Far Cry 2 LiveText interview

The game's producer answers your questions.

We're all terribly excited about Far Cry 2 and its open-world approach, and its malaria, and its African setting, and its guns, and its graphics, and its burning villages, and its this and its that. But we want to know more.

So it was rather lucky that producer Louis-Pierre Pharand agreed to answer your questions about the game LIVE on Eurogamer, then. Here's what he had to say.

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Moderating Hero: Louis-Pierre is online and we're off! First thing, Louis-Pierre, can you give everyone a quick summary of who you are and what you do on Far Cry 2?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: I'm the producer of Far Cry 2. Before joining Ubisoft, I was at EA working on the James Bond series and Medal of Honor series.

My job is mainly making sure we ship a kick ass game on time that respects our original goals.

I managed a big team of 175+: engineers, artists, designers, etc... Basically, it's like being a coach and general manager of a sports team!

But I don't put the ball in the net - my guys do it!


Everyone is "Crying" out for a decent first person shooter (sorry about the pun) to compete and beat the Call of Duty experience, especially when it comes to online gaming.

What multiplayer features are going to make people buy this game more than any other FPS out there?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Call of Duty is a great game, I love it. Far Cry is a completely different shooter experience. You're not stuck in a corridor or in a confined space. We take full of advantage of the open feeling of Africa.

On the MP side in more details, we take all the SP features and integrate them in MP. Propagation of fire, destructibility, dynamism of vegetation, dynamic lighting systems, day-night cycles.

We also made sure to have the ability to use the vehicles (land and water). Plus all the tools and ingredients are there to allow gamers to be extremely creative in their approaches.

I missed the Map Editor. That just a crazy mad tool for everyone to create their own maps, to share them and to brag about how good they are!


Moderating Hero: What sort of multiplayer modes will there be?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Four modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond (like Capture the Flag), and Uprising, a modified version of a VIP.


Fifty square kilometers of open terrain to play about with is really quite expansive, even by normal sandbox standards. Will enemy AI play a role in making this more interesting? For example, can players expect to see frequent enemy patrols of the game world to keep things interesting? Would this be one of the AI's behaviours?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Definitely; Patrols, checkpoints, multiple locations and exploration rewards. The world is not empty at all, but full of action. When you get chased by sometimes one, two, three, or even four vehicles it's just insane.


Is there going to be any levelling up involved in the MP experience, like there is in CoD4?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: We decided that all persistent stats will occur within a match or a defined series of matches. That way, gamers will have a taste of all our great guns quickly. You will upgrade within classes and it will allow you to be more tactical in your progression depending of the type of maps you play.


How destructive can you be? With the likes of Mercenaries 2, Red Faction (and Battlefield: Bad Company to a lesser extent), people are getting a taste for blowing holes in things. What kind of scope are we going to get in this?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Pretty much everything that looks destructible will be destructible. Ranging from tree branches to buildings. Fire plays a major part in the game and is a key element of Far Cry 2. The fire will propagate to anything that should catch fire. However, big structures will not be destructible.


Judging by the vast number of FPS games out there (and I've played most of them) we are as gamers obsessed with being an all action hero, invariably a white guy with enormous arms and special forces training. What separates your protagonist from the legions of other gun wielding killing machines that have gone before? Is there a story investment at all or is it really just about getting the "30 seconds of fun" element right sufficiently to keep people playing?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: We have a deep and immersive story that will take you through the action. You have the freedom of your progression, and consequences to your actions. It's not just shoot, shoot, shoot. Playing Far Cry 2 is an experience, not duck hunt. But do expect loads of action.


Can you give us normal human beings a semi honest answer about the differences between the console and PC versions, should i really go out and upgrade my PC to enjoy this game at its best or will it still be just as much fun on a console?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: First: our PC version is totally badass, and so are the consoles. We have put so much effort in making the games outstanding on all platforms (meaning great visual quality and great frame rate). But it's up to the investment you want to put in, and to the fact that are you a PC shooter fan or console shooter fan? The bottom line is that they are both of extreme quality.

I'm not too shy to say that no one else can deliver what will in a few weeks on PC and consoles: 50 square kilometers of open world, no loading, and sick graphics.


The map editor looks cracking. How complicated is it and will there be user guides for it. Will it be possible to use the maps for multiplayer?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Yes the purpose of the map editor is to create MP maps. plus we made it extremely intuitive and accessible, so anyone can pick it up. Our goal was to make a tool so people can truly be creative and not be blocked by complicated tech.

We made one specifically for PC and one for the consoles. It's so different making maps with a mouse & keyboard than it is with a controller.


With the multiplayer, is there any kind of social networking features planned - especially with regard to user-created maps?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: All fan-generated content will have the ability to be rated by the community, and the cream will rise to the top. We will support that community and reward the best map makers.


Is it possible to run over small animals in this game? It needs to be realistic so you can run over a lion and break its legs off.

Louis-Pierre Pharand: OK... It's possible to run over the animals but there is no dismemberment.


Moderating Hero: Picking up on one of your last points: how will you reward the community map makers?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: We'll we want to make sure that the best map makers will get known and respected by their peers. Plus, we will want to meet those great map makers!


Hello, will Far Cry 2 have Trophies?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Yes and Achievements, of course.


Any chance of a demo before release?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: No demos will be available. It became too complex to do a demo of an openworld game. We decided to put those efforts in the game, so that everyone can enjoy a better and more polished experience.


Will there be bots to add for the user-made maps?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Nope, the maps can only be used in MP modes.


Will there be any DLC for Far Cry 2 and if so what kind of content are you planning/thinking about making.

Louis-Pierre Pharand: I can't say at this point. It's a secret!


Moderating Hero: What kind of vehicles are there in multiplayer? And could you tell us a bit more about that Uprising mode?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Jeeps, 4X4, big trucks, sedans, river and fishing boats, the glider, and more.

Uprising is mode where one player plays the VIP and the others need to protect him while capturing points. That's the short version. The long one, well, you'll have to play it!


Moderating Hero: Sorry, another one from me, but lots of people are asking: are you worried at all about the political situation in Africa and setting of Far Cry 2? Particularly the links to the diamond trade.

Louis-Pierre Pharand: NO. I believe it's about time developers didn't shy away from serious issues. Movies do it, why not games? We put extra effort in making a compelling experience with a deep and immersive story.


Roughly how long will the average person take to complete the game?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: If a gamer goes through the story path only using the fastest way, then about 20-30 hours.

Most players will take about 40-80 hours depending about the investment in side missions and exploration.

Game exhaustion is over 100 hours. That's not taking into account that it's impossible to play the game the same way twice, so replayability is huge!


Moderating Hero: Finally, Louis-Pierre, we ask all our interviewees this: what would you rather have, lasers for eyes, or be able to turn invisible? And why?

Louis-Pierre Pharand: That's a tough one. I would have lasers for eyes, although it would be very difficult to walk around Montreal in the summer time!


Moderating Hero: That's about it from us, Louis-Pierre. Thank you ever so much for answering our questions!

Louis-Pierre Pharand: Thanks to Eurogamer for putting this together [oh no really, it's nothing - Ed] and mostly to the Far Cry 2 fans.

The game is almost done and it's just freaking awesome! I hope all our fans will enjoy it. Thanks!

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    karstux 11 years ago
    He didn't really answer the question about the differences between PC and consoles. Obviously they'll be visually more or less equal, but what about interface and gameplay differences? GRAW for example was very different on both platforms and a better game for it. Oblivion and KotoR, on the other hand, are good examples for games that suffered terribly on the PC for having to put up with ugly and cumbersome console interfaces.

    So where does Far Cry 2 stand in that respect?
    dumboohr 11 years ago
    have far cry 2 an splitscreen mode?
    kingofbergamo 11 years ago
    Wow worth around 100 hrs of gameplay... lol
    BadBoyBonner 11 years ago


    There you go buddy saved you the hassle.
    Anthony_UK 11 years ago

    Thanks for that, that is exactly what I wanted to hear.

    /goes of to find vid
    darleysam 11 years ago
    Just ignore the comments about Halo 3 and CoD4. It's possible to enjoy them both, and neither one has anything to do with Far Cry 2 here.
    RatedRampage 11 years ago
    This is the best game ive ever seen im gonna uy it. And by the way halo has nothing to do with cod 4. its a unrealistic futuristic game u freaking fanboy.
    darleysam 11 years ago
    AnthonyUK, there was one video I saw a little while back where they demonstrated different tactics you can use. One such example was shooting a guy through the leg from range with a sniper rifle, so he couldn't walk. Then one of his friends comes to help drag him to cover, giving you a clearer shot at two guys instead of one.
    That might answer some of your question, at least.
    mexalen 11 years ago
    @darleysam: awesome question. It's great if EG is referenced within EG :)

    I am seriously starting to think about buying 'FarCry 2' the closer its release gets... This fall-season is going to kill me with its high-quality releases...
    Anthony_UK 11 years ago
    This game looks great, it really does.... But i've seen nothing to say that the bullet sponge enemies of the first game have dissapeared. I don't mind baddies taking a few shots to drop, but after the likes of COD4 I really can't be doing with no hit animations when your unloading a uzi at point blank........It really destroys the ilusion for me for than anything else, some guy just firing back at you regardless untill he's recieved the right amount of hits........
    Salizer1 11 years ago
    How are you dude ,
    I am sure you have spent much time on this game , especially at the first sight I saw something interesting it's the sniping shot in the first trailer , I made a quick preview about it in my language .
    but there's a missing one , or otherwise it's not developed , it's the bloody element , I am bloodthirsty hhahah I like the game including gore and blood element because it gives you a realistic touch ,
    what about this element , will you focus on it or you will do as Cod and MoH , the soldier is injured or even killed and there's no even one drop of blood poured out of him , even if I did a headshot nothing happen but soldiers fall dead..

    thank you for answering in advance ..
    HiFiHair 11 years ago
    Oblivion could have done with a hang glider come to think of it.

    And a shotgun.
    schlongbomb 11 years ago
    this sucks, i signed up today specifically for this bloody q and a session and they didnt even answer my inspiring question about animals on the map editor, im boycotting this website officially
    spuds to ya
    mikeck 11 years ago
    "Guys there's already a first person shooter that competes with and beats Call of Duty 4.

    It's called Halo 3. "

    Ah, made me chuckle that...
    TipTop 11 years ago
    What is "dynamism of vegetation"? If he means procedural tree growth then I am going to get "badass" / "sick" on him!

    /hopes he used the correct youth terms of the day correctly.
    Machetazo 11 years ago
    There you go, I knew eventually that someone would find a purpose for those blasted Cliff Runner birds :D
    Haloboy 11 years ago
    Oblivion could have done with a hang glider come to think of it.
    Triggerhappytel 11 years ago
    Let's be honest, this Live Text was a bit crap. I don't know anything about the game now that I hadn't known previously from previews and such.

    Also - I love it when they give the 'safe' answer that their game will take 20-30 hours to quickly finish, but double that if you're thorough. How many FPS have really lasted this long? Not even the GTA games have for me, and I was pretty thorough even with San Andreas (although I haven't played Oblivion, before anyone mentions that).
    darleysam 11 years ago
    Well I'm totally stoked for this. I'm now closer to buying a new PC :(
    mcbi4kh2 11 years ago
    All console FPS'ers are 'Spray and Pray'.
    Haloboy 11 years ago
    Moderating Hero you greedy bastard!
    Yossarian 11 years ago
    Spray and 'prey' huh?
    Machetazo 11 years ago
    *yawn* :( fill them headlines on that, if you can...Thanks to Louis Pierre for stopping by here, though. :)
    Triggerhappytel 11 years ago
    "Guys there's already a first person shooter that competes with and beats Call of Duty 4.

    It's called Halo 3."

    Yes, and clearly there's no room for others to try so why bother?!
    Moonprince 11 years ago
    Yossarian 11 years ago
    Guys there's already a first person shooter that competes with and beats Call of Duty 4.

    It's called Halo 3.
    darleysam 11 years ago
    Well if you get bored, looks like you can always go big game hunting.
    I'm up for that.
    siro 11 years ago
    I had a similar question (less driving over, more shooting) though.
    darleysam 11 years ago
    Hahaha, really didn't think that'd get asked. They cut out my gamefaqs mention though, so now it just looks like I want Far Cry 2: Wildlife Mutilation Edition
    cathalzx 11 years ago
    Breaking lions' legs off FTW
    the_dudefather 11 years ago
    'Playing Far Cry 2 is an experience, not duck hunt'

    Duck hunt IS an experience. damn dog
    Triggerhappytel 11 years ago
    Here's what I have asked:

    Was there a particular reason you grounded Far Cry 2 in relative reality, as oppose to the sci-fi elements present in Far Cry and its spin-offs?

    Obviously you've gone to tremendous lengths making the gameworld feel cohesive and vast, whilst populating it with docile and rare animals. With that in mind, do you see yourselves competing with the Cabela's Big Game Hunter franchise?
    DFawkes 11 years ago
    How long will it be until someone misunderstands the Live Text and posts question after question here? That's not really for the devs though.

    I have no interest in Far Cry 2 at all, and I really liked the first one. I'll just wait until they make 20 different news articles out of the answers and read those with disinterest.
    Buztafen 11 years ago
    I can only ever think of really childish questions to ask....:(

    /sends in really childish question
    Metalfish 11 years ago
    What's it like taking a successful ip and evolving it beyond the original specification; far cry was all about the tropical islands, mercs and mutants. Do you think this sequel runs the risk of deviating from the things that made the fans love the original?


    What features did you really want to put in but couldn't?

    ^My questions.
    Triggerhappytel 11 years ago
    I'm trying to think of a question that's a little more unusual and/or interesting, rather than the usual lame 'So what made you choose Africa' type questions.
    cyacomini 11 years ago
    How about...

    "how did you manage to get Far Cry 2 to go from looking bloody great to bloody awful in the space of 3 months?"