Apex Legends characters list: Best pairing recommendations, plus all Legend abilities and ultimates listed

Everything you need to know about the growing roster in Apex Legends - including Loba.

Apex Legends characters and classes are, unlike its battle royale counterparts, a pretty central part of the game.

This page features a breakdown of all the essentials for each class, noting all character abilities, ultimates and playstyles for you to get off to a running start - and our best character pairing recommendations for each.

There are currently 13 Legends in-game, with six already unlocked at launch and a further seven available that you'll need to unlock in-game, either by earning the in-game currency or paying for it with real-world cash.

We run through them all, including the new Legend, Loba who was recently released as part of Apex Legends Season 5 in May 2020.

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What are our most and least recommended Apex Legends characters?

While there is no real 'meta' when it comes to Apex Legends, there are some characters that are better than others at certain things.

For a more casual, running and gunning experience without much thought of tactics we recommend Bangalore and Lifeline, who don't have the highest mobility, but do not take a long time to learn like Wraith or Caustic.

If you want high mobility, then don't bother looking at any other Legends that aren't Pathfinder, Wraith or Octane. Pathfinder can zip around the map with ease, Octane can use his jump-pad and stims to run circles around the enemy team, Loba is excellent at getting to places without the use of ziplines, and Wraith has such a small hitbox alone that, alongside her abilities, she is much tougher to handle.

If you want to be more aggressive, then we recommend combining high mobility with heavy hitters like Revenant. He isn't great by himself, but if you want to cause some damage in a team, pairing him with Gibraltar and Bangalore's ultimates will make the enemy team defenceless.

And if you just want to build a team where defence is the best offence, there are characters like Gibraltar, Wattson and Caustic. While they severely lack mobility, if you're holed up somewhere and there are enemies all around you, building your very own trap has never been easier with Gibraltar's dome, Wattson's electric fences and Caustic's gas canisters.

Bloodhound, Crypto and Mirage are tough Legends to place, as while together they can be effective at tricking the enemy, as well as scouting out for them, they can feel extremely lacking in comparison to the rest of the legends unless they have the right people paired with them.

That said, there is a lot to love about the Apex Legends, and none of them are really undeserving of being played. With that in mind, here we'll show you just which Legends are available, their abilities, best pairings and their pros and cons.

Apex Legends Bangalore character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Bangalore pairings

Bangalore is available for free from the the off, and is referred to as a 'Professional Shooter'.


Bangalore Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher

Fire's a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.

Bangalore Passive Ability: Double Time

Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.

Bangalore Ultimate: Rolling Thunder

Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

Bangalore Playstyle:

Bangalore is a 'soldier'-style class, meaning she's all about pretty regular gun-based combat. Her passive and tactical abilities combine very well for rapid repositioning, we've found, so she actually works well as a combat support character too, allowing your team to reposition or for you to help set up a flank.

Her ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder can be an amazing ability depending on how you use it. It requires you to throw a smoke-like grenade beacon to set it off, so you need to be within relatively close range for it to be of much use otherwise anyone can run from it.



  • Bangalore is very easy to pick up and is an excellent Legend for newer players.
  • She's able to get in and out of tricky situations without much of an issue thanks to her smoke grenade and her passive, Double Time.


  • Because Bangalore is so easy to pick up, she doesn't really excel at anything like other Legends do.

Bangalore's best pairings:

  • Caustic - If done correctly, Bangalore's smoke grenade can work extremely well in hiding Caustic's gas canisters. This play is very dependent on your enemy, however, so do be aware that you'll need to be careful.
  • Crypto - While the enemy team think they can hide, if Crypto has already pinged you with his drone then Bangalore can easily use her smoke or even her ultimate to send them running for their lives.

Apex Legends Bloodhound character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Bloodhound pairings

Bloodhound is available and free to play from the start, and is referred to as a 'Technological Tracker'.


Bloodhound Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather

Briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you. You're able to ping these clues to alert the rest of your team.

Bloodhound Passive Ability: Tracker

See tracks left behind by your foes. You can also ping these to alert your team.

Bloodhound Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

Enhances your senses, allowing you to move faster and highlighting your prey.

Bloodhound Playstyle:

Bloodhound is an excellent option for clearing potentially-dangerous buildings and areas where you're likely to be ambushed.

While you may think that Bloodhound's Tracker passive is useful, it really only works best when you're in a cramped area and fresh tracks appear. Other times it feels much like you're using the ability to play catch up with a team that's been through the area a minute ago.

Beast of the Hunt is best used in tandem with Eye of the Allfather in the end-game, where you're down to a small, often confined and indoors area, where knowing which way to turn as you burst into the next room can make the difference. A character that relies on good pings and communication!



  • Bloodhound is perfect for picking off enemies when they are at their weakest, using their ultimate ability best when they are in a fight.
  • Bloodhound's tracking abilities puts them at an advantage in cramped quarters.


  • Bloodhound's tracking abilities are still very good in the right circumstance, but do pale in comparison to Crypto's who is able to use his drone to ping enemies - giving him an advantage over Bloodhound.

Bloodhound's best pairings:

  • Mirage - Bloodhound may not have the best tracking abilities anymore, but the enemies they can track is an excellent reason why they works well with Mirage's decoys. Sending them off in the general direction of the tracks can cause confusion, and leave you able to mop up the enemy team even before they've realized their mistake.
  • Bangalore - Much like Caustic's gas, Bloodhound is able to see through Bangalore's smoke with their ultimate and work that to their advantage. There is just no hiding from Bloodhound.

Apex Legends Caustic character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Caustic pairings

Caustic is in-game from the off, but needs to be unlocked first, either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins, and is described as a 'Toxic Trapper'.


Caustic Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap

Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies going past them.

Caustic Passive Ability: Nox Vision

Allows you to see enemies through your gas.

Caustic Secondary Passive Ability: Fortified

Caustic takes 15% less damage and is unable to be slowed down by bullets.

Caustic Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade

You throw a grenade that blankets a large area in Nox gas. Be careful, like most Apex Legends ultimates, this affects your team as well as your enemies.

Caustic Playstyle:

Caustic's abilities work well in tandem with one another, setting enemies up with a trap or your ultimate, and then picking them off while they're distracted or obstructed by the gas itself by using your passive.

He is also best used in close quarters, or just general cramped spaces as the enemy will have no other choice but to be affected by his toxic gas.



  • Caustic's gas canisters are lethal when placed in buildings or around the edges of a closing ring. Even if the enemy sees and shoots them, they still have a chance of getting blasted in the face.
  • Caustic's ultimate ability can flush out an enemy team in a building almost instantly. Even if they don't leave, they most certainly are weak enough for Caustic and his team to finish them off.


  • Caustic suffers most when he is at a distance. Even with Fortified, Caustic is a huge moving target and doesn't have the same defensive capabilities as characters like Gibraltar.

Caustic best pairings:

  • Wattson - There is absolutely nothing worse than rushing into a building to find you've just gone through a Wattson trap, slowing you down and damaging you. The only thing worse? Running straight into a Caustic trap straight afterwards. We've actually had experiences where this has killed enemy teams. Don't mess with Wattson and Caustic.
  • Pathfinder - Pathfinder's ability to find the next ring is perfect for Caustic as he can easily trap the ring full of his gas canisters. The other team won't know what hit them!

Apex Legends Gibraltar character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Gibraltar pairings

Gibraltar is a freely available character playable from the off, and is described as a 'Shielded Fortress'.


Gibraltar Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection

Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds. You cannot fire from inside of it.

Gibraltar Passive Ability: Gun Shield

Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.

Gibraltar Secondary Passive Ability: Fortified

Gibraltar takes 15% less damage and is unable to be slowed down by bullets.

Gibraltar Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment

Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.

Gibraltar Playstyle:

Gibraltar is a tank in more of the literal sense - high defenses and long-range artillery for offenses, at least in terms of his ultimate. He works best when set up in a static position, with the bubble shield and gun shield combo and the ultimate allowing you to pick off clustered enemies laying siege to your squad.

Don't think you have to sit in one spot though - he's great for distracting enemies with heavy fire from a window, say, behind his gun shield, while your squad flanks, but can also be a real pain when using those abilities as portable cover when you're on the move.

That said, do not mistake Gibraltar as an aggressive character. While he has his Fortified passive, he is still very easy to hit and you should be more of a supportive player rather than leading the charge.



  • Gibraltar excels at defence thanks to his gun shield and dome of protection.
  • Gibraltar's ultimate ability is one of the fastest to deploy in-game, making him a force to be reckoned with.


  • Like Caustic, Gibraltar's huge hitbox is one of the biggest downsides of playing him. It's also surprisingly easy to get caught on things with him, which can be a huge disadvantage in a firefight.

Gibraltar best pairings:

  • Lifeline - Lifeline and Gibraltar are a mean team to come across. They are very defensive characters for one, and can often get up a downed teammate with much more ease than any other Legends thanks to their combined abilities of Lifeline's shield and Gibraltar's dome of protection.
  • Octane - Octane is a speed demon, while Gibraltar can barely keep up. That's why the two of them compliment each other nicely - especially with Octane's ultimate ability giving Gibraltar the extra edge he needs to escape a firefight if need be.

Apex Legends Lifeline character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Lifeline pairings

Lifeline is available for free from the start in Apex Legends and is described as a 'Combat Medic'.


Lifeline Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Call your Drone of Compassion to automatically heal nearby teammates over time.

Lifeline Passive Ability: Combat Medic

Revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.

Lifeline Secondary Passive Ability: Low Profile

Lifeline takes 5% more damage due to her small hitbox making her harder to hit.

Lifeline Ultimate: Care Package

Call in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear. This gear does not include golden armour or weapons.

Lifeline Playstyle:

Lifeline is perhaps the most clearly-defined 'support'-class character in Apex Legends, being built around healing teammates, faster revives and bonus high-quality gear for your squad. It also helps she's pretty hard to hit, making her a great addition to your team.

We've found that early on, you'll want to spam your Care Package ultimate as often as possible, to make the most of that extra gear's availability for your entire squad - in the late game however it's best avoided, if possible, as it'll totally give away your position (although smart players might actually use it as a decoy...)

That ult is also useful for when you manage to revive killed enemies at a spawn point, as they'll have no gear on them at all, but other than that Lifeline's core focus is pretty simple: keep an eye on your pals' health and keep them topped up!



  • Lifeline's small hitbox and supportive abilities makes her suitable for both aggressive and defensive gameplay, depending on which suits you.
  • Lifeline is the only character that can heal health without a med-kit, making her one of the most reliable Legends to play as/team up with.


  • Lifeline has no real offensive abilities and relies largely on her weapons. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it can put her in quite the pickle early on in-game if she's got no weapons or items to protect herself with.

Lifeline best pairings:

  • Wraith - Wraith is an excellent Legend to pair with Lifeline for more defensive plays. Lifeline is able to get out of tough situations in a pinch, and will be able to rescue squadmates without having to risk herself too much by going through Wraith's portal.
  • Crypto - Crypto's surveillance drone is perfect for letting a Lifeline know when there aren't enemies around, aka the best time to use her ultimate ability and call in a care package.

Apex Legends Mirage character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Mirage pairings

Mirage is in the game at launch, but is only available from the in-game store - either earned or bought-with-real-money currency: 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. He's described as a 'Holographic Trickster'.


Mirage Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. Or as Mirage would say 'go bamboozle them!' With the new buff added to him for Season 5, you can even take control of these decoys. Pretty handy, huh?

Mirage Passive Ability: Now You See Me

Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down. You are able to decloak if you wish to. With Season 5's patch, Mirage is also able to go invisible when reviving teammates and using respawn beacons. If you ask us, that's just the kinda buff he needed.

Mirage Ultimate: Life of the Party

You deploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak. With the Season 5 update, the decoys will mimic everything you do.

Mirage Playstyle:

Mirage is a great option for those annoying lone wolves who want to head off roaming on their own in search of glory. After all, it's hard to get caught when there are 10 of you, right?

The better use, of course, is for Mirage to be used as part of a flanking effort from your squad, or as part of a tactical withdrawal when you're outnumbered.

He also has one of the highest 'skill caps', in our opinion, as top players will be able to do some pretty great things when they get creative with those abilities. But be careful, more experienced players know the difference between a real Mirage and a fake one.



  • Mirage is the best Legend to use when you want to confuse someone and make them shoot at something else while you circle around. His flanking game is on point.
  • While not really a supportive Legend, Mirage is able to use his passive to crawl away invisible while knocked down. More experienced players will get a kick out of being deceiving with Mirage.


  • Mirage is easy to predict if the enemy has played against him enough. His decoys do not act like he does, which makes it easy for experienced players to ignore his tricks completely.

Mirage best pairings:

  • Bangalore - Bangalore and Mirage are both able to confuse the enemy. Bangalore with her smoke grenade, and Mirage with his decoys. Pairing those abilities together can be lethal and mind boggling for an enemy team who won't know what to expect when a decoy bursts through the smoke towards them.
  • Gibraltar - Gibraltar's dome isn't just there for defensive plays - he can use them to bamboozle them almost as much as Mirage. After all, it's hard not see Gibraltar's dome and if a Mirage is already in there? Well, who isn't going to fall for a trick with that much set up?

Apex Legends Pathfinder character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Pathfinder pairings

Pathfinder is available and free to play from the off in Apex Legends, and is described as a 'Forward Scout'.


Pathfinder Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook

Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly. Alternatively, you can use the hook to pull enemies towards you.

Pathfinder Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring's next location.

Pathfinder Secondary Passive Ability: Low Profile

Pathfinder takes 5% more damage due to her small hitbox making her harder to hit.

Pathfinder Ultimate: Zipline Gun

Create a zipline for everyone to use. All aboard the Pathfinder train, choo, choo!

Pathfinder Playstyle:

Pathfinder is great for moving your squad around the map quickly, but you should beware your own tendency to wander off with his grappling hook and get isolated from the squad yourself. Trust us, it happens.

Top level play will likely involve using him to reposition your squad around enemies or get the drop on them from higher positions accessed by his Zipline Gun, and the best players will stand out from the rest with their ability to use that ultimate wisely - it's not just for a quick route when you're hoovering up loot at the start!



  • Pathfinder is highly mobile, and while his grappling hook times have been nerfed, he is still able to run circles around the enemy team enough that he can wipe them all out before they even know where you are.
  • Pathfinder's ability to know where the next circle's location will be is incredibly helpful for a team that knows how to prepare and flank against the enemy.


  • Pathfinder's mobility is awful without his grappling hooks. If they are on cool down, Pathfinder can be just as easy to down as a Crypto without his drone.

Pathfinder best pairings:

  • Octane - Sometimes you've just gotta go fast, and combining both Pathfinder and Octane's ultimates can do just that. This combination is very helpful when trying to get out of a dire situation, or even can be used as an aggressive way to get the drop on the enemy. Whichever works for you.
  • Gibraltar - Some legends are unable to get to the same places as Pathfinder. Yet with Pathfinder's ultimate ability, Gibraltar is able to get to those hidden crooks and unleash his destructive ultimate in ways that wouldn't have been possible before. You've just got to love crafty plays like that.

Apex Legends Wraith character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Wraith pairings

Wraith is another character playable for free from the start in Apex Legends, and is described as an "Interdimensional Skirmisher".


Wraith Tactical Ability: Into the Void

Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage and moving a little faster.

Wraith Passive Ability: Voices from the Void

A voice warns you when danger approaches. As far as you can tell, it's on your side. You're able to use this passive to let your team know enemies are nearby.

Wraith Secondary Passive Ability: Low Profile

Wraith takes 5% more damage due to her small hitbox making her harder to hit.

Wraith Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them, as well as the enemy if you aren't careful.

Wraith Playstyle:

Despite Apex Legends releasing so many other legends and being a year old, Wraith is still one of the most complicated characters of the game. This is thanks to the fairly wide range of possibilities available to you through Into the Void and your ultimate, Dimensional Rift.

She's amazing for setting up surprise attacks or retreats for your team, but the ult in particular takes some planning - you press it once to drop a portal where you are, and again to drop the second one, meaning you need to rapidly get from your first portal to the second one on foot (or with your Into the Void ability) to actually set it up.



  • Wraith's abilities are incredible for both aggressive and defensive plays. She can use her tactical ability to either get closer to an enemy without being heard, or to retreat when the going gets tough.
  • Wraith's passive, a voice that tells her when enemies are looking at her, can actively help your team to get out of some tricky situations.


  • A big downside of Wraith is that she's overly complicated for both new and experienced players. Her abilities require thinking ahead, which can fly out of the window if you're sandwiched between two enemy teams. However, if you practice enough, she's one of the most viable Legends in the game.

Wraith best pairings:

  • Mirage - Wraith and Mirage are very dependent on flanking and confusing the enemy, so why not use Wraith's portals as a way to do just that? Getting behind an enemy team with these two Legends is just a recipe for a disaster for the other team.
  • Bangalore - Wraith is able to maneuver her way out and around Bangalore's ultimate ability - as well as her smoke grenade - with ease. Because of this, she's the best Legend to mop up the enemy team after they've just received a brutal beating.

Apex Legends Octane character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Octane pairings

Octane is the first character to arrive post-launch, coming with the addition of Season 1 Battle Pass. He is described as the "adrenaline junkie".


Octane Tactical Ability: Stim

Move 30% faster for six seconds. Costs health to use.

Octane Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Automatically restores health over time - though it doesn't work while outside of the ring.

Octane Ultimate: Launch Pad

Deploy a jump pad that catapults teammates through the air.

Octane Playstyle:

Octane is a very fast-paced character of choice - and will probably be a streamer favourite as a result.

Rather than requiring incoming enemy fire for a speed boost like Bangalore, Octane has a speed boost available on demand, and with his ability to automatically regenerate health and an ultimate that helps you and your team get in the fight immediately, you'll need to be an aggressive player to get the most out of him.

There's noticeable less room for coordination with his loadout, but as we've seen with the other classes after launch we'd imagine the best teams will still find ways to synergise and get the most out of his rapid speed, repositioning capabilities and independence.



  • Octane is the fastest character in the game thanks to his stims. He is able to run, gun and get out of a firefight in a way that few other Legends can.
  • Alternatively, he works pretty well at dropping in and grabbing teammates banners too, making him a solid pick.
  • Unlike any other Legend, Octane's health regenerates over time. This is incredibly annoying for enemy teams if they manage to lose sight of him, but is useful for you as you don't need to rely on med-kits as often.


  • Octane's ultimate is rather weak, and isn't all that great mobility-wise either. It doesn't help that Octane's abilities are all mobility-based, making him a moving target if played too aggressively.

Octane best pairings:

  • Wraith - Wraith and Octane flanking together can absolutely destroy the enemy team if they aren't prepared. They are also great at getting in and out of trouble, either with Octane's jump-pad, or with Wraith's portal.
  • Crypto - Crypto's surveillance drone is lethal when paired with Octane and any other aggressive characters. Once they know where the enemy is, Octane can get the drop on the enemy and speed off before the other team even knows what's happening.

Apex Legends Wattson character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Wattson pairings

Wattson was added alongside Apex Legends Season 2. She is described as the "static defender".


Wattson Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security

Connect nodes to create an electrified fence that will damage and slow down your enemies.

Wattson Passive Ability: Spark of Genius

Standing near the interception pylons will boost your Tactical Ability recharge and Ultimate Accelerants will also fully charge your Ultimate Ability.

Wattson Secondary Passive Ability: Low Profile

Wattson takes 5% more damage due to her small hitbox making her harder to hit.

Wattson Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon

You can place up to three electrified pylons that can damage any incoming enemies, while also repairing your squad's damaged shields for as long as it stands.

Wattson Playstyle:

Wattson lives up to her name of being the "static defender"; allowing you to defend your squadmates from heavy fire, while also dealing out some damage yourself.

Perimeter Security lets you take control of the map by either trapping an enemy squad or building a protective barrier around your own. This gives you vital time to heal, search for weapons or create a battle plan with your squad.

Wattson's ultimate's, Interception Pylon, ability to recharge your squadmates shields also makes her great for late gameplay, when the remaining shield batteries might be out of reach.



  • Wattson is able to shut down access to a building in next to no time. Her electric fences not only damage an enemy, but alerts Wattson and her team - making it easy to annihilate the enemy ASAP.
  • Wattson's ultimate ability regenerates shields over time, making it extra helpful when you're in a fight.


  • Wattson does not do well in open-spaces. Her fences are useless, and her ultimate ability is easy to destroy.

Wattson best pairings:

  • Gibraltar - A team-up with Gibraltar and Wattson is going to be a pain, as they are two very defensive Legends. It's even worse when there's also a Caustic on the team as you'll have to get past two different types of defence, and somehow disable Caustic's traps. Rather you than us.
  • Lifeline - Wattson and Lifeline are just as good apart, but together? They can help you become unstoppable thanks to Wattson's ultimate - which restores shields - and Lifeline's healing droid.

Apex Legends Crypto character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Crypto pairings

Crypto was released as part of Apex Legends Season 3. He is described as the "surveillance expert".


Crypto Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone

Deploy an aerial drone that you can use to fly around the map.

Crypto Passive Ability: Neurolink

Crypto and his team see what his surveillance drone detects - lasts up to 30m distance.

Crypto Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP

You take control of your drone and overcharge it, causing shields to take 50 damage to shields, slows players and destroys traps.

Crypto Playstyle:

Crypto isn't the right fit for you if you prefer to be the first person in on the action when it comes to enemy fights. Crypto relies heavily on his surveillance drone, which is best used for scouting out areas to find out if enemies are nearby, as well as point out amazing loot. Because of his reliance on the drone, he is pretty defenceless without it.

The best way to play Crypto is to remain close to your team when possible, but there's no shame in bunkering down in a corner if you have to. Some of Crypto's best plays is when he comes in near the end of a fight and mops the enemy team up - all while looking as dashing as ever.



  • Crypto is able to shut down traps and damage shields with his ultimate ability, making him one of the best Legends to handle more than one enemy team.
  • Crypto is the best Legend when it comes to surveillance. His drone is able to look up at billboards within the map and inform you if there are any teams nearby. He is also able to ping enemy teams, letting the rest of your team see where the enemy is and prepare for them.


  • Crypto's droid is his lifeline. Without it, Crypto is just a Legend with a gun and is pretty defenceless.

Crypto best pairings:

  • Wattson - Wattson and Crypto are a force to be reckoned with if they know an enemy team is coming their way. Thanks to Crypto's drone, Wattson can prepare a welcome an enemy won't soon forget.
  • Gibraltar - Crypto's ultimate ability, his EMP, can absolutely demolish traps, shields and slow enemies. Pairing it up with Gibraltar's ultimate, which triggers almost instantaneously.

Apex Legends Revenant character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Revenant pairings

Revenant is the new character released as part of Apex Legends Season 4. He is described as the "synthetic nightmare".


Revenant Tactical Ability: Silence

You throw a gadget that deals damage to enemies, and robs them of their abilities for 10 seconds.

Revenant Passive Ability: Stalker

You are able to move faster while crouched, and can climb up higher walls than most other Legends.

Revenant Secondary Passive Ability: Low Profile

Revenant takes 5% more damage due to his small hitbox making him harder to hit.

Revenant Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

You deploy a totem that gives your team an extra life. Instead of being downed, they return to the totem with 1 HP.

Revenant Playstyle:

Despite being a sentient robot - is that a thing? - Revenant isn't all that mobile. While he can move faster crouched and climb up walls higher than other Legends, he isn't able to be overly aggressive.

That said, Revenant excels at shutting an enemy down thanks to his silence ability, and can stop escapes and mobility abilities with ease.



  • Revenant is excellent at shutting down enemy abilities, either making them defenceless or making it impossible for the enemy team to run away without getting downed.
  • Revenant's ultimate ability truly is a gamechanger as being knocked down doesn't have to mean death anymore. It's almost as if an aggressive playstyle is being rewarded, which is good news for some players!


  • Revenant's mobility isn't the greatest, so while other legends may excel on their own at times, Revenant isn't one of them.

Revenant best pairings:

  • Octane - While Octane's mobility ultimate isn't the best, used wisely Revenant can get to high places in the exact same way as Pathfinder. With him having the higher ground and an ultimate that can help allies escape death, that can be an extraordinary strategy.
  • Caustic - Caustic's gas canisters are excellent for hiding Revenant's ultimate from enemy eyes. Not only will the gas not affect your teammates if you get revived back into it, your enemy won't be able to destroy the totem or you.

Apex Legends Season 5 is here! We explain how the new Treasure Packs work and how to complete the first couple of hunts, The First Piece and A Legend Falls, as well as offer an up-to-date Apex Legends characters and abilities list, our Apex Legends best guns recommendations, as well as a whopping list of Apex Legends tips and tricks.

Apex Legends Loba character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Labo pairings

Loba is the new character released as part of Apex Legends Season 5. She is described as the "high-society thief." With just a glance at her abilities, it's easy to see why.


Loba Tactical Ability: Burglar's Best Friend

You can throw your Jump Drive bracelet into hard-to-reach places or escape quickly thanks to the device's teleportation abilities.

Loba Passive Ability: Eye for Quality

You can see Epic and Legendary loot through walls and has same range as Black Market Boutique.

Loba Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

You place a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. Each legend - friendly or otherwise - can take up to two items each.

Loba Playstyle:

Loba is a character that's all about high mobility and providing for the rest of the team. Her tactical ability, Burglar's Best Friend, is an excellent way to get around the map when you're in a tough situation.

She's quick, light and in our honest opinion, a much better Wraith. However, her cooldown is fairly long, and unlike Wraith, she's unable to teleport immediately.



  • If you like to get up close and aggressive, Loba is the character for you. She can teleport up on hard-to-reach places, and go behind teams with ease. Taking enemies by surprise has never been better.
  • Why go grab items when items can come to you? Loba's ultimate is great for defensive plays and guiding your team to where you know epic and/or legendary loot is.


  • Loba is rather limited in what she can do. While she can teleport like Wraith, she's unable to do so at a moment's notice and has to wait for a pretty lengthy cooldown before she can do it again.

Loba best pairings:

  • Wattson - What's better than making your very own fortress? Having a fortress and a supply of weapons and items. Wattson's energy fields, alongside Loba's Black Market Boutique ultimate, gives you the best of both worlds: defensive and offensive. Alternatively, Caustic or Bangalore can be a good option for the same reasons.
  • Bloodhound - Both Bloodhound and Loba have abilities that rely on them seeing through walls. For Bloodhound, they can detect enemies. For Loba, it's rare items. Pairing them up together can help you know when to play aggressive or not.

Looking for more advice? Our Apex Legends best guns page can help!

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