Amazon Prime Day 4K TV deals 2020

All the top offers on 4K HDR TVs for Prime Day 2020.

Amazon's mid-season shopping holiday, Prime Day 2020, has started and runs until 14th, so here are the best discounted items in the US and UK that get the DF seal of approval. Of course, Amazon is far from the only retailer taking part, as its competitors are launching conveniently timed "Black Friday in October" sales that happen to fall on exactly the same dates - so if you don't like shopping with Amazon, you have some alternatives.

Here at Digital Foundry, one of our big focuses this year is on the best 4K HDR TV sales, as many people are looking to upgrade their living room setups with a shiny new TV just in time for the release of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.

We've also got our own separate recommendations for the best Prime Day PC deals, so if you're looking to upgrade your PC with new components or peripherals - or even build afresh! - then you should definitely check that out. We also have a selection of Prime Day laptop and desktop deals that's well worth checking out if you prefer buying a full system rather than building or upgrading piecemeal.

You should also check Eurogamer's curated selection of broader Prime Day gaming deals, including games and games consoles.

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Prime Day OLED TV deals

OLED TVs offer strong advantages over traditional LCD displays, including perfect blacks for technically infinite contrast, wide viewing angles, quick pixel response times and more. However, QLED sets tend to offer greater peak brightness figures than OLEDs, making them slightly better for bright rooms, and OLEDs can also exhibit permanent image retention in rare circumstances*. On balance, OLEDs advantages outweigh their weaknesses, which is why an OLED is our current top choice for gaming on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

LG's CX series is our current top recommendation, as this set includes a lot of great gaming features like HDMI 2.1, 120fps support up to 4K, low input lag, good scaling for SD sources and support for all three major variable refresh rate standards: FreeSync, G-Sync and HDMI VRR. Combined with the excellent contrast, colours and viewing angles you'd expect from a top OLED panel, and you're in for an absolute treat.

However, there are other great OLED sets on the market too using the same panels, including LG's own BX and GX TVs, plus models from Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, Philips and others that offer slightly different features and performance.

Prime Day QLED TV deals

QLED sets are another great choice at the mid to upper ends of the market, boasting wider viewing angles and better colours than a typical LED set without the possibility of burn-in exhibited by OLED TVs. That makes them a strong pairing not only for next-gen consoles, but also for the PC.

The best QLED sets on the market are made by Samsung, including this year's QXXT series (Q95T, Q90T, Q80T and so on) and last year's QXXR series (Q90R, Q80R, Q70R etc). Interestingly, Samsung's 2019 TVs are all a tier lower than the 2020 models, with the Q90R's features shifting to the Q95T and the Q70T most closely resembling the Q60R.

Other manufacturers are also using the same quantum dot film that gives QLED its name on their own TVs, and these can be worth a look too.

Here are the best QLED deals for Prime Day 2020 we've found at this early stage.

Prime Day cheap 4K TV deals

We'll finish with the final category: normal LED TVs that haven't been enhanced with a quantum dot film. These TVs tend to be much cheaper at a given size than QLED or OLED equivalents, making them the best (and often only) choice at more reasonable budgets. Within this category, you'll see mostly TVs built around VA panels, but there are some IPS TVs available as well. VA screens offer the best contrast and dark room performance, while IPS screens tend to offer wider viewing angles and sometimes better colour reproduction.

The standout choice in this category is the Sony X900H/XH9005, the official "Ready for PlayStation 5" TV. It will support the full gamut of HDMI 2.1 features with a future update, including variable refresh rates up to 4K 120Hz, and also offers some unique control options for PS5 owners. Other TVs we recommend include the budget-friendly TCL R635 in the US and the excellent value Samsung TU8000.

We've also spotted some extremely affordable Toshiba TVs for American readers in three sizes, as well as a wide variety of TVs from lesser-known manufacturers in the UK that are a good value for TV and films. This category is the widest in terms of manufacturers and models, so take a look at what we've found thus far below.

Not sure which TV to choose? Check out our constantly-updated best 4K TV recommendations, where we've put a special focus on excellent HDR gaming performance on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Stay tuned for more deals over the next 48 hours, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you find any deals we've missed. You can also follow @dealsfoundry on Twitter for the best tech deals as we find them - for fast-moving items like the next-gen consoles or Nvidia graphics cards, often stock is exhausted in a matter of minutes so instant notifications can be a great way to ensure you end up with the tech you want.

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