We're going to be interviewing Avalanche Studios' game director Magnus Nedfors on the phone today about Just Cause 2.

But with the game out tomorrow and reviewed elsewhere on the site, where it picked up 8/10, we thought we'd hand over interviewing duties to you on this one.

Input your questions above and we'll put them to the developer later. Then when we bring you the answers tomorrow, we'll make sure we credit you for the questions, so you'll get your name in lights. We'll also tell the developer who asked what, so the sillier your handle the better.

Got anything burning to ask them? Log in and post your questions. Thanks!

Our live coverage of this event has finished


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    Skurmedel 9 years ago
    Where is the transcrippppt :)
    DavidF 9 years ago
    Bertie, I'm sorry, but I am new to this place, could you possibly PM me a link when the article is up?
    peteb 9 years ago
    Nope, thats GMT! Its already unlocked in the states.

    I'm in CET, so its 8PM for me. :(

    Seems its been changed now to say 5 hours left. Yay
    Skurmedel 9 years ago
    7 pm tomorrow night,... ... ... unsettling. That must be in US time I hope? Because I'm thinking of getting it tomorrow and I'm most likely in your time zone.
    peteb 9 years ago
    Bought the disc version of the game yesterday at a local shop, and steam wont let me install it at all as "it has not yet been released". According to steam it is released at 7pm tomorrow night. So cant install it til then!
    Slipstream 9 years ago
    Hey, pete, in what way is the game unlocked? as in it's unplayable?

    Also, the game should officially be unlocked at 12am as it's the day of release and totally within it's official release phase, can even be sold then.
    peteb 9 years ago
    There I was, writing my little heart out, and its been closed for aaaaaaaaaaages, haha. Oh well. Can you ask them to unlock the damn game before 7pm tomorrow too, if you get a chance...
    Slipstream 9 years ago
    Ahh nice, I'm wondering if my last barrage of questions were a tad late hahaha.
    Bertie 9 years ago
    The interview has finished! It's a biggun. Thank you very much to all who submitted questions, Magnus was very appreciative. Look for the full transcript tomorrow.
    Bertie 9 years ago
    Recorded and then posted - I wish my fingers were fast enough to do it on the hop!

    Lovely questions so far. Should be able to get through lots more than normal. Do keep them coming even after 2.30pm. Try and make me laugh! :)
    Skurmedel 9 years ago
    el_pollo_diablo: Hehe, I have a priority question as well, truly earth shattering stuff. Let's hope the EG overlords ask them.
    DavidF 9 years ago
    I'm slightely confused, do we get to listen to it live, or will it be recorded then posted? Or both?
    el_pollo_diablo 9 years ago
    I've just asked the greatest and most important question in history. If it doesn't make it through the vetting process then quite frankly I'll be astonished.
    vegard 9 years ago
    maybe i should try posting my question in the right place
    shikz 9 years ago
    what time will we see replys to our questions please guys ? :)
    Bertie 9 years ago
    Please all do note that there is a character limit on questions! Try to keep them to the point if you can, or I may not see the question in your question at all.

    Thank you for the pile of questions so far! They're great!
    Bertie 9 years ago
    I will do!
    DavidF 9 years ago
    I added my questions, Robert, could you possible PM me what I wrote? It is cut off at "VIA COM", I was going to post what I asked in another forums.
    Anthony_UK 9 years ago