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Keith and Alan discuss their new games.

Celebrity-endorsed videogames are hit and miss. For every Tiger Woods PGA Tour there's a Carol Vorderman's Mind Aerobics; for every Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course, a Brian Lara Cricket. And who could forget Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge or Steven Gerrard's Total Soccer 2002?

Everyone, obviously, but there's a lucrative market for this sort of thing. Especially in the run-up to Christmas, which would explain why Oxygen has just released two new celebrity quiz games for PC and PS2, with Wii versions to follow on 30th November.

First up is Cheggers' Party Quiz, which stars legendary Saturday Superstore and Naked Jungle presenter Keith Chegwin. Then there's Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge, which stars Alan Hansen.

Both celebs were kind enough to answer some questions from Eurogamer about their quizzes and gaming in general. Read on to find out what Alan Hansen likes most about his new game, and why Keith Chegwin believes Sony must further re-examine its pricing policy in order to secure its foothold in an increasingly competitive hardware market.

Eurogamer: So, Keith Chegwin. Why did you agree to star in Oxygen's new quiz game and how much are they paying you?

Keith Chegwin: I've been asked loads of times over the years to do a board game, DVD and quiz book for a programme I did along time ago called Cheggers Plays Pop. I'm a great fan of technology and love pushing back the boundaries. To be animated is probably one of the greatest offers I've had in 40 years of being in the biz - that's why I accepted their offer!

I've never been financially motivated, but yes, money-wise, I get a share of sales.

Eurogamer: What's the best feature of the game?

Keith Chegwin: There are loads, but I love the interaction between the players and me as the character - he makes me laugh! Plus there are so many questions. It's a real family game. Plus after a night down the pub, get the lads and lasses round for a laugh!

Eurogamer: The big rivals to Cheggers' Party Quiz are the Buzz! games. Have you played any of them? Why is your game better?

Keith Chegwin: Oops, sorry - I haven't played Buzz! so I can't comment. Also, I'm not a competitive person, so good luck to Buzz!

He looks so happy!

Eurogamer: Is the in-game Keith Chegwin an accurate representation of you?

Keith Chegwin: I think he's slightly podgier than me, but my son thinks it's a very accurate portrayal! However, I think it still shows off my good looks and model-like physique.

Eurogamer: Have you played Alan Hansen's quiz game? Which is more fun, yours or his?

Keith Chegwin: I'm not a sports fan and I haven't played his game as yet. But I think mine will be more fun as I've not seen him crack many gags on TV!

Eurogamer: What other games do you like?

Keith Chegwin: I love Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

Eurogamer: What's your take on Sony's strategy of introducing a new 40GB PlayStation 3 at GBP 299 and discontinuing the 60GB model? Do you think this will be enough to change the platform holder's ailing fortunes, or will Sony still struggle to rack up high sales in the face of Xbox 360's healthy installed base and the unique mass market appeal of the Wii?

Keith Chegwin: Sony's big problem is the price. We're all waiting for it to drop even further. They can make it more affordable - until then they will struggle to rack up those much-needed sales.

Eurogamer: Do you think Saturday morning kids' TV is as good as it used to be? We'd rather watch Saturday Superstore than Fearne Cotton flashing her Coco Hernandez at the nation any day. Wouldn't you?

Keith Chegwin: Ooohh! Time moves on - funny how we all think that programmes we saw during our childhood were better than what is on TV now. I love Fearne and quite like her flashing!

Eurogamer: Did you ever get off with Sarah Greene?

Keith Chegwin: No - but it wasn't through lack of trying.

Eurogamer: In 1971, you appeared in the Roman Polanski version of Macbeth. Three decades later, you appeared on Channel 5 wearing nothing but a pith helmet. Which was the more positive experience?

Keith Chegwin: Err... Tough one, as I also took my clothes off in Macbeth. In one scene I got into bed naked with Martin Shaw, who played my Dad. It would have to be the movie. I do regret dropping my pants on Channel 5 and my mother hasn't forgiven me for it.

Eurogamer: So you regret doing Naked Jungle?

Keith Chegwin: Yes, I do. But I only had a small part in the show!

Eurogamer: Would you be interested in appearing in a Naked Jungle videogame? Do you know if Oxygen has any plans to make one?

Keith Chegwin: No - but I am in talks about Cheggers' Alien Invasion!

Eurogamer: Do you expect Cheggers' Party Quiz to top the videogame chart this Christmas?

Keith Chegwin: I do hope so. It's a cracking game and I'm ever so proud of it. It's the best thing I've ever done. Wey-Hey!!

He doesn't.

Good old Cheggers. And here's our Q&A with Alan Hansen, who doesn't seem quite as excited about his new videogame, and wouldn't answer all of our questions, none of which were allowed to be about his football career. But anyway.

Eurogamer: Why did you agree to become involved with Oxygen and their new quiz game?

Alan Hansen: I liked the concept.

Eurogamer: What's your favourite thing about the game?

Alan Hansen: The questions.

Eurogamer: Do you think the in-game Alan Hansen is an effective representation of you?

Alan Hansen: Of course.

Eurogamer: Are you worried it's a bit of a caricature?

Alan Hansen: It doesn't bother me.

Eurogamer: Do you play other games much? If so, which ones?

Alan Hansen: I am not normally a games person, but of course this one is different.

Eurogamer: Are you worried that computer games encourage kids to stay indoors, when they should be outside practicing to become future England players?

Alan Hansen: It should be everything in moderation. They need fresh air but should also be allowed to play computer games at times.

Eurogamer: Do you think footballers should play computer games? David James once blamed poor performance on the amount of time he spent playing games. Some say they're bad for vision, others say they can help to improve reaction times. What do you think?

Alan Hansen: It is up to the individual, but certainly not when they are preparing for matches.

Cheggers' Party Quiz and Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge are out now on PC and PS2, and will be available for Wii on 30th November.

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