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"If I'm not careful I could break into tears."

Eurogamer: What games have you played over the course of Fable III's development that struck a chord?

Peter Molyneux: Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. I thought the co-op in that was cool, man. I thought it was great. That's a great game about accessibility. They didn't do what would be the obvious thing, which is, you're playing co-op, you get your head bitten off by a zombie, you have to wait until the next safe house. Instead they built the regeneration system. They actually really cared about it. You can find the pack and regenerate someone. Great. Fantastic. Loved that.

Uncharted 2: wow! That took me by surprise at Christmas. The quality of that game, their acting... For the first time in a computer game, I really wanted to find out what happened next in the story. I thought it was good to great, that story, and the characterisation and the voice acting.

We still haven't in Fable III even now because we're not mo-capping, got the same performance level a lot of those titles have.

Heavy Rain was amazing. Just the sheer number of outcomes they had in their game was amazing. There were some moments that were great emotional highpoints. The kid in the shopping arcade with the balloon - so super smart to do. The crawling over the glass, even though I knew it was just a character, I felt I was crawling over glass. That was cool.

I know this is going to sound like a strange one - the racing line on Forza was great. That racing line - I suddenly realised, this is why I only play racing games for 15 minutes. It's because most racing games I play, they think I know how to turn a car. I don't. I only realised that when I first got that racing game. It made me feel smarter.

So, just a tonne of games.

Eurogamer: You still get time to play games then?

Peter Molyneux: I play games all the time.

Eurogamer: How do you fit it all in? You must be an insanely busy man.


Peter Molyneux: A lot of it is thanks to portable stuff. A lot of the games I enjoyed in the last year have been on the iPhone. I've played a hell of a lot of iPhone, now iPad games. I can play and smoke cigarettes at the same time.

I have, honestly, played a mobile game while driving my car. That is seriously hardcore. I have been addicted. The first time I did that was with Advance Wars on the DS.

Eurogamer: That's a great game.

Peter Molyneux: It is. Just driving with your knees and just taking one move. In your mind you're balancing crashing or making the wrong move. Hmm. I definitely don't want to make the wrong move!

And, the last thing is that I have a son who loves to play computer games, and that helps a hell of a lot.

Eurogamer: A lot of people at Develop have advised against getting into triple-A development.

Peter Molyneux: Yeah. Now our budgets are in the tens of millions, that advice would be good. Constantly in our industry we think we're unique. We're not. This happened when TV came along, and there was film.

I bet you there were people in a conference in the 1950s, saying exactly the same thing. Film is dead. The cinemas are all going to close. TV is where it all is.

I bet you people were saying, 'Oh don't go make a film now, it would be a disaster.' Guess what? There was a little bit of jiggling around for a few years, and now you've got TV - it's fantastic, and sh*t. And you've got film, which is fantastic and sh*t. You've got both and they live together. That's exactly where we're going to come in.


You've got this new thing on the block and it is this multitude of platforms. We used to have very clear platforms. It used to be whatever Microsoft had, whatever Nintendo had, and whatever Sony had. That was it.

Then slowly, over the last five years, there's been an invasion of handheld, the invasion of Apple, the invasion of Facebook, and the real and credible force that Zynga has become, which has given us this multitude of platforms.

Film does this very well. They don't just do a film. They do the merchandising, the books. They try and make it a big event. That's where we're going to end up.

If you think the production quality on these things [points to iPhone and iPad] is going to stay still, and not climb up through the millions, you're wrong. It's going to happen so fast. We're just one or two successful games or franchises away from consumers turning around and saying, 'I don't want to play that crappy looking thing. I want to play this shiny thing.' That's what's going to happen.

The power under the hood of these things is climbing on a daily basis. The iPhone, if you look at what's happened over the last two or three years, it's doubled in power and performance. Soon it'll get to the stage where you can do really quite cool stuff. Really quite cool stuff costs a lot of money.

There is a window of opportunity on handheld and on these other platforms, which is going to get narrower because the costs are going to go up. That's my insanely childish view of it, anyway.

Peter Molyneux is the head of Lionhead Studios. Fable III will be released on 26th October, simultaneously for Xbox 360 and PC.

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