Apex Legends best guns and weapon damage stats explained, including the new Sentinel sniper rifle

Which Apex Legends weapons are best, and why?

Learning the best Apex Legends guns is one of the most important things to consider as you start to take the game a bit more seriously - or if you just want to lord it over your squadmates with a bit of extra knowledge.

Below, you'll find all the essential weapon stats uncovered so far, as well as our picks for the best Apex Legends weapons in each category - as well as a quick explanation of all the most exciting stuff like methodology and genuinely good-to-know things before you go diving into the numbers.

You'll be an expert at Apex Legends guns before you know it!

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Latest update (February 7th): Includes the addition of the Sentinel introduced in Season 4, changes to the Devotion, which has been changed to a Special weapon, as well as new ammo that works specifically for snipers.

Apex Legends weapons and weapon damage explained

Apex Legends has a huge swath of weapons from you to choose from, and it all depends on your style. Do you prefer to snipe people at a distance, or do you want to be up, close and personal?

Regardless, below you'll find a breakdown of weapon by category featuring all the numbers we know so far. Apex Legends updates quite consistently with new nerfs and buffs of weapons, so these may change over time.

You can inspect your gun (and maybe twirl it around a bit) by holding Left on the D-pad or N on the keyboard.

We have a general idea of fire rate which we take into account in our section on personal picks for the best Apex Legends weapons, but if you want to make a decision for yourself, you can browse through the weapon stats charts with the raw data underneath each recommendation.

There are also a few other things to know before diving into the lovely pile of numbers below - here's a quick rundown:

  • Maximum HP for any character is 200 - 100 base health plus 25 health for each level of shield (up to four, for Purple/Gold shields).
  • Helmets don't add HP, but they make you more resistant to headshot damage depending on which helmet you have equipped.
  • A change since release is Sniper rifles have their own ammo now - it's just called sniper ammo, and is a blue colour.
  • In the damage stat tables below, if a weapon does burst damage we've noted the damage of one bullet from that burst fire, the same as it's one bullet's worth of damage for full-auto weapons.
  • Similarly, for 'spread' weapons like shotguns or the Triple Take, we've counted the damage for if all projectiles hit the target successfully.
  • Many - but not all - weapons can expand their magazine size with attachments found from looting, which makes a significant difference to their viability - so it's worth searching for extended magazines, in particular!
  • You can view weapon damage as you're fighting in-game - there are different settings for it in the menus, but the default shows the total damage from all your hits in a burst, with a single damage number updating as you land another hit (from 16, to 32, to 48, etc.).
  • This damage is also colour-coded, according to your enemy's armour, which is good to know - yellow for headshots, purple for purple/gold shields, blue for blue shields, white for common shields, and red for true damage when their shields are down. There's also a shattering sound when you smash through their shields in combat, too.

With those little bits of housekeeping out of the way, here are all the numbers and details we've confirmed for weapons so far - from our own testing in-game - and our Apex Legends weapon recommendations in each category.

Best Sniper Rifle in Apex Legends recommendation: Sentinel

Before the Sentinel, it was obvious that the Kraber .50-Cal sniper rifle was the best rifle to use. Just look at its body damage - that's enough to get knocked down with two shots. However, with the introduction of the Sentinel in Season 4, the Kraber may actually not be the best after all.

If you charge the Sentinel with a shield cell, it strips the enemy team of their shields and hits straight at their health. It's a risky move, but using it will be worth it when you're the last one standing.


Apex Legends Sniper Rifle damage stats:

Sniper RifleAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageAvailability
Kraber .50-Cal Special Bolt-Action 4 145 297 Supply Pods
Triple Take Sniper Single 5 69 138 Standard
Longbow DMR Sniper Single 5 55 118 Standard
Charge Rifle Sniper Single 4 90 116 Standard
Sentinel Sniper Single 4 65 130 Standard

Best SMG in Apex Legends recommendation: Prowler

While the R-99 and Alternator both have an auto fire-rate type that's fire-rate is decent, both of them pale in comparison to the Prowler.

The Prowler's recoil isn't the greatest, but it's burst of 5 fire rate is incredibly powerful no matter if the distance is far or medium.

The body damage is also excellent, especially for those players - aka us - who aren't that great at getting headshots during the heat of battle.


Apex Legends SMG damage stats:

SMGAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageAvailability
Prowler Heavy Burst of 5 20 14 21 Standard
Alternator Light Auto 16 13 22 Standard
R-99 Light Auto 18 11 18 Standard

Best Assault Rifle in Apex Legends recommendation: R-301

The R-301 is a weapon that you just can't go wrong with. It's great both at a medium distance or up close, and has a drop-off rate that won't leave you hankering to find a sniper rifle fast.

It's got consistent damage, and even if you're only firing from the hip, enemies can be downed with ease if your aim is on point.


Apex Legends Assault Rifle damage stats:

Assault RifleAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageAvailability
G7 Scout Light Single 10 34 68 Standard
Hemlok Burst AR Heavy Burst / Single 18 22 44 Standard
R-301 Light Auto / Single 18 14 22 Standard
VK-47 Flatline Heavy Auto / Single 20 19 38 Standard
Devotion Special Auto 54 17 34 Supply Pods

Best LMG in Apex Legends recommendation: L-Star

The L-Star used to be a special weapon, which meant unique ammo and an availability that relied on supply pods.

That made it a good LMG, but the best? That title used to belong to the Spitfire. With the L-Star replacing The Devotion as an Energy weapon, you'll be able to deal damage at such a fast rate that it puts the L-Star way ahead of other LMG weapons.


Apex Legends LMG damage stats:

LMGAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageAvailability
M600 Spitfire Heavy Auto 35 18 36 Standard
L-Star Energy Auto 40 18 36 Standard
Devotion Special Auto 54 17 34 Supply Pods

Best Shotgun in Apex Legends recommendation: Mastiff

Despite being a special weapon, and thus being near impossible to get until late early game, the Mastiff is still one of the most consistently powerful shotguns around.

It's body damage is enough for you to try your darned hardest to grab it ASAP, and if you're good at aiming headshots? Holy moly, this gun is incredible.


Apex Legends Shotgun damage stats:

ShotgunAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageAvailability
MastiffSpecialSingle4144288Supply Pods
PeacekeeperShotgunPump action6110120Standard
EVA-8 AutoShotgunAuto86380Standard

Best Pistol in Apex Legends recommendation: Wingman

The Wingman has always been a pistol that would make anyone in their right mind run off in the other direction, and that still hasn't changed even with its most recent changes.

It's rate of fire is slow, but the damage is incredible and if going against someone with a steady hand... Well, we're sure the game was good while it lasted.


Apex Legends Pistol damage stats:

PistolAmmo TypeFire Rate TypeMag SizeBody DamageHeadshot DamageAvailability
Wingman Heavy Single 6 45 90 Standard
Mozambique Shotgun Pump action 3 45 66 Standard
P2020 Light Auto 10 13 19 Standard
RE-45 Auto Light Auto 16 11 16 Standard

That's it for our Apex Legends weapons explainer! We also have some advice on another big choice when playing - which Apex Legends character you should choose.

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