Hitman 3 case file location and how to find the Dartmoor safe code explained

How to complete the second objective in the Dartmoor level.

Hitman 3's find the case file is a secondary objective in the Dartmoor area of the game.

As well as being tasked to eliminate Alexa Carlisle, you must find the case file - an item which you are given no clues as to its whereabouts from the outset.

You'll soon learn it is hidden within a safe - which itself requires a puzzle to find out the code.

This page explains the ways to find the case file, as well as acquiring the Dartmoor safe code.

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The case file in Hitman 3's Dartmoor level explained

Finding the case file is a required objective to completing Dartmoor in Hitman 3. The two easiest ways to get it are:

  • Completing the Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission and solving the murder mystery
  • Stealing the case file directly from the safe in Alexa Carlisle's office

The easiest and most satisfying is by solving the murder mystery as part of the Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission. Though longer winded, it's an excellent introduction to the Dartmoor level, the Carlisle family, as well as being an interesting story in its own right.


There are multiple outcomes to the Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission, depending on how many clues you find and the conclusion you wish to reach, but each one ends the same way - by Alexa Carlisle thanking you for solving the mystery by offering the case file as a reward. With Alexa Carlisle on the balcony and alone, it's also an easy way to eliminate her at the same time - allowing you to tick off both objectives at once.

Another method is stealing the case file directly from the safe in Alexa Carlisle's office. This is far quicker - useful for faster runs, or if you opt to go for another story mission or method of eliminating Alexa Carlisle - but is a little more challenging to pull off.

How to find the case file location in Hitman 3

If you want to go straight to the case file location in Hitman 3, then you must find Alexa Carlisle's office.

This is found on the third floor of the mansion. There are couple of ways to get there, including climbing up the outside of the mansion, but perhaps the most direct is going to the east side of the second floor, where there is a stairwell you can take up, then going past the bodyguards and taking the right door to the office.


Of course, you'll need a bodyguard disguise to get past the bodyguards at the top of the stairs. The easiest method way to get one is to go up the stairs in the library, then go north into the corridor. Here, a bodyguard and a maid will flirt against the wall; approaching will spook them, and the bodyguard will go through the door to the outside balcony. You are safe here to take down the bodyguard and take the costume without noticing.


Whichever way you get into the office, you must then press the switch on the arm of the chair, moving the nearby painting to reveal the safe. Now it's a case of entering in the safe code.


You can see all of the above in action in the following video:

Easy way to get the case file and open the Dartmoor safe in Hitman 3

Note on exploring the office before we continue - it is significantly more difficult to roam around while Alexa Carlisle and her bodyguards are in the office. If she is there as you arrive, it's recommended you head to the upper floor of the office, or into the secret passage behind the hidden room to the side, where you can safely wait until her and the group disappear.


How to get the Dartmoor safe code in Hitman 3

Now you have entered the office, activated the desk chair button and revealed the safe behind the painting, you now need to enter the safe code.

(The end of this section reveals the safe code in full, but it's more enjoyable to work out how to discover it yourself.)

As mentioned in-game, there is a clue here to help you just above the safe itself - four symbols of a clock, telescope, fire and moose head.


These match four items in the office, which can be found as follows:

  • Clock: Look under the stairs to find the clock. There is a number underneath it.
  • Telescope: Go upstairs and walk to the east side, where there is a telescope by the window. There is a number on the wall next to the telescope.
  • Fire: Head to the fireplace, and look on the back wall for a number.
  • Moose head: This can be found above the main door into the office. Stand back far enough to see a number just above it.

With these four numbers combined in that order, you get the safe code...

...which is 1975.


Enter it into the safe, and the case file is yours.

With that in hand, now eliminate Alexa Carlisle however you choose, and exit the area to complete the mission.

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