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Bungie jumps in for the fourth time.

Eurogamer: Would that surprise come in the form of downloadable content?

Brian Jarrard: Umm...

Luke Smith: We don't really want to talk about that yet.

Brian Jarrard: Let's just stay right there, but there might be a connection there to be made a little bit later.

Eurogamer: You've confirmed there will be new multiplayer maps. Will there be any new multiplayer modes?

Brian Jarrard: Umm...

Luke Smith: For the purposes of this [interview], we're really just focusing on the campaign stuff.

Brian Jarrard: I can tell you that even before this product's released in the Fall, we do have a Mythic map pack that's coming out early next year. There hasn't been an exact release date set for that. The Halo 3 Recon retail pack will continue to expand, and I think enhance, people's multiplayer experiences.

Eurogamer: Have you settled on a price for Recon?

Brian Jarrard: We haven't. Ultimately it won't be down to us to settle on that, it will be something Microsoft determines. Hopefully it should represent a really compelling value for our fans, but it's not a full-game release as far as we're concerned.

Eurogamer: Speaking as Bungie, though, what kind of price point would you prefer?

Brian Jarrard: It's probably too premature to say. Hopefully a fair value for the amount of content and gameplay we'll be offering.

Luke Smith: We want to get it into as many people's hands as we can.


Eurogamer: What about, say, 20 dollars? What would you say to that?

Brian Jarrard: Right now three maps are selling on Xbox Live for 10 dollars, and this is certainly a lot more value than six maps, but it's really hard to say. I don't feel comfortable trying to quantify that.

Eurogamer: 11 dollars?

Brian Jarrard: What?

Eurogamer: 12 dollars? Just say higher or lower if you like.

Luke Smith: What is this, the Price is Right?

Brian Jarrard: Don't sell us too short there.

Luke Smith: Yeah, easy, 11 dollars? What?

Eurogamer: Well, you know. What with the economic crisis even the price of horse armour's down these days. So will it be available for download as well as in boxed copy form?


Brian Jarrard: It's definitely going to be a retail product. I'm not aware right now of any plans to make it available as downloadable content, not to say that couldn't happen down the road.

Eurogamer: I read in the press release there's going to be an increased focus on "stealth and cunning".

Luke Smith: Hahahahaha.

Brian Jarrard: Hmm. I saw that line. It's not to be confused with the stealth genre. This is certainly not a Splinter Cell; this is definitely Halo.

Luke Smith: Hahahahaha.

Brian Jarrard: I believe what that particular release is getting at, is playing as an ODST rather than an indestructible Master Chief super-soldier, there will be some different tactics to employ. It will feel familiar, but it is going to be a different gameplay experience.

Luke Smith: Hahahahaha.

Eurogamer: Why is that so funny?

Luke Smith: We've had this discussion before, so it's just funny that you picked up on it. We said the same thing you said, probably, when we read it, which was, 'Whoah, it sounds a bit Splinter Cell.'

Brian Jarrard: The word 'stealth' terrifies us.

Eurogamer: Stealth just seems a bit nineties, doesn't it?

Brian Jarrard: I think the trailer alludes to a little bit of what players can expect. You saw the ODST getting out of a pod in a Covenant-occupied city, so the odds are very much against you, and you're not a Spartan super-soldier - you're just a regular guy with some cool armour and the will to live and fight. So it is going to make players think a little differently about how they approach the combat encounters, but I certainly wouldn't call it a stealth game.

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