On the decision not to offer the 80GB PS3 in Europe:

"The difference between 60GB and 80GB is not really necessary... We didn't want to complicate things, we wanted to have one model." - July 2007

On whether the 80GB PS3 will be offered in Europe:

"I don't know that any other hard drive configuration is even planned." - May 2008

On offering the 80GB PS3 in Europe:

"The 80GB hard drive hit a price - a procurement price - at a point where we said, 'Yes, we'll take it now.'" - July 2008

On PlayStation Home:

"It looks a lot better than it did." - July 2008

On the lack of PSP software:

"To solve the problem - if there is a problem with PSP - we need to have better and more original games." - July 2007

"It's like in the circus - you've got to keep all the plates up, you know? So the plate we'll be working on now will be the games on PSP." - August 2007

David Reeves, with his gently wizened eyes and his gaze like molten chocolate.

"Hand on heart, would we like more PSP games? Yes, we would. We really would." - May 2008

"Do I think the need for better and more original games has been met? No, I don't." - January 2009

"I'm not going to stand here and tell you we've had it all our own way since we launched the PSP. We know that [the software line-up] has not lived up always to expectations. But... That has been rectified." - April 2009

On whether he wishes publishers produced more big titles for PSP:

"I worry about it, but it comes back to how thin they have to spread the butter... They can only place their chips on so many slots." - January 2009

On why PSP owners were leaving their handhelds at home:

"They said - particularly females - they said it's a little bit heavy." - August 2007

On whether the PSP will ever come with a hard drive:

"I think it's definitely possible later, yes." - July 2007

"It's still possible, but it's going to be later rather than sooner." - January 2009

No relation.

On being an armadillo:

"We're protecting ourselves with a very hard shell to get through the next one or two years of an economic situation. If you're experienced, you know you have to go into that mode - it's like being an armadillo. You have to be hard, and then you will come out when the sun comes out." - January 2009

On Sony's goals for 2009:

"The most important thing... Is for us to start making money." - January 2009

On PlayStation 4:

"I have never even heard it mentioned." - January 2009

On saying farewell:

"I may be leaving the industry, but as long as it continues to pursue the goal of exciting and inspiring people, it will be an industry I will always be very proud to have been a part of." - April 2009

"I am going to spend my time now trying to repay society for all I have taken from it. If your children are having physics lessons at the local school or wondering why their ski instructor is very elderly, your car mechanic has a bad back, or the social worker keeps bringing you PSP games, then it could just be me." - April 2009

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