Warzone New Perspectives Intel Mission locations: UAV and corrupted image Intel clues explained

Where to find all of the fourth Intel locations in Modern Warfare: Warzone.

Warzone's New Perspectives Intel Missions are set of objectives within Modern Warfare's battle royale mode.

Released in the second half of Season 4, these have you find items on the map while playing matches by following a series of clues.

Completing each one rewards you with XP, while the entire set rewards you with 10,000XP - giving you a boost towards completing your Season 4 Battle Pass.

Note with the arrival of Warzone Season 2 in February 2021, you can no longer complete this activity. If you're looking for more help, check out our best Warzone weapons page.

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Warzone New Perspectives Intel Missions and their locations

The following late-season 'New Perspectives' Challenges went live on July 22nd, 2020.

Similar to the previous Fractured Intel, Hunting the Enemy and Hidden Cargo locations, each New Perspectives Intel step must be completed in sequence.


You can find it within the Challenges area of the Warzone menu, then tab to the end to find these objectives.

Remember these need to be done in Warzone matches. If you're struggling to grab certain items because the areas are heavily populated - the Intel locations are the same for everyone, after all - then try landing near the location and give it a few minutes before moving in.

Alternatively, play until you enter the Gulag and use that second match appearance to pay a visit (assuming you win, of course).

Also, you can only complete one Intel per match. So continue playing, purposely lose or simply quit out to start another match and the next objective.

Warzone New Perspectives Intel location 1: Find the location in the message Ghost sent you

For the first New Perspectives objective, you are given the clue "Find the location in the message Ghost sent you" and the following image for 2500 XP:


To complete this, head to the Miltary Base in the north of the map, then locate the training ground, just off center to the west.


It'll look very different to the surrounding structures - so is hopefully easy to spot from above.


Drop inside the training ground, and to the north-east are several green crates against a wall. Climb up them to find the intel on the top of the wall.


Warzone New Perspectives Intel location 2: Begin the search for the UAV

For the next New Perspectives objective, you are given the clue "Begin the search for the UAV" and the following image for 5000 XP:


To complete this, you need to return to the Military Base once more. This time, you go to a short tower of sorts, left of the runway running north to south.


The tower is joined to another building, with stairs running around the outside.


Climb the tower. Once inside, check the papers on the ground for the intel location.


Warzone New Perspectives Intel location 3: The UAV was being controlled from the airport

For the next New Perspectives objective, you are given the clue "The UAV was being controlled from the airport" and the following image for 5000 XP:


To complete this, we need to head to the Airport. Specifically, to a series of buildings that look bolted onto the area on the very east side.


This set of buildings is surrounded by a fence and beyond that, some trees.


There are two buildings here. Enter the south one, and inspect the binder on the desk for the intel.


Warzone New Perspectives Intel location 4: The downed UAV was being repaired

For the next New Perspectives objective, you are given the clue "The downed UAV was being repaired" and the following image for 5000 XP:


To complete this, head to the Boneyard - the location to the west side of the map. Specifically, you're after the largest structure to the south.


Here is a large warehouse with a curved roof. You can enter via a door in the back, or through a large opening in the front.


Inside of the warehouse, in the middle, is a laptop on its side. This is where you will find the intel.


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Warzone New Perspectives Intel location 5: A corrupted image could give a clearer picture

For the final New Perspectives objective, you are given the clue "A corrupted image could give a clearer picture" and the following image for 5000 XP:


To complete this, you're heading to Downtown, to the large structure in the middle of the location.


It's north-east of a tower block, and has columns around the front.


Go into the building, and in the middle of the ground floor, go behind the reception area to find a military workbench.


Here is the final intel location.


With that done, the New Perspectives Intel is complete. There is one final clue hinting at some story, saying "Learn the truth behind the attack". Sounds like we're getting close to finding out what happened...

Hope you enjoyed the storyline and the XP which comes with it!

Next in the sequence are The Lost Team Intel locations.

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