Crytek's Cevat Yerli

On Crysis and being super badass.

Last week, we published an exclusive preview of Crytek's forthcoming PC shooter, Crysis. And some screenshots. And some videos, come to think of it.

It's all thanks to our recent visit to Crytek's Frankfurt studio, where we got to see what the developer has been up to since the success of its last title, Far Cry. Here, CEO Cevat Yerli explains how Crysis marks a departure for the studio, why there are no plans for a console version and what's going on behind the doors we weren't allowed to enter...

Eurogamer: Up until now you've been best known for Far Cry, so comparisons with Crysis are inevitable. How well do you think your new game will stand up?

Cevat Yerli: The one thing they have in common is they're developed by Crytek. The gameplay in Crysis may represent Far Cry here and there, because we have a trademark gameplay which is about being smarter than the enemy.

But in Crysis there's more of a transformation going on, more xenomorphing - the aliens actively change the world, and the player has to continually adapt to survive.

The way players survive challenges, whether from North Koreans or the alien enemies, is through using the nano suit, customisable weaponry and open level design. That forces the user to think about how to engage the enemy, and the amount of interactivity we have in the world immerses you.


Eurogamer: What sets Crysis apart from all the other FPS games on the shelves?

Cevat Yerli: The nano suit and customisable weapons are big additions. They change the way you play completely. You can play any scene differently, try this out, try that out, and you should be feeling like a super badass as a hero who is conquering everything without being seen.

You get a top quality science fiction story. Everything is tangible and believable but still there's this alien element. Weapons look realistic, the world looks realistic - it's grounded in reality but it's still science fiction.

The bottom line is the freedom offered by the AI system, and the gamer's freedom. But also the visual fidelity - with Direct X10, and even the Direct X9 version, the visual direction we pushed in will resonate very strongly with gamers.

Eurogamer: There's a lot of hype about the visuals in Crysis. But what if you don't have Direct X10?

Cevat Yerli: As a PC game developer you have to make sure your game runs on two to three year old PCs. In fact, the current specification we're planning for is even four year old PCs.

If you're a gamer who bought a new gaming PC two or three years ago, you can play Crysis, and you will get visuals that will compete with visuals of that time. Of course you won't get the super Direct X10 graphics, but we are competitive.

Eurogamer: During our visit you've been demoing the game with DirectX 9. Why is that?


Cevat Yerli: For different reasons. We're still receiving drivers which are crashing, that's the main reason. We don't have a stable driver yet. We have drivers out there on the market but we are pushing the drivers so hard that we are getting all the time multi-core drivers, dual core drivers, or multi-threaded drivers essentially, with multi-threaded architecture.

Until we get it on Vista running on multi-threaded drivers we don't want to show any more, because we are getting performance impact on Vista. We don't want to make Vista look bad either, because it's not Vista's fault - it's the driver right now. So we're working very closely with Nvidia to resolve these last issues we have with systemic performance... There are a lot of driver issues on the market.

DirectX 9 just runs smoothly for us. We've been working with it for five or six years now. I would even say some DirectX 10 games out there won't look as good as ours running DirectX 9. Or as a competitor friend said, Crysis will be the zenith of graphics for probably the next two or three years. It's not me saying it, it's another guy saying it. I won't mention who...

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