Cyberpunk 2077 Freeing Brick explained: How to free Brick and disarm the trap in The Pickup's optional objective

How to free the captured character in the Act 1 mission.

Freeing Brick in Cyberpunk 2077 is a possible optional objective in Act 1 mission The Pickup.

Provided Brick has survived in the mission, there will be a side-mission to find a way to free Brick as you complete the main task of escaping All Foods.

Once you have done that, he's not able to flee just yet - with the follow up task of disarming the trap preventing Brick's escape.

This page explains how to complete both objectives before you complete The Pickup.

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How to free Brick in Cyberpunk 2077 mission The Pickup

Provided he's survived to this point, Brick will be held in a room in the first area as you escape from All Foods in The Pickup. When you approach the door, the find a way to free Brick objective will appear.


To open the door, activate the scanner mode, and look at the door terminal to the left.


This will come up with a number of options. Select Remote Deactivation, and the door will swiftly open itself to you. A seemingly straightforward solution, but since this is an early game mission, it's something you might easily overlook.


If you don't have enough Cyberdeck RAM - you need 2 slots to do this particular hack - then remember if you have any perk points available in Intelligence, you can unlock the Biosynergy skill, allowing you to recover RAM passively during combat.


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How to disarm the trap preventing Brick's escape in Cyberpunk 2077 mission The Pickup

As you approach Brick, he'll mention he's currently trapped by a mine. If he moves an inch, he's toast - so it's down to you to disarm the trap and set him free.

How to disarm the mine and free Brick.

There are a few ways to do this. One is by directly disarming the mine - look at it, and provided you have enough attributes in Technical Ability, you should be able to disable it.


Otherwise, you can find the detonator. Leave the room, and enter the door immediately to the left. On the side is the detonator.


Pick it up, then disarm the charge. (You can also opt to blow it up - the choice, ultimately, is yours.)


Now Brick has been freed, you can engage in a proper conversation about the mission in question. To wrap it up, you can select 'You owe us' - suggesting a favour will be coming down the line.


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