more and more content, the flesh, as time pass.

    If you had bought Call of duty your arguments would be on the money. But the lack of content at launch argument in an MMO will get caught up by time.

    That's just the way it is. If that should be the norm is another discussion. And that is a complex one. Mainly because MMO's by nature are very complex games both to develop and maintain after release.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Oh and nice way to dodge the explanations I asked you to cover.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    It's an over the top example, but it holds true.

    Yes, I bought AoC of my own volition. But that was based upon "facts" I'd been given by Funcom regarding what I was buying, "facts" that later proved to be wrong.

    So whilst I didn't have anything stolen from me, I was lied to regarding what was being purchased and to me, that's theft.

    If somebody sold you a box of 10 candies and when you opened it you found it only contained 3, you'd take it back and be given a refund. So where's my refund?
    1simen1 13 years ago

    "somebody came into your home and stole your belongings"

    Seriously, listen to yourself lol you crack me up he he:-)

    "Detective, Funcom the evil bastards entered my flat at night. They stole cash out of my wallet chained me to my computerdesk and forced me to play AOC for 3 months. Then they left without a trace.
    I am a victim of cruelty thats what i am. You must find them and arrest them. Trow away the key! Or even better still shoot them at dawn for what they did. Animals that is what they are Animals i say!!!"

    Monkey Monkey grow up will ya lol
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    For every day that pass us by, for every patch released by Funcom, your arguments are getting more and more irreleveant.


    Hmm, so if somebody came into your home and stole your belongings, after six months you'd just think they should be given a pardon?

    And all the patches do is illustrate how much content was missing at launch, actually PROVING my point.

    You think you "proved" my argument was "bull?" Then explain to me why the OFFICIAL AOC WEBSITE listed DX10 as being supported even when the game was out.

    Explain to me why Funcom pulled a feature just days before release that, six months on, still hasn't been implemented.

    Explain to me why features such as the PvP battles and bar room brawls, all features Funcom promised were included prior to the game's release, weren't present and - in the case of the latter - still isn't incorporated.

    Explain to me how Funcom passed off THEIR wishlist of features as content in the most bold-faced way possible, lied to the customer base then became evasive and denied they'd done anything wrong, yet you think it's not only acceptable but are defending these people and think they're doing a good job.

    But hey, you keep chugging it down and being Funcom's bitch. I'm sure they must love the fact that they've managed to con somebody - who hasn't even played their game (which is hilarious!) - into being their #1 fan.
    1simen1 13 years ago

    You need to face the facts. For every day that pass us by, for every patch released by Funcom, your arguments are getting more and more irreleveant.

    Just showed you that one of your main arguments, Funcom lieing about DX10, was bull. And what do you do?: Keep spinning it trying to make youself look good lol.

    I think Yoda was right when he said "the hate is strong in this one" ;-)
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago

    Oh and please, don't try to give me pointers on the gameplay in AoC, unless you're going to follow your own advice and, I don't know, maybe PLAY IT FOR YOURSELF...

    Your comments are totally invalid until you do so. Go on. Ignore my comments, ignore the comments of the others here who support or dislike it, ignore the comments of the AoC players, ignore the comments of Morrison et al and GO EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF and maybe then we'll have a chat about it, okay?

    You won't though, as you know deep down I'm right.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeymonkey : Wall of text lol

    PVP system works, some don't agree or like it though.

    Sieges works but can still improve from what i read in the forums.

    Drunken brawling is still not there, will it ever be? Only Funcom knows.

    And for you TV example. Yes i would resubscribe or continue subscribeing f they startet showing the kind a movies i really like. If they didn't i would spend my cash elsewhere.

    There are thousends of players in HYBORIA haveing fun right now. Playing a mostly bugfree, content filled MMO. (lacking a bit after level 80, Patch 1.4 this febuary will adress that)

    If you didn't like the gameplay, fine move on. If you did like the gameplay wait another month and try it again after patch 1.4

    It's the cost of a meal for 2 at Macdonalds. Not your life saveings....

    What you and others have "lost" on AOC is much less then you would spend on a night out with the boys....You keep talking like you spent all the moeny you had and all the money you ever will have on this game...
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    They told gamers that DX10 wouldn't make into the game at launch before you could buy it at your favourite gamestop.

    Are they still liars in regards to DX10 even when they told you the truth about it?

    I knew this, why you didn't considering how much time you spend on gaming sites is beyond me...


    Despite what you may think, I'm not scanning every gaming site I can find 24-7 for news about a game that had piqued my interest. No I read about the DX10 support and other features - plus the game spec that actually wasn't accurate - ON THE OFFICIAL AOC WEBSITE ON THE DAY OF RELEASE. Information, BTW, that was still listed on there even after the game was on the shelves.

    And as I say, that still doesn't cover pre-ordered copies or explain why - when they obviously knew SIX MONTHS ahead of launch (based on the fact that that feature still isn't live at this stage) that DX10 support wouldn't be present - they didn't comment on this until mere days before launch.

    And funny how you "knew" about the DX10 support being dropped yet never, EVER mentioned it before in any of your discussions about the game... Hmm, maybe Funcom's influence is starting to rub-off on you now...
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    They "announced" the lack of DX10 support just 4 days before launch in Europe and ONE day before the US launch.

    Six months later and there's still no live DX10 support.

    They knew months in advance that the DX10 support wouldn't be in but said nothing to dupe customers into buying it.

    Just TWO DAYS prior to the US launch and FIVE days prior to the European launch, they still said DX10 would be supported, knowing full well it wouldn't be. What about everybody who pre-ordered the game? Funcom sold a game on the strengths of features they KNEW would not be included. To then issue a statement mere days before launch is underhanded at best.

    DX10 support however is just ONE of the many features that didn't appear in the launch game: the PvP system didn't work and still doesn't, massive battles weren't in and even now don't work, bar-room brawls didn't appear and still haven't. There's a checklist of FACTUAL content - not imagined, expected content - that wasn't there and is either still missing or is barely working.

    You need to shunt this "hype" idea out of your head. Like I said, it's not about the audience's expectations or the marketing department's hyperbole. It's about a simple checklist of features we were told WOULD be present and - once we'd parted with our money - discovering they weren't.

    It's like somebody promising you apples and selling you bricks. You can't turn around and say, "Oh yeah, my fault. When they said they were selling me apples and I thought I was getting apples, I should have known what they meant was they were selling me bricks."

    But no doubt you'll pull your "but MMOs evolve and are updated" BS out of your arse again, so here's an analogy you CANNOT dismiss that is perfectly suitable.

    You SUBSCRIBE to a new TV channel called Blockbuster TV that promises you 24-7 movies, the latest and greatest blockbusters. You pay your cash, switch on your TV and discover all they're airing are episodes of Big Brother. And that's only when the channel is working, because it goes off the air every 30 minutes. You complain and they tell you not to worry and that your movies will be coming soon, just keep subscribing and anyway, actually at the last minute they had to change their schedule but it's still a movie channel but for now you can watch Big Brother and it's great anyway.

    A month passes and finally they show a movie. Except it's an old public domain flick. And still most of their programming is Big Brother re-runs. And it still breaks down every 50 minutes now.

    After much complaining - and months of subscriptions - you do the right thing and finally cancel.

    A few months after you've cancelled they finally start showing a couple of blockbuster movies - the stuff YOU were paying for all along but never got to see. And when interviewed about this, the head of the channel points out that it's always been showing movies and that there'll be more coming "soon" and to just shut-up and keep paying your subscriptions and you'll get the blockbusters you're paying for "some time" with no definite dates or deadlines. 6 months after launch the content you were told would be there and you paid for still isn't and there's no firm date as to when it will be.

    Would you consider THAT a good investment? Would you subscribe to a channel that called itself "Blockbuster TV," promised the latest movies but then only showed TV reruns?

    THAT is exactly the situation here and THAT is why I - and most people stung by Funcom at launch - are annoyed at the way they DUPED us out of our cash.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeystrange, I do get your point and i understand what you mean. I just don't agree with you.

    Here is a link for you:

    This is the press release by Funcom from may 19'th, a day before the US launch and 4 days before the European launch:
    Do a google and you can find various gameingsites responding to the press release the same date.

    Ign responding :
    To you this is the Watergate of the gameing industry and Funcom is Richard Nixon.

    To me it's nothing special.

    When a MMO gets closer to launch the hypeing machine is talking about two things. What you can do from the get go in the game and what you will be able to do down the line, the vision of the game if you will. And they almost always promise more than they can deliver. Is this bad? Yes. But then again thats marketing for ya...

    I just think you blow things totally out of proportion. Sure they could have done a better job, but you act like this was the end of your world as you knew it...

    They told gamers that DX10 wouldn't make into the game at launch before you could buy it at your favourite gamestop.

    Are they still liars in regards to DX10 even when they told you the truth about it?

    I knew this, why you didn't considering how much time you spend on gaming sites is beyond me....
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    You say you understand then make statements that show you've completely missed the point.

    The point being that Funcom LIED to its customer base and continues to behave as if nothing they did was wrong.

    It's nothing to do with player expectation, hype, MMO hotfixes or gaming rigs. It's plain and simple that Funcom sold a product unfit for purpose, lied about it and then act as if their behaviour was acceptable.

    It's not.

    And yeah, for me and many others it's left a bad taste in our mouths and continues to do so when Morrison and his cronies keep trotting out this "no, everything's fine and dandy" PR bullshit. The day he and Funcom apologise and admit they LIED regarding the launch content is the day I'll stop pointing out what they did.

    You really need to stop making excuses and face up to the fact that Funcom's behaviour was unprofessional and illustrates a total disregard for their customers who have since voted with their feet and abandoned that abortion of a game, as much based upon Funcom's continued disrespectful attitude of "it's coming soon" and half-fixes as the actual lack of decent game content.

    I would never wish redundancy upon anybody but if Funcom wind-up going under, they need look only to themselves for the cause.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    And if memory serves me right Funcom stated to the gaming press a few weeks before launch that they wouldn't put DX10 in at launch. That was after the box had gone to print, and before it went out to retail.


    Well, that's the first I'd heard of that...

    And you don't drop a feature "at the last minute" of that magnitude. By that reckoning DX10 support would have appeared "a few weeks" AFTER release. But it's SIX MONTHS later and still no live DX10 support. That's not feature creep or something missing a deadline. No, that means they knew when the boxes were printed DX10 support wouldn't make it in.

    And you still don't understand the point, do you?

    The state of the game now doesn't matter. Does the game being closer to being what we were sold now do anything to appease those of us who got ripped-off by Funcom? It doesn't change the fact that they lied to their customers and sold a product UNFIT for purpose.

    But you're clearly too stupid to understand that.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Lemming 81: AOC is the best looking MMO out there even in DX9.

    And if memory serves me right Funcom stated to the gaming press a few weeks before launch that they wouldn't put DX10 in at launch. That was after the box had gone to print, and before it went out to retail.

    If you bought the game knowing that, well thats on you then.

    In a few weeks DX10 will be implemented. In a years time hardly anyone will care anyway. Except Monkeyboy, who probably still will be going mental in every news story about AOC in 2010...

    And for the record. Off course Monkeyman is correct. THE GAME WAS RELEASED EARLY.

    What i don't agree with is the relevance of that "issue" today, 8 months and several patches later. In less than a month DX10 will be there and then that argument will be void to.

    Unless you prefer to live in the past that is.
    Lemming81 13 years ago
    Just to step in here:

    iokthemonkey is right

    1simen1, what the fuck do you not get? It promised a dx10 environment ON THE BACK OF THE BOX, thats basically TECHNICAL specs. That has fuck all to do with an MMO's changing structure. That would be like WAR promising the Knight of the Blazing Sun and Black Guard at launch and delivering as they did, instead of quite rightly letting people know during beta that it wasn't going to happen - and (and this is pretty fucking basic) NOT promising them ON THE BACK OF THE BOX. Which is what Mythic did, then reintrouded them within four months.

    There are people that bought AoC BECAUSE it used DX10. it was supposed to be the best looking MMO out there - and it's not, because Funcom didn't deliver WHAT THEY PROMISED AS A STANDARD FEATURE AND CONTINUED TO KEEP ON THEIR BOX COVERS RIGHT UP TO LAUNCH.

    Do you get it now? No, probably not. Ugh, I hate having to use Caps, but some people really don't read things properly sometimes...

    iokthemonkey, just don't waste your breath on this one anymore.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Nice way to sidestep and ignore every point, Semen.

    Funcom must be so proud of you right now.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Kami 13 years ago
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Monkeylirious, Granted i haven't played the game at all , but i seem to have a better grasp of it's current state than you...

    I still read patch notes and read about the good and the bad from existing players in the official forums.

    Always better to rely on more opinions than one when you are passing jugdement on anything in life. Games included.

    And the ones still playing are more valid sources than both you and me..


    Chug that corporate cock.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeylirious, Granted i haven't played the game at all , but i seem to have a better grasp of it's current state than you...

    I still read patch notes and read about the good and the bad from existing players in the official forums.

    Always better to rely on more opinions than one when you are passing jugdement on anything in life. Games included.

    And the ones still playing are more valid sources than both you and me..
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    You haven't played the game for 5 months either, yet continue to tell everybody how bad AOC is.


    And you haven't played the game ever yet continue to tell everybody how good AOC is.

    Go out right now and buy it, play it and then we'll have a proper conversation about it, okay?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Funny, I'm one of three people here making the same point yet you ignore their comments? I'm flattered really but maybe you should go find somebody else to stalk...

    It's hilarious to see you get in such a flap about a game YOU HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED then try to tell those of us who did play it and experienced the shitfest that was the AoC launch that we don't know what we're talking about. And then you sidestep the point of the argument - that Funcom lied about the game's content and then expected their "customers" to not only roll over and take it but also PAY for the "pleasure" - is something you don't seem capable of grasping.

    All you do with your posts is illustrate how ludicrous a character you are! Seriously, Funcom must be loving that there's somebody so willing to chug-down on their corporate cock and not even have to pay them for it... Too bad that all you're doing is making those stung by Funcom even LESS likely to play their "game" again.

    But hey, go tell your paymasters that I'll stop complaining when they refund me my money and issue a public apology to everybody they lied to over the game's content, okay?
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeyman, Why do i only argue with you? Told you before as long as you continue to badmouth AOC in every news story releaced about it by Eurogamer, i will continue to counter it just for the hell of it. Told you that several months ago.

    Same reason now. I'm not getting paid for this, its actually becomeing an entertaining little hobby. Bring it on!! lol

    You have been crying "they lied" for close to 5 months now. Time to let it go and move on?

    You haven't played the game for 5 months either, yet continue to tell everybody how bad AOC is. This and that is broken, gameplay sucks and whatnot. The game has improved alot sionce you and many others left, yet you keep judgeing it like it was launchday one week ago.

    So yes they may or may not have lied. So what. It's not the 17'th of mai 2008 any more. Its january 26'th. The game has evolved and moved on. Why wont you?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Oh and by the way, thank you for illustrating your fixation with me again by ignoring the scores of other posts and focusing entirely on my comments.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    The argument isn't about what the game is now or could be (although you're glossing over the fact that half the fixes weren't fixes at all, half the content is still broken, the server merge indicates how poorly the game is doing and that there are fundamental design flaws in the game.)

    No, it's about Funcom's lies.

    But hey, if you think it's fine for your country's only developer to lie to its customers, then you go right ahead and keep it up. But maybe you should think about how much longer they're going to be around and, if this is acceptable, common practice, maybe we've answered the question as to why there are no quality game developers in Norway.

    And I seriously hope they're paying you for the BS you spout here. Because if you're not, you're an even bigger fool.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeyman, you write :

    "They sold us a game that advertised features that weren't (and still aren't) present, then they wonder why people weren't happy? Not incomplete or bugged features. No, features that weren't present on the disc, despite the box saying they were.

    THAT'S the reason I won't give Funcom another penny of my money."

    Which is fine, and i totally respect you quiting because of it. What i don't understand is why this is such a big issue for you considering you bought a game that will be around and keep evolving for years.

    And since the game will continue for years, i can't understand why there is som much hate for this game in peticular considering the current state of the game which appear to be good.

    Read the forums. Most are happy there now , mainly because Funcom has adressed many of the problems present at launch.

    The AOC people quit after a month or two is a different game than it is now. The state of the game at launch is not relevant in relation to the stat the game is in now. That is my point.....

    A point that seem to elude many here.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    there are lots of nice little things on the box and in the manual but they weren't there when I played it at launch.


    But as 1Semen1 will point out (if he bothers to reply to you, he only ever addresses me, presumably as he has some kind of creepy stalker crush on me) the game is now fixed so you have nothing to complain about.

    This is the point he - and Funcom - miss. Funcom didn't sell us the game they said we were buying. They sold us a pack of lies. They sold us a game that advertised features that weren't (and still aren't) present, then they wonder why people weren't happy? Not incomplete or bugged features. No, features that weren't present on the disc, despite the box saying they were.

    THAT'S the reason I won't give Funcom another penny of my money.
    Kami 13 years ago
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Im not fixated on the 'bad launch'... im resentful of the cynical attitudes of the studio heads that caused it.


    Thank you for showing me I'm not the only person here who finds their attitude so distasteful.
    actionfitz 13 years ago
    I cant understand why some people will defend a piece of shit software with the same vehemence as if it was their struggling local football team. You can be a football fan and fly those colors through thick and thin, and I can see the reward from that, the comaraderie, the fellowship and the conflict...
    But for fuck sake. Videogames are a different beast.

    Funcom released AoC in a fundamentally flawed and incomplete state. They did this for many reasons, none the least of which was to start recouping on their investment ASAP. The powers that be at FC had to have known how sparse / bugged the game was when they chose to let it out the door. They did so with unforgivable (for me at least) cynacism, the whole 'ship it then patch it' mentality - which only really works for minor flaws tbh.
    For me it comes down to the loss of my goodwill. Im not fixated on the 'bad launch' - even wow had a less than stellar birth - im resentful of the cynical attitudes of the studio heads that caused it. The denials and broken promises.

    I hope AoC continues with a full dev team...
    If only so the same fuckers can be kept the hell away from Ragnar Torquists next game 'secret world'.
    That guys' game storys make my man-bits feel nice. :)
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Funcom told you that this game would have this and that. At launch it didn't


    If you bought a game and took it home and found it was actually a music CD, you'd think that was okay, would you? No, you wouldn't. That's no more acceptable than Funcom selling a game THEY KNEW didn't include the content they said it did.

    I've made this point time after time but you're clearly not intelligent enough to know the difference between "broken" content and "missing" content.

    THAT'S the crux of the matter.

    So stop trying to divert attention from that with your comments about updates and fixes and content coming in NOW (content which should have been in at launch, wasn't and either still isn't or doesn't work) and look at the point I'm making: Funcom LIED to its customers. I don't mean they hyped the game or over-sold it. No, they flat-out LIED about what we were buying.

    Got it yet?

    Because if you can't grasp that, then you're a lost cause. I suggest you divert your attentions to saving up for the PC you need to run AoC and go experience it for yourself. That's what's so hilarious here: you're sucking on their corporate cock, happily gulping down their jism of lies and extolling the virtues of a game you haven't even played for yourself.

    I find that both hilarious and saddening.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeyrude, ha ha, from your argument style i find it quite funny that you consider me a 12 year old ;-) i mean you have shown yourself time and time again to be the king of maturety lol...

    It's about realistic exectation of what a MMO game will deliver at launch. Funcom told you that this game would have this and that. At launch it didn't but they are getting there.

    Remember the launch of another quite famous MMO WOW. Severly lacking in content and people couldn't even log in for long periods of time.

    SWG lacked lots of content at launch got very good after awhile before they messed it compleatly up with the NGE,

    Point is many of you expected a perfect game come launch day. What you got was this:

    - A game were you could log in anytime you wanted to with great graphics. Kind a rare for a MMO
    - Great starting area, intreaguing quests and a "new" kind of gameplay in MMO's

    Problems you were facing:
    - With the wrong operating system and a less than stellar rig, you would get memory leaks making the game close to unplayable for many.
    - Lot's of bugs.
    - Not enough endgame for powerlevelers. Leveling was also to fast?
    - Gaps in content
    - Some unbalanceing issues
    - Itemisation. Items meaning so little that many thought that stats were bugged and didn't ad anything to your players skill.
    This was intentional by the devs and considered a vital part of AOC's design gameplaywise. Thay have now left that path and
    will make items matter more.

    An MMO is the most complex games a developer can make. They can test until kingdom come but will not get a full picture of the quality of the work they have put in before hundreds of thousends of players enter their virtual world and start hacking it apart.

    They bring so many variables it's close to impossible to have though of all before launch.
    That is no excuse, it's the nature of a MMO launch. Personally i believe they could have done better, but hey whats done is done.

    Since launch they have fixed almost all issues, added tons of quests and much mure content. l Come february and patch 1.4 will bring lots more.

    When you buy a MMO. You don't buy a game like Call og duty. That game stays the same year after year. When you buy a MMO, you buy a concept that is subject to change for as long as it is up an running.

    That is why your TV argument is at best wrong. Unless you believe that the TV manufacturer will come to your house and upgrade it every coupple of months for as long as you own it.....
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Oh and one more point.

    Saying "Monkeychild, the point is that i don't care about your point" is about as mature and intelligent as sticking your fingers in your ears and going "lalalalala I'm not listening."

    What are you? 12?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    My arguments are relevent and my point illustrated with every patch that adds content that was supposed to be there AT LAUNCH.

    But you clearly cannot understand that argument.

    Or maybe your paymasters at Funcom haven't given you the appropriate training as to how to deal with that one, hmm?


    Should one care about a games state at launch 8 months later? NO


    I personally don't. That's the point you're missing. I care about the MONEY FUNCOM WERE PAID FOR A SERVICE THEY DIDN'T DELIVER.

    I could illustrate this with an analogy that everybody else here would understand but you're clearly so lacking in imagination and intelligence that you can't make the connection. But for those enlightened enough to see it, my posts make perfect sense and sum-up the situation perfectly. Funcom KNOWINGLY informed us that the game we were buying had features A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc but only upon purchase did we discover - and they then ADMIT - that it only contained features C, D and F. As I say, that's like getting a boxed TV that says it's a 42" high-def TV and when you open it discovering it's a box of bricks. And if you can't understand THAT analogy, then you're clearly a fucking retard.

    But I know what your next response will be, so seeing as I'm a nice guy, I'll post what you're going to reply with...

    "Why you always talk about TV? TV not game. That make no sense. Duh." - You.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeychild, the point is that i don't care about your point. I want things to work as intended before beeing put into any game.

    DX9 vs DX10 is an eyecandy issue. More important are gameplay,bugs, balance and content issues.

    I think most players would agree that the latter is more important and should be dealt with first. And thats what Funcom did.

    Did they releace the game early? YES. Have any other big MMO been releaced flawless at launch: NO.

    Should one care about a games state at launch 8 months later? NO

    Continue to be a dramaqueen if you want to, but for each patch releaced your arguments are becoming more and more irrellevant...
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    The game do support DX10, infact is just about to be put in.


    And with that, you do more to illustrate my point than anything I could ever write.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    SleepyMagpie 13 years ago
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeysad, we norwegians live in the now, not the past.

    The game do support DX10, infact is just about to be put in. Would you rather have 'em put it in in a shitty state at launch, or implement it when it's ready?

    You must be the biggest crybaby in history when it comes to internett forums.

    Many a game has been marketed to be longer than it is , have more content than it had, less bugs than what it turned out to have and what not.
    This is nothing new. If you believe all you read and hear in a marketing hype, you are at best naive...

    I have gotten your point from day one. You feel violated, gangraped and betrayed by FUNCOM because the game wasn't all you wanted it to be at launch. "But but they lied to us man, they realy did" . Well BU HU F'n HU. You quit as a consequence, good for you.

    What i still dont't get is going to such lengths in a a personal internett fora vendetta over a game because it didn't have everything promised on the box at launch.....A game genre that by it's very nature is subject to change. Most of 'em, if not all, even say so on the box.

    For us the readers of your posts it seems like this is way worse to you than all other bad things in the world. Like the conflicts in Kongo, famine, Aids, Israel vs Palastine, world wide ressesion, the war on terror and what not.

    You really need to widen your perspective and put in some of your energy into something that really matters.

    Seems more and more like this is paid part time work for you........
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    You still use your no good TV argument. If you buy a TV and it turns out to be worse, or even the same as expected, will JVC come and upgrade your TV at a montly basis to improve it? I think not....

    It's perfectly valid. You need to READ THIS AND UNDERSTAND.

    You look at a TV box.

    The box says it contains a colour, hi-def, 42" TV.

    You buy the box.

    You get it home.

    You open it.

    It's full of bricks.

    You complain.

    They tell you they'll ship you a new TV but it will cost YOU more money.

    You pay.

    They give you a new box of bricks.

    See how it works yet?

    THAT is the difference between AoC's lack of content, Funcom's behaviour and what happened with the launch.

    Got it?

    Because if you can't understand that, then you're either unwilling or unable to comprehend and there's nothing more I can say to make you get it into your tiny brain that FUNCOM LIED TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. It's not marketing hype or something that's open to interpretation. It's LIES.

    Where exactly is the DX10 support they STATE IS ON THE BOX?

    Where are the bar brawls they said were in the game?

    The PvP mass battles they promised AT LAUNCH are only now in, but they don't work properly.

    The PvP system they promised AT LAUNCH is only now in, but it's bugged.

    So sure, yeah, that's all marketing hype and stuff, isn't it? No, it's not.

    Funcom DELIBERATELY mislead and LIED about their game's content.

    If you can't understand that - and why that's a Bad Thing - then you're as morally bankrupt as you are fuckwitted.


    The fact is Funcom LIED to us, took our money in good faith and didn't sell us what we asked for.

    Getting it yet? Or is there some weird thing in Norwegian where you don't have a word for "liar?"
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeyrude: all i hear from you is the same Bla...bla...bla....bla...bla...bla.. bla. Always politely and and gratiously written lol

    You still use your no good TV argument. If you buy a TV and it turns out to be worse, or even the same as expected, will JVC come and upgrade your TV at a montly basis to improve it? I think not....

    Buy a fresh MMO at launch, and you are in for a bumpy ride. Let lose a few hundred thoused players into your gameworld, and you will soon find out that not everything is working as planned or that there are much more bugs that you ever thought it could be.

    But since you claim to be a "gamedeveloper" with 15 years in the industry on your back, i take it you already knew that....

    MMO's eveolve as they go along. Now several months after launch almost all problems existing at launch have been fixed. And another huge content/gameplay update is just around the corner.

    AOC is no longer the game it was at launch or when you quit in August/september, and should be judged as it stands today.

    I couldn't care less about the games status on launch day. To live in the past you will need a timemachine. From what you are writing it seem like the world has stood still for you since late summer 2008..... Did you invent one?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Seriously you bougth a game that will always change , a genre also known as a MMO.



    You really are retarded aren't you? I'd presumed it was a language thing at first and that you were having trouble translating it into Norwegian, but I see now that you're utterly dense.

    Funcom told us the game had a number of features. It's there on the box. It's in all the interviews. All the pre-release stuff talks about these features.

    So on that basis, we all bought the game.

    Once we'd installed it, we found out these features weren't in the game, despite promises of them being there. Funcom then defend that by saying, "Well, although we SAID that stuff is in the game and it still says so on the box, actually it's not."

    That's not an "MMO changing."

    That's Funcom LYING to their customers.

    Do you understand yet, 1Semen1?

    Okay, how about I make it simpler? And if you don't get this then clearly you truly are a brain-dead retard of the worst kind.

    You go into a store to buy a TV.

    The salesman shows you a great TV and says they have one for sale.

    You buy it, take it home and then open the box to find it's full of bricks.

    You check the box. Yup, it says it contains a high-def 42" TV.

    You complain to the store and they explain that, "yes, well the box might say that but that's just our salesman getting over excited and you shouldn't expect everything he said. But don't worry, pay us a shippnig fee and we'll send you a new TV. Eventually."

    Getting it yet, 1Semen1?

    Because if you can't understand the difference between a game evolving, being polished and fixed when it's live and a game being KNOWINGLY sold with PROMISED CONTENT MISSING then that says a lot more about your intelligence (or lack of) and moral character than anything you could level at me...
    Darkjinxter 13 years ago
    I've now gone from a genuine player of AoC to an iothemonkey type hater due to this despicable move on Funcom's part.
    My sub runs out on the 29th Jan and being more cash aware these days I broke open my collectors edition to use the key therein.

    The key was a duffer

    A GM gave me another key.

    I used that key, but Funcom refused to honour it - 'Vaild as of 23 May only' or something it said. A key which can only be used at launch window????

    I have cancelled my sub.

    ...and after reading the evasive tripe in this article, it's probably just as well.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    And at iokthemonkey

    What the fuck are you talking about you idiot? No one wants to release a bad game.



    The point you're ALL missing is this: AoC's box details features that aren't in the game.

    What Funcom KNOWINGLY sold us didn't match-up with what they TOLD US was present.

    Not in that "well, it's open to interpretation" or "well, maybe it doesn't quite work how you might think" kind of way.

    No in that "this feature we told you was in the game actually isn't, but we didn't tell you that because we knew you wouldn't but it otherwise."

    Got it?

    It's not about the perceived quality of the features or the game lacking polish.

    It's about Funcom releasing a game with MISSING content. Not "not quite working" content. MISSING content. Read that, repeat it over and over until you understand it and then maybe you'll get why a lot of people are pissed off about the whole AoC debacle.

    To use an analogy you MIGHT understand: suppose you see a CD with 11 songs listed on it. You buy it, get it home and discover it only has 3 songs on the CD, despite promising 11 tracks. Is that a simple enough analogy for you to get?

    And yes, all MMOs have their troubles. The difference is that they don't lie to the audience over the content.

    But hey if you want to keep paying for content that should have been present on the CD you bought and live off all the promises they're shoveling you, you go right ahead. Me? I'd rather give my money to a developer that actually knows how to produce a good game, delivers updates that work, on-time and doesn't string me along like a tool.
    MaxiSleep 13 years ago

    People release bad games because they have a bad design process or because their initial tech choices were wrong. This would be the purview of the developers

    I really dont buy the "its the suits fault" argument as the main reason for bad game releases, although it does of course happen.

    If you look at Age of Conan they simply got their content production pipeline wrong. My guess was they out an awfull lot of love on the tortuga bit which was supposed to be a single player game initially, and which took a lot longer to "MMO" then they expected. It is a shame but the disaster they made of PVP/itemisation/crafting is all down to the developers.

    And WoW at launch was still way ahead of pretty much anything around today if you like PvE.

    Remember captain placeholder anyone?
    warlockuk 13 years ago
    I like Steak. But Funcom can't cook.
    Spekingur 13 years ago
    WoW system works because it is near to no diffirent from other MMO systems in the past. Blizzard just took in alot of ideas from other games (MMOs and others alike) and refined them into their own MMO.

    As for AoC, I played it just after release. I liked it - well the first part of it, anyways. I might see myself going back to it sometime. The state of release is also a matter of perspective. No MMO has ever been released in a 'ready' state. WoW wasn't launched in the state you play it in now. Neither was DAoC, EQ, Eve Online, City of Heroes, LOtRO, etc. I always think it is strange how people like to compare a new MMO to WoW as it is today - something that you can't really compare. I also think it is strange how people feel the need to defend WoW and Blizzard. Yes, Blizzard brought us gems like Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, but they have changed into one of those industry giants. There are 11 millions subscribers for WoW - the first MMO ever to get such a high number of subscriptions. This means that they get more than 500 million dollars from subscription fees alone over a whole year (I'm guessing subscription fees vary between regions). And what has that money given WoW-ers? Two expansions? That they still have to pay for?
    To me Blizzard is only a few steps from becoming the new EA.
    Kami 13 years ago
    Well, the AoC hate can be justified. I was there, a lovely beta followed by a launch that came nearly as close to being as bad as Vanguard.

    But as I said, the main problem now is I hear so many people harp on about how they want to be different to WoW. That's wonderful, but in doing so MAKE SURE IT WORKS. AoC could have been forgiven a multitude of sins but what happened to the PvP servers is a sin many people will not forgive AoC for. It didn't work, and if they still do not have the consequences system in there now then I can only wish AoC a quick but painful demise. MMO's have died recently for far less serious offences.

    WoW systems work. If you're going to be different, get it right from the off. None of this "we'll implement it later" bullshit that we've tolerated for three years or more as everyone chases Blizzard. If you can't get it right, then there's no shame in copying the models WoW uses. The industry has sorta counted on that for 20+ years or more, and at least we know that the models work.

    But if you must be different, get it in there from the start or keep big exec mouths shut.
    1simen1 13 years ago
    Monkeyboy has managed to fill 14 out of 43 post in this thread spitting out his usuall AOC hate.

    Thats close to 30% of all posts so far. Can he go to 50% ?

    Considering how much you play the "internetz", i would have to say that buying AOC have given you plenty of bang for your buck entertainmentwise...... lol ;-)

    Go kill an elf in LOTR....cause your starting to sound more and more like an ork......
    Kami 13 years ago
    I admire the guy for wanting to be different from WoW, but that is exactly the bloody problem with a lot of MMO's. They are trying so hard to not be WoW they fail to grasp that systems in WoW are successful because THEY BLOODY WORK! I'm sorry but reinventing the wheel just isn't working - it didn't work for Tabula Rasa, or Vanguard, or Hellgate and it sure as hell hasn't worked for Age of Conan. Being different can be done visually. It can be done plotwise, how you pace the storyline across the game. You van add regular events, you can focus on PvP or PVE.

    The industry has always tended to follow what works. With the MMO market, they did the exact opposite and tried very hard to be excessivly different. Maybe it's time to accept that WoW got it right and begin the shameless copying...
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Wow, you guys really chickened out of asking him any proper questions like

    "why did it ship is such a dire state"
    "will you still be around in a years time?"
    "how many active subscribers have you got?"


    The session was moderated and only "appropriate" questions got through.

    I asked "Can I have my money back?" about 3 times...
    Slabbathepave 13 years ago
    we didnt, those questions were asked but were conveniently lost. Complete bollocks and an exercise in absolute futility.
    Pirotic 13 years ago
    Wow, you guys really chickened out of asking him any proper questions like

    "why did it ship is such a dire state"
    "will you still be around in a years time?"
    "how many active subscribers have you got?"

    Benno 13 years ago
    oikthemonkey is getting very tiring though
    Jockie 13 years ago
    My questioned was doctored a bit by the supermoderating hero :(
    It started out as :
    AoC appears to have legions of disillusioned players across the internet. Do you still hold out hope of convincing them to return to the game? If so how do you propose to do this, with many of them claiming AoC is fundamentally broken?

    Hardly positive, i guess thats why it got rejigged.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    ryohazuki1983 13 years ago
    No point in asking questions of a negative nature, because all the answer would be is "we have numerous players who enjoy the experience...blah blah blah"

    He is unlikely to admit flaws and say yeah its shit we know, but its gonna take fucking ages to fix.
    KlusterDT 13 years ago
    miiiguel 13 years ago
    Thanks to ask him my question, EG. He didn't really answer, but I was expecting that. I believe he doesn't know either.
    _LarZen_ 13 years ago
    Nothing in this interview made my wanna go back to AoC. World of Warcraft is just so more superior in terms of what a mmorpg should be then Age of Conan.

    Sorry Craig Morrison but Age of Conan do not contain what a good mmorpg game should have. Goals and meaning..+++
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Come on: not one question even to ask about how he thought it had improved and how he planned to address the existing issues that had turned-off early adopters?

    Not one question about the server merge and how it had affected the subscriber base?
    Bertie 13 years ago
    We're not censoring! And now you'll just claim we are.

    Apologies to the people who asked about changes to specific areas like stealth and instant hits and guild cape logos and things. We were running out of time and felt these were the sort of topics covered patch-to-patch rather than on a broad 'what we're doing this year' scale.

    We're after constructive questions that can be answered, and certainly do not shy away from pertinent topics. We're neither for nor against Age of Conan, but interested in focusing on what Morrison plans to do about fixing the MMO and making things right. Not why it sucks, but how it can get better. Not why the features are not there, but when they will be there. I hope you can see and understand that.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    @ion i have loads of posts


    Yeah, I saw that, hence my "most" comments.

    I'm not saying there's no audience for AoC or ridiculing anybody for playing it. My beef is not even with the game, particularly. No, my points are directed at whichever Funcom employees thought it was acceptable to release an unfinished game and pass it off as being ready, to the point of detailing features on the box that weren't even present, let alone in need of a polish.
    sambo_nz 13 years ago
    "Game director Craig Morrison in hot-seat."

    Hot seat????
    You mean "Cushy la-z-boy paid marketing exercise recliner with foot rub", right?

    bah /egquit
    Slabbathepave 13 years ago


    Would make for a pleasent change of pace and i think the only thing capable of garnering support for FC at the minute would be a huge dollop of humble.

    It certainly wouldnt hurt to face up to a little criticism.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Sorry guys, but if you ask them "Why does your game suck" I don't see why you'd expect an answer.


    If Rob did receive so many questions of that ilk, then why weren't they compiled into a polite "your game received a lot of criticism. How would you answer those angry at the game's release state and the fact that a lot of content promised at launch still isn't present?"

    I'd have asked that but I've no interest in hearing his excuses.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    The original concept was sold almost as a mmo beat-em-up with real time fights relying on your ability to pull off special moves etc. This was watered down to the point of a combo system that for the most part is as boring as clicking your abilities in WoW only that in AoC you get to click the button then pull off the combo. It's like playing my 2 year old daughters leap-pad system. Fix it.

    Was sadly not asked.


    Because it's a statement, not a question... ;)

    You should have said "Do you plan to fix it?"
    oerhoert 13 years ago
    Sorry guys, but if you ask them "Why does your game suck" I don't see why you'd expect an answer.
    Slabbathepave 13 years ago
    what did we learn from that little exercise?


    We already knew the answer to every single question asked. So what was the point?
    spimmy 13 years ago
    Fire Super Censoring Hero EG!
    Nasty 13 years ago
    The original concept was sold almost as a mmo beat-em-up with real time fights relying on your ability to pull off special moves etc. This was watered down to the point of a combo system that for the most part is as boring as clicking your abilities in WoW only that in AoC you get to click the button then pull off the combo. It's like playing my 2 year old daughters leap-pad system. Fix it.

    Was sadly not asked.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    We'd immediately double the amount of players...
    Slabbathepave 13 years ago

    I think you and i should tag team it. you hold it down whilst i stick the boot in.
    sambo_nz 13 years ago
    Super Moderating Hero = Super Censoring Fluffy Everything's Great Morrison's Terms Were Positive Questions Answered Only Hero
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    I thought my question was nicely posed, not rude and something many people would be interested in hearing the answer to...

    "Can I have my money back?"

    See, nicely posed, not rude and worthy of discussion.
    spimmy 13 years ago
    its sad they are only asking pro aoc questions :/
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    You should have a fight with it.
    Slabbathepave 13 years ago
    so far the answers mean (to me)

    Dont play me yet i am still only half baked, i will be half baked into 2009 and i am not likely to be a complete game until nearly 2 years after my release date and we started taking your money.

    A fail so large that even my usually unbias and open mind wants to individually slap all Funcom employees. A real shame too...i really want AoC to be good.
    Benno 13 years ago
    morrison socks?
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    I know...

    What's even more interesting is that most of the people asking the questions have no previous forum posts or article comments...

    spimmy 13 years ago
    :( they ignore all anti aoc questions :(
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    This isn't at all painful to watch.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    I was waiting for iokthemonkey to show AoC messed you up baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. You should have a fight with it.


    Yeah, because reading the above posts, I'm obviously the only person who thinks AoC wasn't a good game... /eyes
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Poor mod. It looks like nobody is asking any questions. Or nice questions, anyway...
    Slabbathepave 13 years ago
    I was waiting for iokthemonkey to show AoC messed you up baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. You should have a fight with it.
    iokthemonkey 13 years ago
    Who do I speak to to get a refund?
    DFawkes 13 years ago
    Is "Why is WoW so much better than AoC" a valid question?

    Why don't you ask him yourself that one, Benno? I have for you anyway (in a more diplomatic tone though).
    Entity 13 years ago
    Need someone to write a CV?
    Chufty 13 years ago
    Do people still play this game?
    Benno 13 years ago
    How can you be working on an expansion pack, when the core game is so broken?

    Ask him that