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Guerrilla Games' Steven Ter Heide.

Eurogamer: You also talked about how much more the environments will vary in Killzone 3, because although Killzone 2 did have some variation, it was largely uniform in that sort of devastated, urban way. The stuff we've seen today is quite similar, quite bleak with the trademark washed out greys and stark reds and yellows. Will we find ourselves in completely different environments at all? Surrounded by lush vegetation?

Steven Ter Heide: Absolutely. The idea is that, not even going from level to level, but within individual levels, we'll be switching it up a lot more. I wouldn't say we'll be introducing a lot of colour because that's never been what Killzone is about, we've got this very distinct look, but we do want to get a lot more variety in the environments - so, different colour schemes, different things going on, throughout the game. Right at the beginning of the game, if you remember how Killzone 2 finished, on the steps of the Palace with the cruiser coming in, that's exactly where this game begins. It's completely seamless and continues on - so it starts in that nuked urban environment, the environments you played in Killzone 2, but since the bomb went off everything's changed. Then you're taken off on a journey, across the entire planet, basically.

Eurogamer: Was 3D always part of the plan?


Steven Ter Heide: Absolutely. The first thing we looked at was whether it was just a gimmick or if it would actually offer something different. So we implemented it and looked at it, and for me, I can't go back. We know it's not going to be for everyone, because not everyone's going to have a 3D set at the time, but I do think that in terms of gameplay it offers something different, something new, because you do have that sense of immersion, you're drawn into that world. You're able to read the gameplay a lot better, for FPS obviously the world is very detailed and there's lots going on so you can look around corners etc. But also for things like racing games, Motorstorm is coming out in 3D, you can read the road a lot better and, something that I never personally liked is being inside the car, but now I can actually inside the car and drive, so I think it really adds to the gameplay as well.

Eurogamer: So talking about immersion, can you tell us anything about Move? Will there be Move aspects to Killzone 3? Is it compatible?

Steven Ter Heide: We really like Move as a platform, but we're not talking about any of that stuff today.

Eurogamer: What about the characters? Everything we've seen today has been in Sev's shoes, is the whole game going to be played from his perspective?

Steven Ter Heide: Absolutely, yes.

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