Amazon just launched a host of new deals to mark the beginning of Black Friday proper, including a very tempting-looking SSD: the SanDisk SSD Plus 960GB, providing a terabyte of storage for just 116. That's an awesome deal, working out to 12p per gigabyte - one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for an SSD of this size, in fact. SanDisk is also a trusted name in the flash storage space, and the SSD Plus has remained popular since it arrived in 2016. However, this deal isn't as good as it appears - and we reckon you can do better.

The SanDisk SSD Plus 960GB drive is a big one to be sure, and it's even got a bunch of five star reviews on Amazon. However, this SSD is only really better than a mechanical hard drive when it comes to speed; compared to almost any other SSD on the market, including many budget models, it comes up short. In tests, its controller was found to just not be up to snuff, with performance that quickly drops below its stated maximum speeds. Therefore, we recommend spending a little more to get a drive that will last longer and provide a much more consistent boost to performance. With that in mind, here are two 1TB alternatives to the SanDisk Plus that will absolutely out-perform it at a similar price point.


The 117 Crucial MX500 SATA SSD 1TB is perhaps the most obvious option, offering way better performance than the SanDisk drive at almost precisely the same price thanks to a late-breaking Black Friday deal. The drive has a good reputation for longevity and reliability, and provides consistently faster performance thanks to a more advanced controller onboard. All in all, a solid upgrade over the SanDisk drive.

Our final alternative is the 140 Samsung 860 Evo 1TB. This drive is generally considered to be the fastest SATA SSD (or close to it, at least) and should offer a small but potentially noticeable upgrade over the Crucial MX500 and be way better than the SanDisk SSD Plus. It's been discounted for Black Friday on Amazon, but still costs about 20 more than its competitors. If I was building a system, this is the one I would go for, but there's certainly an argument to be made for the Crucial MX500 too.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you - certainly, plenty of people have bought a SanDisk SSD Plus 960GB drive and absolutely loved it. But from our point of view, the Samsung 860 Evo and Crucial MX500 are demonstrably better drives for nearly the same price - so why not go with one of these instead?

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