Nintendo E3 Conference

Two Mario Wii games! Metroid: Other M! Pulse sensor!

Nintendo has been delivering its E3 keynote address and we reported every ounce of information live, directly to this page.

Among the announcements were Wii Fit Plus, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M - a collaboration between Nintendo and Team Ninja for Wii.

RPG Golden Sun was unveiled for DS and will arrive next year; we'll finally see Mario & Luigi RPG 3 autumn; and Ubisoft showed a handheld game called Cop: The Recruit.

Our full, blow-by-blow account follows. The earliest entries are presented first.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.



We are in! Not sitting at the front like last time, and I can't see any execs. The VIP rows are still mainly empty, though.


They're playing a song by Natasha Bedingfield, LEWISHAM'S MOST FAMOUS DAUGHTER. The campaign to have a blue plaque place outside the Bedingfield home continues.


The auditorium doesn't seem to be quite as big as the one for Microsoft's conference, or as the one for Nintendo's last year. Blame the monster munch perhaps.


We're quite high up in the auditorium. On the stage are a load of screens of various sizes, all displaying the Nintendo logo. We've yet to see anyone in a Mario costume but there's always hope.


And it's started! Poppy music and a montage of - YES - old people playing videogames! And some kids, and some women. And some more old people! Mario and Luigi are on the screen now, but then then it's back to the old people and the women. There's a lot of white.


Cammie's opening the conference, dressed in a white suite Madonna's Music video. "How are we trending?" Bit 2002 to be honest, Cammie.


"Maybe you've noticed a woman on the plane playing the Nintendo DS system," says Cammie. "Today, everyone's game."


Today, we're promised "innovation in the form of the next leap forward in game control". Is it an invisible steering wheel, Cammie? Lots of "surprises" are promised too. Now she's on about a videogame icon - it's got to be Mario, surely! Or Peter Molyneux? No, it is Mario. Time for a nice retro montage.


"Mario in 3D was great. I think everyone remembers leaping into the pictures in the castle," says Cammie. "The number four is the key to Mario's next surprise. For the last 15 years, Mr Miyamoto has been thinking about one new way to let you play a Mario game that's never been possible before. Today here's his answer - New Super Mario Brothers for Wii."


Bill Trinen from NOA's on now. It's not just about more levels, enemies and items, apparently - "It's also more players." Cammie and three other chaps are joining him on stage, playing as Mario, Luigi, yellow toad and blue toad. On the big screen they are playing 2D Super Mario together. It's all a bit LittleBigPlanet.


You can throw your friends at enemies or pits, or help each other out with co-op - by letting them out of a bubble they're trapped in, for example. Expect pipes, hidden areas and lots of coins to collect. "The battle mode for those coins is probably a bit more fierce."


On screen, someone's picked up a propeller suit - their characters start spinning through the sky and drifting down. You operate it by shaking the Wii remote.


We're at the end of the level. Luigi grabs the flag. As soon as one player grabs it, the others have three seconds to do the same and finish the level. Then your bonus points are tallied and you get a total. Cammie came fourth. Typical woman.


Cammie says NSMB for Wii will launch "holiday 2009".


But "Mario wasn't big enough to attract all consumers to our category". There's a balance board on the big screen. "Wii Fit has been the best-selling videogame around the world" since it launched, says Cammie. 15 million sold.


They've been looking at ways to make Wii Fit more applicable to your daily life. Here's the result: Wii Fit Plus.


It will help you find a specific workout routine that's exactly right for you. You can enter "the locker room" and become your own personal trainer. There are six activities included, but the key is how you mix them up - combining and repeating them as you please. "You can omit all the interludes between exercise, so your routine can move continuously" up to 40 minutes at a time. You can strength, tone and condition depending on what you want to do.


It's "also a lot of fun", says Cammie. There are 15 new balance games including juggling. She's showing one where you swing your ass against numbered balls to make a sum. Now a Mii is jumping over rolling logs. Hang on, wasn't that in Family Trainer?


Wii Fit Plus will be out this "fall", as a standalone disc and also bundled with the board. And she's off. Bye, Cammie! Time for another lifestyle montage! Who knew there were so many ethnic minorities in the world. And Reggie's on! "Wii continues to attack the games market like no system before."


He's banging on about "the mainstream" again. "But the primary weapon for all of this is interface. First, there was a thing that looked like an odd TV remote. Then you realised it was controlling the action in an entirely new way. The nunchuk kept the joystick in play." And of course there's the balance board.


"Today we want to explain the next advance" - Wii Motion Plus is on the screen. Is that it? "What emerges is a new sense of realism in gameplay. Not the kind that makes a game look more real, but feel and play more real."


"Over the last few years, physical reality has become the new proving ground for innovation." You don't need to tell that to Microsoft, Reggie. Now we're seeing a video of WMP. An Asian later is whacking a table tennis ball. A tall gentleman is shooting a hoop. A samurai is pulling a sword, except it's really a Wii remote, etc etc etc.


Now a muscly man is drawing back a bow and arrow. More close-ups of the WMP device. A lady in a skirt like a plaster whacks a golf ball. Oh, was that basketball for Wii Sports Resort? Perhaps these are all games in it? Yes, archery - we're seeing in-game footage now - canoeing, shot putting, golf, table tennis, sword fighting. Yes, the Wii Sports Resort logo is on the screen.


Muted clapping. Definitely no whooping. Bill Trinen's back on stage, he's going to show it how we works. Even though we know. The clapping isn't even polite now.


"WMP detects the position of your Wii remote." Thanks for that, Bill. "The remote and WMP offer precision and motion." Aha! Now we see a Mii sitting on a plane - this is how you will start Wii Sports Resort, by skydiving.


With WMP your Wii remote is your Mii in skyydiving. You twist it to control him or her in the air. You can use it to grab other skydivers, dive down or stay flat. Lovely blue skies and white fluffy clouds as a group of five Miis hold hands in mid air. Looking down, we see a lush green island. The Miis are diving in formation now, and then their chutes open. They drift down to the island.


So that's the intro sequence. Now he's going to show us archery. It's sunset and his Mii is standing on a clifftop. You hold the Wiimote in front of you and the nunchuk behind, like a real bow. "It feels great." Pan left to right with the Wiimote to move the camera, then let fly. There's a wind gauge in the top hand corner so you have to compensate for things like wind and moving targets.


Trinen's not very good at this. "You get three shots per target." You can arch shots, just like you would with a real bow. "As you can see it's not about learning the controls, it's about doing what comes naturally. Then it's dependent on your own skills, which is precisely the kind of challenge long time gamers strive for."


Reggie's back on stage though - "I hope you shoot baskets better than you shoot arrows," he says. No one laughs.


Trinen and Reggie are doing some trash talk, Nintendo-style. No one is still laughing. There's a split-screen showing Bill and Reggie on each side. The banter is actually painful.


Reggie and Bill are shooting hoops, lifting the remote up just like you would do with a real ball. "Once you find your rhythm you can keep it going," says Bill, "Just like a real three point contest." They're on a court with palm trees in the background. It's nighttime and there's a big moon shining above, along with some nice fireworks. Reggie wins 19 to 17 and Bill crawls off into the wings, SHAMED.


Wii Sports Resorts is launching in the US on July 26th. Now Reggie is talking about third-party games and WMP, like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, which will be bundled with WMP. As will Grand Slam Tennis and Virtua Tennis 2009. "This means every little mistake you make in the real world... Will be faithfully reflected in the game," he says.


He's banging on about Red Steel 2 now. "Third-party development is flowing to Nintendo, and that's because last year, in America, more third-party games were sold for Wii than any other platform - and DS came in second."


Now he's talking about RPGs. "RPGs are mainly about what goes on inside your head - the story, the strategy, the quests and the combat. RPGs allow developers to vary their approach. For Squenix, this means a specific open world adventure built for Wii." It's Final Fantasy Chrystal Bearers trailer.


Some people with spiky hair are racing round in chariots, skydiving and talking about crystals,. And it's over. "Square is also bringing a classic RPG franchise to DS - an exclusive version of Kingdom Hearts" available on September 29th. More spiky haired people with enormous eyes. There's a bit of rowing and some fighting. Tinkerbell! Hercules! It does look very impressive for a DS game.


Bowser's on the screen now. "The latest Mario and Luigi RPG game, subtitled Bowser's Inside Story" - Mario and Luigi will be "reduced to micro-size" as they check out Bowser's "internal pipes" Urgh. It's a DS title: we see Bowser munching a mushroom and burping, then sucking up Mario, Luigi and Daisy, Mario and Luigi are shown battering ulcers with giant hammers, jumping on bacteria, dealing with Bowser's heart burn.


To end we see the DS held vertical and Bowser blowing fire across both screens. The game will be out in Europe and North America this fall.


"2010 will bring a new dawn with Golden Sun DS." Footage of the game - a character runs around a mountain landscape, jumping over platforms and gazing at the sunset. A big yellow dragon is shown, then a lady riding a white horse. Another lady shoots arrows from the sky. There's a lovely sunset, and it's over. Cammie's back!


She's talking about how the huge installed base of DS helps developers innovate. To demonstrate this, she's talking about James Patterson. Beginning 18th October, THQ is bringing James Patterson's Women's Murder Club Games of Passion to DS. "Why join a book club when you can join the women's murder club?" I've often thought that myself. Play as Lindsay or Claire or some other woman. "Investigate secret motives!" And play a bejeweled clone, by the looks of things.


That was amazing. Now she's talking about Cop: The Recruit, a new game from Ubisoft. Expect a "gritty open-world". You play as a New York cop trying to unravel a conspiracy, called Dan Myers. He's an underground street racer. We see him racing around city streets, then shooting baddies in a warehouse. Looks like you'll get to drive speedboats too.


Now Cammie's talking about Girls' Mode, as it's known in Japan, or Style Savvy as it will be called in America. You can design your own clothes. Looks like you hold the DS vertically and pick from "more than 10,000 fashions". But can you go crotchless? "Customise your shop. Compete in Runway Contests. Shop in other players' boutiques. Visit a wide world of shops." And buy things. In them.


Cammie doesn't wait for applause. "DS delivers something for everyone." She's talking about the DSi now, and how it lets developers deliver surprises. Montage time! It's real people talking about how much they like the DSi. "I'm a really on the go person," "With the touch screen you're like in the game" and so on. "The internet is going to be awesome."


"It's better than being alone and playing by myself," says a girl. There are snickers. Back to Cammie. "As of today, total Nintendo DSi sales in America have surpassed 1 million units. Consumers have purchased 400,000 Lites" since it launched, too.


"People today don't just consume entertainment, they create it and share it." Just look at pornography, for example.


The movie maker - Flip Notes Studio - will be available in the US this summer. No word on Europe. Other user-generated content is on the way: Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again. It will let you design levels from the ground up.


You'll be able to share them locally or via Wi-Fi Connection. "Obstacles lie between the minis and the goal, but what are these obstacles? Now, that's mostly up to you." The game will be available as a download for DSi from 8th June - yes, Monday. It's not clear if this is worldwide.


WarioWare DIY now. It will let you design games from scratch. You control everything. "We believe this is close to essential game design as any game has ever come." It's "deeply compelling", says Cammie. Once again you can share your games with other WarioWare DIY owners.


Beginning this summer, you'll be able to auto-upload photos taken with your DSi and send them straight to Facebook. The ten editing lenses "makes it even more fun" to share your photos on Facebook.


Zelda Spirit Tracks now. "I've played it, and so can you, on the show floor this week."


"There has never been so much going on for Nintendo portables... In our world, everyone's game." Another lifestyle montage! Wii Fit. An old man using a remote. A woman playing the DS on an escalator. Another woman walking across a street holding a DS. And now... Iwata's on stage!


He comes on stage to the biggest cheers of the event so far. Tick off "expanded" on your E3 conference bingo sheet.


Nintendo divides the population into three groups: those who actively play games, those who say they will never play and those who say they might some day. It's the Maybe group which will grow the gaming population. He reckons there are more than 295 million active gamers in the US, Europe and Japan. They buy lots of software. But there are more than 149 million potential players still.


A photo of some ethnically mixed people holding steering wheels appeal on the screen. Now a woman is shown playing the DS while another woman does her hair. "We have been able to erase the viewpoint that those who never played games in the past will never play them in the future. Our next goal is to create individual titles which satisfy every type of game player."


I can't keep up with what he's saying. I'm transfixed by all the lifestyle photography and consumed with envy. Why don't I live in a white loft with wooden floorboards and a muscled gentleman with a huge afro?


He's banging on about space invaders and pong now. A girl is shown playing the DS next to a cat. It's all about making games experienced and less experienced gamers can play together, says Iwata, like Mario Kart Wii.


He's going on about Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Bros, Wii and Wii Fit Plus now - these are games all types of gamers can play together. "But I understand this solution may not be entirely convincing."


"What's next? I though I should give you at least one potential answer. So I'd like to give you a sneak peek at an entirely different way of thinking about games." Brain Age was about training your brain, Wii Fit about your body. "Today, please look for the first time at the Wii Vitality Sensor." You put your finger in a little white module wired up to your Wii remote and it measures your pulse. "The point is to visualise something which otherwise is invisible."


"The WVS intends to help you see the information relating to the inner world of your body. People would be able to use the product we are developing with this to aid greater relaxation. Maybe everyone under pressure could use this as a way to relax with a videogame."


Traditionally games have been developed to excite and stimulate, "But in the future they may be used to make you relax and even fall asleep." Doing a good job so far.


He's off, and Cammie's back on. "Thank you, Mr Iwata, for that look into the future." Yes thanks very much. But Cammie's going back to simulation now. Mario is back on screen.


"A second full 3d Mario title is going to appear on a single console." Trailer shows Mario spinning through space, running round planets, riding Yoshi.


Big robots, Mario zooming down ramps, talking to brick monsters, avoiding spinning blades, rolling a snowball round an arctic planet, diving underwater, jumping on a pressure pad, swimming, collecting coins, jumping between platforms, running found a planet as flowers bloom, flying in a bee costume, being stalked by ghost Marios, avoiding giant Koopas, jumping on mushrooms, avoiding giant bullets, spinning out of stars, flying on Yoshi's back. Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The trailer's over and Reggie's back. He's listing what we've just seen. "But I'll be honest, I read the blogs too. I've been a gamer myself for a long time. I know there are still people out there saying, OK, great, but I want more. That more is generally associated with publishers not named Nintendo. So here are examples of third-party titles with a little harder edge, ones you'll be playing exclusively on Wii before year-end." Starting with The Conduit.


Conduit trailer. Lots of shooting, robots, explosions, people saying things like, "There's no time, Michael!" But is it compatible with the Vitality Sensor?


Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles now. More shooting. Blood spatters, Zombies. What no dogs jumping out of the wardrobe?


Dead Space Extraction now. Fine, but when's Super Mario Galaxy 2 out? Reggie's not saying.


"But what about Nintendo itself? Could a new, edgier game be coming from us? Absolutely." Come on Reggie! Show us your game! Footage - a stormy sea. The camera pans up through clouds and over a mountain. The Team Ninja logo appears on screen. We're in space now. Missiles are blowing up a space ship. Now a girl in a tight shirt is wandering through a space station, and looking at the sunset. "Any objections lady?" says a man in uniform. It's Metroid: Other M


In-game stuff now - lava level! Lots of big spiky enemies battling it out. A big explosion. The girl in the Metroid costume says hello to another girl. The numbers 2010 flash up on the screen.


Back to Reggie. "This historic collaboration is going to reveal a Metroid game unlike any you've experienced before. It will take you deeper into Samus's story and the Metroid universe."


"We believe we can provide something for everyone. There's a place in gaming for everyone and we remain committed to making Nintendo everyone's game." And it's over. Clapping. Rock music. Time to get the bus to Sony!

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    PsychoPriest 13 years ago
    My review of the conference at my blog -
    Incarta 13 years ago
    New Super Mario Bros Wii
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    New Metroid
    New Golden Sun


    Good, but could have been so much more
    spudsbuckley 13 years ago
    So SMG 2 and Wii Sports 2 basically.

    MEH :(
    OrgasmicMutton 13 years ago
    Ah, Elle I do love your glorious cynicism and general air of disdain. No really . . . . I do.

    keep it up!
    Darren 13 years ago
    I knew it, I knew it... the Nintendo conference *was* a disappointment just as I expected, simply because there's virtually nothing announced there that interests me as a gamer. Bugger! :(
    Beek4257 13 years ago
    Are you talking about Nintendo, Sony, MS, a combination? I can't tell, really.
    Widge 13 years ago
    holy shit, the thing on screen interacts with what you are doing! I haven't seen that since 2008!
    Widge 13 years ago
    camera system... like the one Sony showed last year? NEW.
    Negotiator 13 years ago
    @Negotiator you really need to wake up and smell the coffee, Natal isnt all that, at its heart its just a casual webcam like the eye toy.. dont try and think its anything more right now.

    I think it is you who needs to smell the coffee, it is the worlds first 3D camera with face and voice recognition and full body motion control. Not as you put it "a casual webcam like the Eye toy", it seems to me you will accept any old crap Nintendo throw at you, but Microsoft show true innovation and you discard it like some used tissue, you Sir are full of shit, now good day.
    MORZTAN 13 years ago
    My God Negotiator!

    You DO work for Microsoft!
    Beek4257 13 years ago
    True. Still that was the feeling I got left with.
    varsas 13 years ago
    @Beek: Golden Sun isn't exactly aimed at the casual gamer.
    Beek4257 13 years ago
    As a long time gamer (not hardcore) I could have just watched the last 10 or so minutes and snoozed through the other stuff. I do fully realise though that I'm not the target audience for the aforementioned "stuff", which will sell by the freighter-loads, no doubt. I do feel a bit left out by Nintendo.
    And N will probably think of a way to use/sell that pulse meter-thingy we haven't thought of yet. Just not something I'll be interested in tough.

    So a dollop of meh, with a bit of w00t sprinkled on top. The presentation felt awkward.
    richardiox 13 years ago
    So what's actually out for the Wii this year in terms of big games? Excluding Red Steel as the first was a bith pish
    cheekyjay 13 years ago
    My opinion - and I'm sure there will be those out there that vehemently disagree - Mario Bros looked fun but seemed like a WiiWare title to me and I'm sure the PS3 fanboys will quickly point out how it is technologically a big step back from the advances made by Little Big Planet (to be honest, they'd be right), as it is simply a multiplayer riff on the DS version of the game though no doubt a brief piece of quality entertainment nonetheless. Mario Galaxy 2 I've no doubt will be awesome, though beyond Yoshi didn't really display anything markedly new. I'm psyched about a new Golden Sun, and Crystal Chronicles surprised me by looking excellent. As for the lack of a single surprise announcement for any new third-party motion plus games in development - I was left cold. Metroid didn't do it for me at all, looked very much like Ninja Gaiden Samus to me, and I have never really been a great fan of Team Ninja's work.

    The big disappointments were what they didn't announce or show:
    no sin and punishment gameplay footage (or even any mention)
    no beyond good and evil surprise announcement (that was my secret wish after it was not mentioned at Ubisoft's conference though I'm sure some PS3 or Xbox360 footage will show up before the week's out)
    no F-zero
    no kid ikarus
    no pilotwings
    no pikmin
    no chibi-robo
    nothing new from Retro
    no starfox
    no spirit tracks demonstration, or even footage
    no Project Origin footage
    no new applications of the motion plus beyond the wii sports stuff
    no new racing wheel games despite them showing how successful the peripheral had been (I personally don't use it, but hey)
    no exciting casual games (say what you will about the casual market, but sometimes Nintendo's casual stuff transends the boundaries and is actually fun)
    no PR guys from ANY other companies (I don't like marketing folks, but PR guys means announcements!)
    no Rockstar game (they've said they're working on something, I'd been hoping for GTA San Andreas Stories - guess not!)
    no US footage of the newly-localised Layton sequels, or a Layton Wii game (had been rumoured...)

    The biggest upset for me was the lack of even a mention for a new Wii Zelda game. When they said the Mario and Zelda team had been busy I got excited. New Super Mario Bros looked fun but was probably not Nintendo's A-Team's A-game (they have done nothing since Twilight Princess - Galaxy was developed by only a skeleton crew from the Miyamoto's Mario team, with major production duties handed over to the Tokyo division, as I'm sure is the case again for Galaxy 2)... so why no teaser, no mention, no Zelda at all... seemed odd, and left me very disappointed.

    I guess they can't please everyone, and they are clearly doing very well from a commercial standpoint with their new strategy... but I can't help feel that the magic is fading.
    MENTAL1ST 13 years ago
    Well, one game coming out that I might want to buy this year (NSMB) is better than they managed last year. But from what I saw and read of that, Nintendo seem to be a bit lacking in enthusiasm. Do you think they're jaded from making all their money from bathroom scales and two-year-old kart games?
    richardiox 13 years ago
    Mehby she's born with it, mehby it's Mehbeline
    CallousB 13 years ago
    I loved the games they's just a shame they didn't use the other 45 minutes to show off their other games instead of droning on about nothing. That's what annoys me about Nintendo..they have about 10 other Wii games announced..but they showed nothing of them.
    rotmm 13 years ago
    Nintendo are the clear E3 winners so far. Let's see if Sony can pull out something special to take the crown from them.
    shadowsblaze 13 years ago
    My real concern about the conference was Nintendo's response to a lack of games for core gamers at last years E3. Instead of producing new IP aimed at the core gamers (which they used to be capable of doing), instead they release a bunch of Mario games instead. Don't get me wrong, I loved Mario Glalxy, but that doesn't mean I want every core game being released a Mario game.
    GundamJehutyKai 13 years ago
    Well, that was shit!!!

    And you thought they would improve from last year!! All they did was leave the arrogance at the exit! Metroid was the only worthwhile announcement for me and that isn't enough to save them. I actually feel sorry for the journalists who had to sit through that!

    D+ (C- at best)
    Erebu 13 years ago
    So far
    Microsoft A-
    Nintendo C-
    Triggerhappytel 13 years ago
    @gerald - "Did they announced a date for Galaxy 2?"

    Nope, which means it will be 2010.
    ronuds 13 years ago
    I don't see what was so bad about their show. They're giving the fans the games they've been asking for.
    Gl3n 13 years ago
    More shovelware shit from Nintendo.
    Emth 13 years ago
    They clearly knew what response it would get which is why they saved virtually all their interesting announcements for the final 10 minutes.
    Negotiator 13 years ago
    A sad day for Wii owners and Nintendo fans full stop, when they were showing Wii motion plus it was like Natal was on everyone's lips. A joke of a conference, lets hope Sony do alot better seeing as I just bought a used PS3, but its looking like Microsoft have won by a landslide.
    gerald 13 years ago
    Did they announced a date for Galaxy 2?
    Liamario 13 years ago
    I think I heard baby jesus crying
    MisterCraig 13 years ago
    I don't want any more fuking peripherals to stash in my living room. I just want great games. Galaxy 2 and Metroid sound good. But can Team Ninja surpass Retro? I doubt... but still hope for a banging game!
    sneetch 13 years ago
    Generally speaking a bit weak and painful to watch in parts (the crowd was seriously muted almost hostile I thought) but the new Metroid looks really good, a new SMG will be great and the 2D Mario will be nice to have. It is a pity there's no new IP.
    lavalant 13 years ago
    The problem with the Wii is that most of the titles I want to play on it, don't even need waggle/motion control and can be played perfectly well (better in some cases) on a joypad. I hate having put pull out this plastic toy like wand to play mario galaxy and mad world.
    myiagros 13 years ago
    Much better than last year, but still a disaster for any core gamers hoping for games to play on the Wii.

    Some of the other stuff Ninty talked about will certainly interest the casual sector, but for us on here, a severe lack of decent announcements.

    All that said i like the look of the new 3rd person Metroid.

    Sharks 13 years ago
    The people that cite Zelda and Mario as the only games they want really aren't worth Nintendo's time anyway
    Triggerhappytel 13 years ago
    That is not it fucking finished is it?! Two 'core' games in already established franchises, fuck all by way of new IPs and they're done?!! Oh well; saves me money on never needing a Wii, then.
    BartonFink 13 years ago
    Was there a single round of applause during the entire thing apart from the weak effort at the very end?
    Avaloner 13 years ago
    For me it was an OK conference if slightly sedate. It lacked the excitement of MS' show yesterday with very little applause. Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Sunshine and the Metroid game raised this effort way beyond last year's tripe. Having said that... that pulse oximeter was a no no. I mean, how many more peripherals can they churn out?
    smelly 13 years ago
    >What E3 watcher gives a donkeys arse about those girly games?

    The mainstream press? Who believe it or not DO report on e3....
    TheTingler 13 years ago
    Yes, um... that's it?

    Metroid: Other M is potentially good, although an awful title, Mario & Luigi and Zelda: Spirit Tracks we knew about (but not even a VIDEO for Zelda?), Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks exactly like Super Mario Galaxy, not even a sequel... and that's it?

    The trailers were awful too, didn't exactly get the excitement up. And those third-party titles a) weren't new (at least E3 2008 had GTA!) b) didn't include Red Steel 2, and c) were old trailers.

    DaDon123456 13 years ago
    Dissapointed. I thought Ninty had learnt their lesson. What E3 watcher gives a donkeys arse about those girly games?
    MORZTAN 13 years ago
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    They saved it at the end, but not in a big way. Still, two Mario games and a new Metroid can't be bad.
    jerrymanu 13 years ago
    Jeez, Nintendo really need to develop some new IP. How many Mario, Metroid, Mii games can the world stomach?
    MyPointIs 13 years ago
    Weak. I think even the speakers felt weak themselves.

    I don't want the vitality sensor to open me to new experiences. I just want to know when the Mario and Metroid games are coming out. Xmas 2010? :-/
    koopa 13 years ago
    I was just lookin at Team Ninja's wikipedia page and someone already updated it with the press announcement of Metroid Wii game. People are crazy...
    smelly 13 years ago
    2 new mario games
    1 new metroid

    Im happy.

    not extastic.. was hoping for a few more announcements at the end.. but it'll do...
    BartonFink 13 years ago
    Metroid, Mario excellent news - the rest of the conference is beyond words. Absolutely awful conference.
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    No Pikmin, no Zelda, no F-Zero, no Kid Icarus, no Pilotwings.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid - awesome.

    Grade C. No Mario Galaxy or Metroid, it would have been a resounding F
    shadowsblaze 13 years ago
    That's it? If the entire show was like the last 5 minutes I would have walked away very happy.
    HermitArcader 13 years ago
    New Metroid yay - blonde Samus Aran, talking, anime melodrama and token black guy, probably a sergeant - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    mkreku 13 years ago
    Thanks for the updates, Ellie! You're great!
    peteb 13 years ago
    What do we think then folks? Saved at the end?

    B+ ?
    Capa26 13 years ago
    ...hang on...

    .... THAT'S IT!?
    smelly 13 years ago
    varsas 13 years ago
    New Super Mario Bros Wii! \o\
    Golden Sun DS! \o/
    Super Mario Galaxy 2! /o/
    Metroid! \o/
    Capa26 13 years ago
    Ughh... Other M is a horrible title...

    But who cares... it's Metroid. Raw awesomeness.
    woodnotes 13 years ago
    No Retro, No Itagaki
    peteb 13 years ago
    Oh nice, well played!
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    METROID!! :)
    BartonFink 13 years ago
    Christ I cannot believe how shit this is (Mario excepted) this is an embarrassment for Nintendo. Even worse than last years debacle.
    smelly 13 years ago
    dead space DOES look nice...
    jaywalker3010 13 years ago
    Widge 13 years ago
    Golden Sun was excellent.... so more is always welcome.
    peteb 13 years ago
    Capa26 13 years ago
    Awesome. I'm well up for more of the same of Mario Galaxy. Superb.

    Irritating that these three 3rd party titles are ones we've heard of a long time ago (and two of them are rail-shooters).
    smelly 13 years ago
    >where is the stream of this on the web? will the sony one be streamed too?

    im watching on ign
    peteb 13 years ago
    smelly 13 years ago
    didnt know conduit was only 3 weeks away?

    looks okay.. for a fucking fps.. bah.. hate fps games
    jaywalker3010 13 years ago
    where is the stream of this on the web? will the sony one be streamed too?
    Santino 13 years ago
    SMG2 was what i have been hoping to see for ages, YOSHI!
    peteb 13 years ago
    Ah crap, i thought this was only an hour long?
    lavalant 13 years ago
    no it's wrap up time.
    smelly 13 years ago
    here we go... You can always trust reggie....
    smelly 13 years ago
    30 mins to go.. zelda next?
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    Alright - Mario Galaxy 2. Now I'm happy.
    lavalant 13 years ago
    Nothing wrong with a mario galaxy sequel.
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    Hey, great. A new SMG. First thing I'm -really- looking forward to from this conference.
    smelly 13 years ago
    FUCKING YEAH!!!! Mario galaxy 2!!!!
    peteb 13 years ago
    theres more?

    EDIT: never mind
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    Audience finally woke up!!
    dloob 13 years ago
    Mario Galaxy sequel, that's more like it.
    smelly 13 years ago
    >More Mario games? Gee, who would've guessed.

    I thought the same watching microsoft yesterday... except replace "mario" with "fps"
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    and yet more mario...good, but doesn't make up for the rest of the show
    smelly 13 years ago
    >Imagine how much worse this industry is going to be in another 5 years.

    yeah.. it'll go from 75% fps games and racers to 99% fps games and racers....
    smelly 13 years ago
    erm.. vitality sensor... erm.. okay internets.. feel free to explode....

    Cocytan 13 years ago
    How long before the first news story of someone getting taken to hospital after putting their knob in that thing?
    peteb 13 years ago
    ooh, whats this now?
    dloob 13 years ago
    And he is gone thank God
    aine 13 years ago
    psh. didn't they make one of these for the n64? i swear there was a version of tetris that measured your pulse or something. i'm sure i didn't dream it
    HermitArcader 13 years ago
    Penis attachment!
    Sharks 13 years ago
    The MS conference where they announce a bunch of FPSes, war games and pretentious shit will ultimately pale in comparison to this, just because of Golden Sun being announced.
    persus-9 13 years ago
    Hmm I'm watching the feed and Iwata seems to be just setting up straw men and knocking them over. Who exactly thought gaming couldn't expand before the DS and the Wii came along? When was it ever considered that the hardest games were the best as he claimed?
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    VITALITY SENSOR?????? Lameness overload....
    smelly 13 years ago
    mind you.. he IS talking a lot of sense... even if there arent games being shown.
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    I agree that the presentation has been... how to put it... "low key", but they HAVE announced some good games. Well, new Mario.

    But I'm gonna wait till the end of the conference till I whinge. The problem is, I don't think they've really got a sexy "casual" hook this year either - more Wii Sports and more Wii Fit, and that's it.

    Hopefully they'll do an Apple-style "one more thing..." right at the end and announce a new Wii Zelda or something.
    peteb 13 years ago
    There it is: the Wii Vitality Sensor!

    cheekyjay 13 years ago
    This has the feeling of a GDC conference... Doesn't really seem aware that it's being broadcast to millions, but is instead a communique to the developers and press in the audience.... I guess that's what these conferences are supposed to be, but I'm a bit sad that this is what this actually seems to be
    mkreku 13 years ago
    More Mario games? Gee, who would've guessed.

    smelly 13 years ago
    okay.. more casual stuff.. i'm going to avoid this forum until he starts talking hardcore stuff - for fear of getting upset at the comments and start abusing people again :-)

    I *REALLY* hope we get to a point where i can come back :-)
    dloob 13 years ago
    Iawata trying to finish off the audience by boring them to death
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    Man, Iwata just keeps yammering on and on.
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    Imagine how cool Milo would be if he had Iwata's accent...
    NotSoSlim 13 years ago
    Mind numbingly boring
    varsas 13 years ago
    Golden Sun DS! \o/
    MikkyX 13 years ago
    Anyway, I'm off out. If he doesn't announce a half decent game before this keynote ends I'll be vewwy vewwy upset.
    Capa26 13 years ago
    I'm still happy about NSMBWii, Golden Sun DS and Wii Sports Resort... they all look damn good fun.

    But the presentation so far has been PAINFUL.
    prettyboytim 13 years ago
    The DIY Warioware is the only thing I've found vaguely interesting so far.

    Roll on Sony Conference...
    Emth 13 years ago
    Imagine how much worse this industry is going to be in another 5 years.
    smelly 13 years ago
    hell if there arent new wii announcements by the end.. I'LL be on here complaining!
    MikkyX 13 years ago
    smelly, I don't think 2D is shit. I loved NSMB on the DS. I just don't think Miyamoto sat there thinking "what can I do to REALLY show off the Wii and Mario and revitalise the franchise?" and came up with a game he already did a couple of years ago.
    aine 13 years ago
    @kingsxking - bloody right it is
    peteb 13 years ago
    smelly, people are just disappointed, you gotta give them that. Didn't a little bit of you expect more for gamers too? Broken promises so far :(
    smelly 13 years ago
    >Did Shiggy really spend 15 years thinking he would just release New SMB for the Wii?

    A *NEW* 2d mario?!? I'd buy it in a shot!

    OH I forget.. most internet gamers think 2d is shit....
    smelly 13 years ago
    >New Zelda. New F-Zero. Something NEW.

    New Super Mario?

    Look, if there's nothing new by the END then fine.. complain.. but you HAVE to expect them to talk about all their hardware options foirst...
    aine 13 years ago
    could definitely do with some more actual new games though. most of the stuff they've mentioned, mario aside, has either already been announced or is actually bloody out and purchasable in japan
    MikkyX 13 years ago
    This is utter, utter garbage.

    Did Shiggy really spend 15 years thinking he would just release New SMB for the Wii?

    Do they REALLY think the target audience for half of this shite are even aware E3 exists? Style Savvy? Women's Murder Club? Some animation editing software?

    Fuck the sales figures. I want the old Nintendo back.
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    Ah great, a DS game that I can't get for my DS lite. Thanks Nintendo!
    gaselite 13 years ago
    I don't like to be one of those cynical whingey bitches that have been crawling out of the EG woodwork the last 24 hours or so but this is really underwhelming so far.

    The Warioware DIY thing will be cool for young people with an interest in that sort of thing.
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    I don't WANT another FPS. I want the Nintendo games that I grew up with to be evolved and updated, not rehashed again and again and again. New Zelda. New F-Zero. Something NEW.
    aine 13 years ago
    style savvy is supposed to be really really good. like not just good for a "girl" game. genuinely good. or so i've heard. don't knock it until you've tried it. (i suppose assuming you're comfortable in your sexuality if you're a man, and not bothered about looking like a stereotype if you're a girl/gay man)
    smelly 13 years ago
    although respect to ellie for keeping her commentary completely un-what's the word?
    peteb 13 years ago
    Such is life
    smelly 13 years ago
    >Then I'm bunging my dust-covered Wii in the bin.

    you didnt hear the announcement for mario then?
    cheekyjay 13 years ago
    I am a big Nintendo fan, so this is not anti-Nintendo fanboyism (is that a word?), but I think the lack of applause compared to Microsoft's conference yesterday, says a lot.

    Guarentee another year of Nintendo platforms staying on top... but this isn't exactly enthralling thus far...
    Irien 13 years ago
    This really is painful :(

    And I'm a ninty fan. sigh.
    smelly 13 years ago
    >Casual casual casual, mainstream mainstream mainstream.


    of course they're mentioning casual and mainstream.. that's the biggest market.

    why do you think that microsoft spent half their conference trying to "woo" casuals?

    The whole point of this bit is to show that people are taking risks with the DS. Risks are GOOD - it's where we get new gameplay ideas from. More FPS games wont door that.
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    They've got 15 minutes. Then I'm bunging my dust-covered Wii in the bin.
    Nemesis 13 years ago
    Well...this keynote has less awkward pauses and wankywank clapping.

    Golden Sun; this time with better dialogue !
    peteb 13 years ago
    Can they turn this around? :-/
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    What did that one Nintendo woman say again? "We're releasing hardcore title afte hardcore title, boom boom boom!"
    Halo.Jones 13 years ago
    Oh my god, this is just getting worse by the minute. Style Savvy? Did Cammie use it to pick her style and those massive flairs?
    Capa26 13 years ago
    Elle is going to love this patronizing Style Savvy game... it's for girls you know...
    Cocytan 13 years ago
    Casual casual casual, mainstream mainstream mainstream.

    Balls to this. The audience are mute, Cammie is lecturing them like a bunch of naughty schoolchildren, and I'm seeing nothing cool. Where the hell is ZELDA?????
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    "Women's Murder Club" might give people the wrong idea and get the Daily Mail crowd in an uproar.

    Cop looks alright tho, popup notwithstanding. I'd worry if it was an Xbox game (with better gfx, natch), but on the DS it might find its niche.

    Altho even GTA didn't sell...
    BartonFink 13 years ago
    Christ this is complete pap. Didn't think it was possible but it's as bad as last years one.
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    Huh, some sort of GTA clone. Doesn't even look half bad.
    Capa26 13 years ago
    Women's Murder Club? this a game for killer extremist feminists?
    Emth 13 years ago
    Women's Murder Club...

    I think we're on to a winner here.
    Camorrista 13 years ago
    Aw Christ, "Women's Murder Club" looks horrible. I mean "blow into the mic", Mystery Case Files DS horrible.
    peteb 13 years ago

    I'd take that over this any day
    Zomoniac 13 years ago
    Those KH graphics look amazing. I think they're doctored, they're WAY better and smoother than anything else on DS. It would look good for a PSP game. But since it's a JRPG, and I'd rather die than play it, this conference has been embarrassing so far. I've never seen anything so incompetently presented.
    smelly 13 years ago
    >This bad very very bad, its like everyone is still thinking about Microsofts conference.

    Loads of generic fps games and :

    you mean?
    peteb 13 years ago
    Sheeeeeeeees baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Capa26 13 years ago
    Oh FUCK yes... Golden Sun... how I missed you....
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    Bloody hell, those Kingdom Hearts graphics are good!
    Luckyjim 13 years ago
    Sweet! Golden Sun DS!
    Negotiator 13 years ago
    This bad very very bad, its like everyone is still thinking about Microsofts conference.
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    I wish I could figure out what's going on in those JRPG's. Or what gender those spiky haired people are.
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    At last I've got the stream working! Pity I missed the Mario vid tho. Wii Sports Resort does look fun, but I agree their banter is a bit pants.
    HermitArcader 13 years ago
    Physical reality, add that to the annoying current terms in gaming thread.

    BTW this is the first time I've watched E3 conferences this year, and if they are all as drawn out as this I'll never watch them again - just show some games and then let the journalists play them already.
    peteb 13 years ago

    I second that! :)
    Capa26 13 years ago
    "I'd better get off stage before I get embarrassed anymore."

    Oh how fitting...
    Triggerhappytel 13 years ago
    God bless Ms. Gibson. And I really mean that; best writer on EG by a long way :D
    Grunk 13 years ago
    they should stick the comments section next to the live feed so we can comment and feed at the same time
    Halo.Jones 13 years ago
    kiroquai 13 years ago
    I walked over to a colleague watching the parachuting bit and thought they'd gone and done a new Pilot Wings. Then I discovered it wasn't.

    Camorrista 13 years ago
    I'm watching the Nintendo stream right now and enjoying Ellie's quips like a commentary.
    If this were my primary source of information though, the comments would be a little sparse to be called coverage...

    Whichever the case, jobs like live coverage are perfect for Ellie. Go go go!
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    They studied the school of Shatner.
    rauper 13 years ago
    Why... are they... speaking... like... this
    Halo.Jones 13 years ago
    Wii Motion Plus = even more annoying adverts from the Redknapp family :(
    Senate 13 years ago
    oh baby!
    peteb 13 years ago
    Cant they make this sound a bit more exciting at least, I'm watching the live feed and I'm half bored to tears. Its a games company for God's sake
    Domovoi 13 years ago
    NSMB on DS was great, so NSMB for Wii ought to be good too, but... this is what myamoto was "working on for 15 years", bringing it to "the fourth dimension"?
    Luckyjim 13 years ago
    Why does Reggie remind me of Lennie from Of Mice and Men?
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    LittleMarioWorld sounds good n all (I nearly wrote "looks" but I don't actually have a stream working), but I was hoping for a proper 3D one.

    Still, sounds aces.
    Luckyjim 13 years ago
    Her voice is so fucking irritating.
    MORZTAN 13 years ago
    Two rumored games confirmed 10 minutes in. This is going to be good!!!
    Spydy 13 years ago
    lol! They've ripped off LBP. hahahaha.
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    Wow, co-op Mario is a go-go...
    rotmm 13 years ago
    Cool. It's LittleMarioPlanet.

    Definately means it's 4D. :/
    Johnson 13 years ago
    >> "Maybe you've noticed a woman on the plane playing the Nintendo DS system,"

    Ah, so that's what happened to the Air France flight.
    schnide 13 years ago

    Seriously? Just because the mainstream press has reporters there, are fat housewives and twelve year old boys really going to be looking out for E3 coverage over the next week or so?
    Hairbear 13 years ago
    What the fuck, sitting here waiting for this shit to start only to refresh my browser and have text there already so much for autorefresh it's like being on the bbc website. Rant over, come on Nintendo!
    Rufus 13 years ago
    *Crosses fingers for new 2d Metroid on DS*. Wait, I did that last year!
    Shinji 13 years ago
    The people they're talking to at the conference, both the reporters there and those like us reading about it, aren't the same people who are driving most of the sales.

    If anything, the problem is the opposite - the people they're talking to at the conference are reporters and analysts from mainstream magazines, newspapers and TV shows, who are there in droves. Hardcore gamers watching or covering the show aren't really the target audience.

    The same is increasingly true of all other E3 briefings - I mean, look at EA's show, which opened with a selection of products for young girls. Half the auditorium was bored stiff, but for the mainstream journalists in the rest of the hall, that's exactly what they're there for.
    Vasenor 13 years ago
    Is this being streamed like the Microsoft conference yesterday?
    schnide 13 years ago
    Has anyone realised the relative pointlessness of the Nintendo E3 conference? The people they're talking to at the conference, both the reporters there and those like us reading about it, aren't the same people who are driving most of the sales.

    Unless this time around they really do address the hardcore market, it's all just lip service.
    Ares 13 years ago
    Rauper's "Wii HD source", earlier today.
    jonsaan 13 years ago
    The potential for some uber exciting DSI store stuff is there. I doubt we'll get any but it's there!
    minky-kong 13 years ago
    Hoping for: A new Mario, one of the classic franchises like Starfox/ Kid Icarus/ F-Zero to get a new game.

    Expecting: A train-wreck like last year.
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    Everything is going to look dated and not as good, but at least Nintendo are ROLLING AROUND IN ENORMOUS VATS OF MONEY.

    It's Sony I feel sorry for.

    (sorry, that seems a bit fanboy baiting; I actually like the look of the PSP Go - does that help?)
    TheBoyChris 13 years ago
    They could just give everyone $10k and ask them to make some stuff up that sounds good - it's not like they haven't got the money.

    It'd probably work too.
    MyPointIs 13 years ago
    From a tech POV they have been looking dated for a few years now. Doesn't seem to be a problem.
    Incarta 13 years ago
    New Mario, New Zelda. Some stuff about DSi and WMP. And something completly out of the blue that we weren't expecting.
    peeps 13 years ago
    hmm can nintendo convince me that i need a wii?!
    miiiguel 13 years ago
    "everything they show is gonna look dated in comparison"
    Two words, "sales"; "charts".
    Negotiator 13 years ago
    Feel kinder sorry for Nintendo having to follow Microsofts conference yesterday, everything they show is gonna look dated in comparison. They could do alright, you never know.
    jerrymanu 13 years ago

    I considered a peedo entry but though better of it.......

    /also went a little too far
    Britesparc 13 years ago

    Chat up ten year old boys! Give them pictures you've drawn! Ask them why they look sad and not to tell their mummies!

    /went too far
    Telepathic.Geometry 13 years ago
    /crosses fingers for Pikmin 3
    /crosses toes for Pikmin 3
    /crosses eyes for Pikmin 3

    /sells soul to devil for Pikmin 3
    jerrymanu 13 years ago
    Ninnty to out do M$? -- Console less gaming -- The new "exercise" game = Go out side and actually play sports, talk to real people and really get your hands wet while tickling a trout.
    spekkeh 13 years ago
    Oh god I'm so hyped. My heartbeat is skyrocketing. I literally can't wait to watch this and then get online to vomit hundreds of pages of text on every messageboard saying how incredibly bumfucked I feel and how Nintendo am doomed.
    Britesparc 13 years ago
    Super Mario Graph!

    No, seriously, I expect: Pikmin 3; Zelda Spirit Tracks; Wii Fit Plus; more on Wii Sports Resort; a new Mario game, which I reckon will be more Paper Mario than Mario Galaxy; another casual franchise; some brand new DSi titles; that Ubisoft camera; and, er, something else.

    I'd LOVE IT if they announced a brand new "proper" Mario game, where you could have split screen Mario & Luigi co-op.
    Darren 13 years ago
    P.S. I *am* deeply excited at the prospect of playing a new Zelda and Mario game before anyone accuses me of hating Nintendo.
    Darren 13 years ago
    I'm going to bet that Nintendo's conference will be as crushingly disappointing as last year's apart from the announcement of a new Mario and Zelda game. Half of it will consist of boring charts, graphs and slides showing how successful and amazingly popular the Wii is worldwide, how it is doing so much better than the competion and how wonderful Nintendo really are. I think I'm going to skip the live presentation and just read the highlights for that reason. I'm confident there won't be many. :p
    rauper 13 years ago
    One person at E3 yesterday said when asked what's being announced said "Oh it's Wii HD". I really doubt it, but he did sound like he knew.

    I'm posting this now so I can say "first" later. Or just delete it.
    el_vicio 13 years ago
    Post deleted
    bluem4gic 13 years ago
    I wait in pain

    Their conferences have been very poor the last 2 years
    Heitzu 13 years ago
    I sorely missed charts not being in Microsoft's conference yesterday.

    Everybody needs a good pie chart to get their teeth into.

    TheBiGW 13 years ago
    Waggle waggle waggle
    david78 13 years ago
    OMG. Hyped.