Destiny 2 Iron Banner: Season 15 armor, weapons, For the War to Come quest explained

Blood and banner.

Destiny 2's Iron Banner marks its return during Season of the Splicer.

As with previous seasons, the limited-time Crucible event comes back at full swing with refreshed gear and a new Iron Banner quest to complete.

As you prepare your favourite loadout before returning to the fray during the event's second week, this page will cover everything there is to know about returning Iron Banner weapons, Iron Banner armor, and the Iron Banner schedule for the rest of the season.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 15 weapons explained

A huge part of the appeal of Iron Banner, aside the thrill of the competition, always comes down to the exclusive rewards you gain from the event. We'll touch on the armor in the following section, but we wanted to start with weapons since that's the major selling point for this first event of the season.

Season 15's Iron Banner will have a total of two weapons. These are brand new in the game, and you can jump ahead of time to make the most out of the first Iron Banner week now.

  • Forge's Pledge (new Pulse Rifle)
  • Peacebond (new Sidearm)

As for how to unlock them, each is available through vendor packages, bounties, match rewards and the Seasonal Iron Banner quest, of course.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 15 armor explained

The Iron Banner armor for Season 15 is Iron Forerunner.


Unlike Season 14, Season of the Lost brings a brand new set of armor for Iron Banner players, which is an exciting premise.

Alongside obtaining XP and pinnacle gear, there is a peculiar addition with the Iron Forerunner set.

This set introduces the Iron Lord's Pride intrinsic perk. As a result, wearing a piece of this armor grants a small chance of an Enhancement Prism being dropped at the end of an Iron Banner match. Each additional piece worn increases this chance, capping at at four pieces total.

If that sounds enticing to you, here's how to complete the Iron Banner Season 15 quest.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 15 quest For the War to Come explained

Iron Banner wouldn't be complete without a new seasonal quest to follow through. In this occasion, you will have to follow through five sets of objectives, ranging from capturing zones to defeating enemies with specific weapons and abilities.


While this is the first week of Iron Banner in Season of the Lost, remember that future opportunities are limited. We recommend to avoid procrastinating and start catching up with the For the War to Come quest steps as early as possible, which are as follows:

  • For the War to Come (Step 1 of 5)
    • 10 Energy Weapon Kills
    • 10 Zones Captured
    • 30 Guardians Killed
  • For the War to Come (Step 2 of 5)
    • 15 Pulse Rifle Kills
    • 20 Zones Captured
    • 6 Matches Completed
  • For the War to Come (Step 3 of 5)
    • 100 Guardians Killed
    • 30 Zones Captured
    • 10 Ability Kills
  • For the War to Come (Step 4 of 5)
    • 15 Super Kills
    • 40 Zones Captured
    • 15 Sidearm Kills
  • For the War to Come (Step 5 of 5)
    • Lastly, return to Lord Saladin to complete the quest and claim your rewards!

This week's Iron Banner bounties in Destiny 2

During each week that Iron Banner is active, you can expect an array of bounties to complete throughout the seven-day period.

We recommend to make a quick stop and grab these before jumping to matches so you can make the most out of each encounter. Each bounty costs 1000 Glimmer and rewards XP, 50 Iron Banner tokens and Pinnacle Gear.


The bounties for this week's Iron Banner (from Tuesday, November 2nd to Tuesday, November 9th) are the following:

  • Oath of the Pack: Defeat opponents while assisted by at least one other teammate
  • An Arsenal of Tricks: Defeat opponents with final blows from any ability. Earn bonus progress for Supers and opponents with a higher Power level
  • Iron Confidence: Defeat opponents with final blows from any weapon. Earn bonus progress for Energy weapons, Power weapons and opponents with a higher Power level
  • The Rout: Defeat opponents in the Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress by landing final blows on opponents with a higher Power level

Destiny 2 Iron Banner schedule so far this season

While Bungie has not released a roadmap for Season of the Lost, in terms of the Iron Banner schedule in Season 15, the dates have been as follows:

  • Tuesday, September 28th
  • Tuesday, August 31st
  • Tuesday, October 5th
  • Tuesday, November 2nd
  • Tuesday, December 7th

This is the fifth week of Iron Banner, and you should make the most of it considering there is no specific schedule in sight, but also not that many months left until the Witch Queen expansion. The earlier you can start farming rewards, the better, especially if you missed the first few weeks.

We'll update this accordingly as we know more upcoming dates!

Moments of Triumph return for another year! Elsewhere, we've recently had the Bungie 30th Anniversary, which adds the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, Strange Coins, new Exotics including the Gjallarhorn and Forerunner. There's more to come in the Season of the Lost roadmap, but until then, we've seen the Wayfinders Voyage, the Astral Alignment activity and finding Atlas Skew, Trivial Mystery, Enigmatic Mystery, Ascendant Mystery, Data Cache, Parallax Trajectory and Ascendant Anchor locations. Elsewhere, we've seen new Nightfall weapons such as the Uzume RR4, Plug One.1 and Hung Jury SR4. Other recent new features include transmog and materials Synthstrand, Synthcord and Synthweave, the Splicer Gauntlet and Decrypted Data used to upgrade it.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner explained: How Iron Banner works

If this is your first time diving into Iron Banner or you're returning after a long time, there is plenty to get excited about.

This 12 player PvP event is an exclusive time-event for Crucible, and the biggest difference comes from how gear works. In regular Crucible matches there are no level advantages, but this is disabled in Iron Banner, meaning that players with higher Power gear will make use of that higher edge. Skill is as important as ever, of course, so gear won't be everything.


As in classic Destiny 2 fashion, a unique mode means an exclusive currency to go along, which is also the case here. Iron Banner tokens are rewarded for playing matches, and can then be exchanged to level up Lord Saladin's rank, obtaining rewards with each of them. You will have time until the end of the season to complete bounties and get new gear.

All in all, aside from the novelty of how Iron Banner differs from your regular Crucible, you can obtain exclusive weapons and armor as rewards. In addition, you can expect pinnacle drops when completing bounties. If you're interested in PvP in any capacity, you shouldn't miss trying out Iron Banner. Just make sure to prepare for the challenge!

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