GTA 5 Spaceship Parts locations and rewards

Can you see any strange lights in the sky?

Finding GTA 5 Spaceship Parts is a late game series of collectables as part of the Strangers and Freaks mission set.

The Far Out mission is no different comes into play later in the game when Franklin meets with Omega, a tin-foil hat-wearing alien seeker, who believes alien spaceship parts are strewn across all of Los Santos.

Our spaceship part locations are separated by the region. There will be some in downtown Los Santos, in the various mountain ranges, in bodies of water, and in the desert. Though there is no set order to find these parts, this page will follow the most logical path.

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How the Far Out mission and spaceship parts work in GTA 5

Far Out becomes available right after completing Michael's mission Fame or Shame, where a question mark will appear in the eastern part of Sandy Shore.

Once there, Franklin meets Omega, an alien truther, who believes parts from a broken alien spaceship are strewn across all of Los Santos. To complete this Strangers and Freaks side mission, you must find all 50 spaceship parts.


Though some these parts are straightforward, others take some more effort to collect. As a helpful hint, as you get closer to a spaceship part, you can hear a low humming sound that gets louder as you get closer.

Note - you don't have to use Franklin to find all the parts, as both Trevor and Michael can help collect these pieces.


Once done, return to Omega to receive your spaceship parts reward - explained in full at the end of this page.

Los Santos spaceship part locations in GTA 5

The spaceship parts are scattered across the world of GTA 5 and, below, you can find all of parts located in Los Santos.

Spaceship Part 1 location - Los Santos International Airport

To find this spaceship part, you will need to make your way to the Los Santos International Airport. There is a service road that goes between the ocean and the airport.


Once you find this service road, follow it to the bottom of the airport. You will need to enter the secured area by walking through the gate. This will automatically trigger a 1-star rating, and the police will soon be at your location. Quickly grab the part and ditch the police.


Spaceship Part 2 location - Port of South Los Santos - Los Santos Naval Port

To find this spaceship part, you must travel to Elysian Island in the Port of South Los Santos.


Merryweather controls this area, so you have to be careful not to draw them to your presence. Head to the Los Santos Naval Port/Pier 45, just to the west of Terminal, and drive to the end of the road on the east side of the warehouse building. Dive into the water and locate the debris littering the ocean floor. The part will be underneath some large iron beams.


Spaceship Part 3 location - Elysian Island - Gas Domes

This spaceship part is located on Elysian Island.


Head west across the bridge from the Naval Port, and you will immediately see two large, dome-shaped gas holders. Park your car at the foot of the holders and go up the long flight of stairs. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you can climb to the top of one of the domes. Make your way to the middle and take the spaceship part there.


Spaceship Part 4 location - South Los Santos, Rancho Towers

To find this spaceship part, head to the Rancho neighbourhood in South Los Santos.


There you will see a tall art installation called the Rancho Towers. Enter the gate surrounding the Towers, and you will find the spaceship part on a stone bench near a sculpture.


Spaceship Part 5 location - El Burro Heights, Beach Grate

This spaceship part can be found in the El Burro Heights neighbourhood east of Rancho and north of Terminal.


Head towards the ocean and drive along the beach. There will be a large grate south of the freeway before you reach the hills further east. Here, you will find the part at the grate's entrance. You'll see graffiti spelling out "Vagos" behind the grate.


Spaceship Part 6 location - Southern Island/Pacific Ocean

This spaceship part is located on a small island to the southeast of the large grate.


Drive along the beach towards the second island from the left. Leave your car and swim to the island. Once you are on the rocks, you will be able to see the part.


Spaceship Part 7 location - Murrieta Oil Fields

This spaceship part can be found in the Murrieta Oil Fields in the easternmost part of El Burro Heights near the Palomino Highlands.


There are a few windy roads to get you there but head to the back of the oil fields once you arrive at the facility. The part will be in a green shipping container.


Spaceship Part 8 location - Davis, Davis Medical Center

This part can be found on the rooftop helipad of the Davis Medical Center.


You won't need a helicopter to reach the roof because there is a ladder on the west side of the building that will take you up.


Spaceship Part 9 location - Strawberry, Freeway/Homeless Encampment

To find this part, you have to go under the major freeway in the Strawberry neighbourhood.


This neighbourhood is in the central part of the city. Once there, you will find a homeless encampment. Search around the area, and you will find the part in front of an old couch.


Spaceship Part 10 location - Murrieta Heights Water Facility

This part is located at the Murrieta Heights Water Facility in Murrieta Heights.


Travel east along the freeway towards Palomino Highlands to get to the location. The facility has a small dam with an iron walkway. Walk along the walkway, and you will find the part in the middle.


Spaceship Part 11 location - Vespucci, Vespucci Canals

This part is located in the Vespucci Canals on Palomino Avenue.


Head to the west side of Los Santos, north of the Los Santos Airport. Locate the Liquor Hole store and walk around the back. Go up the set of ladders to find the part in between two billboards.


Spaceship Part 12 location - Downtown, Simmet Alley Market

To find this spaceship part, head to the Simmet Alley Market in Textile City.


There will be a large banner marking the alley. Go down the alley until you pass the Snd. Textile shop and turn right immediately. The part will be near the back wall.


Spaceship Part 13 location - Downtown, Penris Building Rooftop

This spaceship part is located on the rooftop of the Penris building.


You will need either a blimp or a helicopter to reach it. Fly to the Penris building and land on the roof. The part will be easy to spot.


Spaceship Part 14 location - Downtown, Underground Tram Station

This spaceship part is located underground and can only be accessed going through by the tram line.


This area will be familiar because it is the same area you ride through during the Jewelry Heist. There are two ways to enter this area. You can enter the way you did during the Jewelry Heist (through the tunnel from the freeway) or through a canal opening in the LS River/La Mesa. Either way, once you find the tram construction site, the part will be up the ramp.


Spaceship Part 15 location - Morningwood, Richards Majestic Movie Studio Backlot

This part is located in the backlot of the Richards Majestic movie studio in Rockford Hills.


Drive through the studio and make an immediate right after Stage 16. Go up the stairs to the left and climb the wall. The part will be on the ground.


Spaceship Part 16 location - Vinewood, Rockford Plaza Island

This part is located at the Rockford Plaza parking structure island in Burton.


Drive under the structure and up and around to get to the island. You will find the part in the grassy patch.


Spaceship Part 17 location - Vinewood, Rooftop Pool

To get to this part, you will need a helicopter or a blimp.


Once you have a vehicle, land at the very top of the building near the empty swimming pool. The part will be in the middle of the pool.


Spaceship Part 18 location - Richman, Los Santos Golf Club

This part can be found at the Los Santos Golf Club in the Rockford Hills/Richman area.


Drive to the gold course and drive onto the grounds. The part will be in the middle of a small lake feature near the road.


Los Santos County spaceship part locations in GTA 5

Once you've finished collecting spaceship parts in the city of Los Santos, it's time to explore Los Santos County! Below you can find all of the spaceship part locations for Los Santos County in GTA 5 to give you a helping hand.

Spaceship Part 19 location - Tataviam Mountains, Land Act Reservoir/Dam

This part is located at the Land Act Reservoir in the Tatavium Mountains.


Make your way to the southwest part of the reservoir near the dam, and walk down the stairs to the dock. Jump into the water and swim under the dock. You will find the part there.


Spaceship Part 20 location - Tataviam Mountains, Land Act Reservoir Dam Pipes

From the part 19 location, drive north along the dirt road to the upper northwest part of the Land Act Reservoir.


Find the four large pipes that lead down to a muddy, sandy area, and you will find the spaceship part at the mouth of one of the pipes.


Spaceship Part 21 location - Tataviam Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Alcove

This part can be found in a small alcove along the Pacific Ocean near the Tatavium Mountains.


From the part 20 location, head east towards the ocean. From there, you will see a landmass jutting out into the sea, forming a natural arch. Go to the north side of the arch, and you will find the part in a small alcove.


Spaceship Part 22 location - Vinewood Lake, South Dam

This spaceship part can be found in Vinewood Lake in Vinewood Hills.


Drive to the southern part of the lake near the dam. Dive into the water and swim downwards towards the base of the dam. You will find the part near a metal structure.


Spaceship Part 23 location - Vinewood Lake, Lake Tower

This part is located on the eastern side of Vinewood Lake.


To get to this part, you might need a blimp or a helicopter, or if you use a motorcycle to help you climb the tower. Either way, make your way to the tower behind a gate. The part will be on the roof.


Spaceship Part 24 location - Vinewood Hills, Galileo Observatory

This spaceship part is located at Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills.


Once you get to the observatory, go to the left side and go up the stairs. The part is on the ground to the right.


Spaceship Part 25 location - Vinewood Hills, Parsons Rehabilitation Center

This part is located at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center in Richman Glen.


Once you're at the rehabilitation centre, enter through the gate and head towards the large tree in the parking lot on the right side of the center. The part is on the ground near the trunk.


Spaceship Part 26 location - Tongva Hills, Central

This spaceship part is located in the heart of the Tongva Hills.


Follow the creek west until you see a small cave covered with brush. The part will be at the entrance.


Spaceship Part 27 location - Banham Canyon, House

Go west along Banham Canyon Drive or north along the Great Ocean Highway to get to this spaceship part.


There will be a lone house on the hill. Go around the back of the house, and you will see a telescope. The part will be next to it.


Spaceship Part 28 location - Tongva Hills, Marlowe Vineyard

You can find this spaceship part in Marlowe Vineyard in northern Tongva Hills.


The part is south of the main vineyard building near the top of the hill. You will find it in the middle of a long row of vines.


Spaceship Part 29 location - Tongva Valley Waterfall

This spaceship part is located underwater near a small waterfall in the Tongva Valley.


The waterfall is located east of Marlowe Vineward and underneath Zancudo Barranca road. Once in the water, dive down and pick up the part. You might have some trouble fighting against the current, but you can quickly grab this part with no problems.


Spaceship Part 30 location - Great Chaparral, Farmhouse

This part is located at an abandoned farm in Great Chaparral, in the southwest part of the Grand Senora Desert.


Once you find the farmhouse, look for an old house with a collapsed roof. The part will be on the porch.


Spaceship Part 31 location - Great Chaparral, Mount Haan

You can find this spaceship part at the base of Mount Haan in the southern part of the Grand Senora Desert.


Travel through the dirt roads surrounding Mount Haan, and you will find the part just a little off the road.


Spaceship Part 32 location - Great Chaparral, Bolingbroke

This part is located at a house southwest of Bolingbroke Penitentiary.


There is a large banner over the house that says, "Welcome Aliens." Depending on the time of day, there is a chance of seeing three ladies sitting around the part. Either way, the part is by the three chairs.


Blaine County spaceship part locations in GTA 5

Blaine County is the third region you'll need to visit to collect spaceship parts in GTA 5 and, below, you'll find all of the locations for these part in this locations.

Spaceship Part 33 location - San Chianski Mountain Range, Cave

You can find this part in a large cave along the Pacific Ocean in the southernmost part of the San Chianski Mountain Range.


Head towards the ocean, past the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. There you will find a cave with some jet skis and possibly a boat or two. Dive into the water and swim towards the right side of the cave. The part will be there.


Spaceship Part 34 location - San Chianski Mountain Range, Boathouse

This part is located in a boathouse in the San Chianski Mountain Range.


Head north towards Grapeseed and then head east towards the ocean. The boathouse is located in a cul-de-sac, and the part is by the boat.


Spaceship Part 35 location - Sandy Shores, Alien Playground

You can find this spaceship part at an alien playground in the Senora National Park in Sandy Shores.


Go up the painted hill, and the part will be near the top.


Spaceship Part 36 location - Sandy Shores, Tremor's Rock

This part is located in a rock formation in Sandy Shores called Tremor's Rock.


Ride up to the formation, and you will find the part near the top.


Spaceship Part 37 location - Sandy Shores, Satellite Dish

This part is located by a satellite dish in Sandy Shores.


Drive to the satellite dishes and go to the first dish on the left. Go up the small staircase, and you will find the part there.


Spaceship Part 38 location - Sandy Shores, Alamo Sea

To find this spaceship part, go to the Alamo Sea in Sandy Shores.


Find the diner and park to the left of it. Dive into the water and swim out towards the sea, and you will find the part on the ground.


Spaceship Part 39 location - Sandy Shores, Yacht

This part can be found in the Grand Senora Desert in the Harmony area.


Go southwest of Sandy Shores Airfield, and you will find a group of three buildings. The part is located under a large white and blue yacht.


Spaceship Part 40 location - Zancudo River East

This part can be found along the bank of the Zancudo River in between Harmony and Mount Josiah.


Follow the river, and you will find a large cut bank. The part is located on the ground.


Spaceship Part 41 location - Zancudo River South, Bridge

This part is located along the Zancudo River south of part 40 and due west of Harmony.


Go west along the river towards Fort Zancudo. There will be an old stone bridge, and the part will be located beneath it.


Spaceship Part 42 location - Mount Josiah

You can find this part on the eastern side of Mount Josiah.


You might need a helicopter or a blimp to reach this part, but it is possible to get there by foot. If you go by helicopter or blimp, you will need to land above the part and head down as this part is on a narrow slope.


Spaceship Part 43 location - Ranton Canyon, Cassidy Creek

This part is located on a small island, under Calafia Bridge, in Cassidy Creek.


Drive north along the road until you get to the bridge, then head down and swim towards the island. You will find the part there. You can also fly to this part if it's more convenient.


Spaceship Part 44 location - Ranton Canyon, Bridge Buttresses

You can find this spaceship part along the buttresses of the Ranton Canyon Bridge near North Chumash.


There are a few ways to get this spaceship part:

  • Fly a helicopter over the bridge and parachute to the support beam. This will take some timing and patience.
  • Land a Buzzard helicopter along the support beam. Timing and patience are also involved here.
  • Ride a motorcycle off a ramp and onto the support beam using Franklin's special ability. You can gather speed along the dirt road to the east of the bridge.
  • Take an HVY Dump truck from the Davis Quartz quarry and drive it to the bridge. Then drive it down to the base of the bridge and park it so that you can climb the truck and then climb onto the beam.

Spaceship Part 45 location - Paleto Bay, Peninsula

This spaceship part is located on a small peninsula west of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and north of the docks.


Go to the centre of the landmass, and you will find the part there.


Spaceship Part 46 location - Paleto Bay, Forest Pipe

This part is located in Paleto Forest, just off the main highway.


You'll see a small dry creek heading towards the highway. Run up the creek, and you will see a concrete bridge. The part is under the bridge.


Spaceship Part 47 location - Paleto Bay, Fire Training Building

This part is located in a fire training building in Paleto Bay.


Head to the fire station and park your vehicle. Enter on the right side of the station, and you will see the tower. Go up the stairs to the third floor, and the part will be there.


Spaceship Part 48 location - Paleto Bay, Barn

You can find this spaceship part at Donkey Punch Family Farm in northern Paleto Bay.


Head north from Paleto Bay, and you will see a farm. Drive towards the farm and locate the barn. The part will be at the back of the barn.


Spaceship Part 49 location - Mount Chiliad, Marijuana Farm

This spaceship part can be found on a marijuana farm near Braddock Pass and north of Grapeseed.


Take the road that leads to the farm and locate a rundown farmhouse. The part will be on the ground.


Spaceship Part 50 location - Grapeseed, Cow Field

This part is located in a cow field in central Grapeseed.


Once you arrive at the cow field, you will find the part on the ground.


If you're looking for help with GTA 5 story missions, learn the different outcomes in The Jewel Store Job, The Merryweather Heist, The Big Score and final mission Deathwish. For hijinks out in the open world, there are Strangers and Freaks missions, the military base and spaceship parts to find. Want to explore more beyond the main game? Then play around with GTA 5 cheats, money and stock market and GTA 5 mods.

GTA 5 spaceship parts reward, the spaceship car, explained

After you have found all 50 spaceship parts, meet with Omega again. He takes all the parts and constructs a miniature spaceship.

This is your spaceship parts reward for completing Far Out - Tron-inspired off-road vehicle, the Space Docker. It's one of the better-looking vehicles in the game, with its glowing lights and classic science fiction sounds.


You will also earn the achievement "From Beyond the Stars."


Good luck finding all the spaceship parts, and enjoy your new ride when you do so!

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