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Unfinished business.

Armando and Diego Mendez

The Mendez brothers are fighting it out with Ricardo Diaz for control of the Vice City drugs trade. You're forced to side with Armando and Diego because you accidentally 'acquired' one of their coke shipments. They're running things from their Prawn Island mansion - the 'M' symbol marks the spot.

Mugshot Longshot

Armando knows that you robbed their coke and he's looking for payback. Lance has the bright idea of placing Martinez in the firing line, but to make this work you'll need photographic evidence of the sergeant giving information to a DEA agent. Drive to the police station in Washington Beach and tail Martinez. When prompted, get out of your vehicle and take a picture of Martinez and the agent - you'll need to zoom in fully to get a good shot. Follow the pair to the pier (keep your distance to avoid being spotted) and take a second photo. With the evidence in hand, you'll suddenly receive a four star wanted level. Drive the short distance to Lance's place, then lose the heat at the nearby Pay'n' Spray. Finish the mission by meeting up with Lance in Little Havana.

Hostile Takeover

Short and sweet this one. Armando wants you to shake-up a biker-run business. Get yourself some armour and an automatic weapon (a submachine-gun at the very least) and drive to the drug den. In the usual fashion, run over as many enemies as you can until your vehicle is trashed, then get out and finish off the rest (don't miss those perched on the roof). When you've taken over the site, chase down and kill the four fleeing bikers to complete the mission.

Unfriendly Competition

In what's easily the toughest mission you've faced so far, the Mendez brothers want you to kill some competing drug dealers. The first hit is easy - gun down the small number of enemies lounging by the poolside bar. The second hit is much more difficult, because he's guarded by dozens of gun-toting bikini bitches! Upon arriving at the hotel, quickly jump into the empty swimming pool to avoid the heaviest of the fire. From down here you can easily pick off the women nearest the pool's edge. They continually spawn so stay in the pool until you run out of targets, then climb out at the shallow end and take cover behind one of the trees. Gun down the remaining girls, using your radar to identify their position. When the female firing squad is no more, the target will take off on a quad bike. Run down the wooden ramp and get on the stationary quad. As you give chase, a girl on the back of the quad will thrown grenades at you. There's little point in trying to dodge them, so get up as close as you can and open fire with your sub-machinegun. When the girl is dead, you can wear down the target's energy in no time at all. Mission complete - and relief all round.

High Wire

The brothers want you to reclaim some of their coke. Trouble is, it has been seized by customs so you'll need to use a helicopter to airlift the impounded containers. Drive to Little Haiti and jump in the chopper. Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the controls. The trick to flying, especially during timed missions, is to master steady forward movement. Once you have gained sufficient height, press down on the d-pad to centre the camera directly behind, then accelerate while tilting the analog stick gently forward. The trick is to hit that sweet spot when the chopper is tilted far enough forward to achieve maximum speed without losing height. The first container is easy to collect because it's sitting static in the impound yard, but the second is more of a challenge because it's on the back of a moving truck. It can be difficult to judge your height when flying low, so look for the shadow that the magnet makes on the road to work out your position. You need to grab the container before the truck reaches the police station, but don't panic - If you swoop in like Stringfellow Hawk you'll surely hit a tree or lamp post and crash the chopper. Slowly lower the magnet onto the container and lift it free. Next, go and save Diego from the bikers using the same gently-gently approach. Lower his vehicle onto the car park roof to finish the mission. The final Mendez mission becomes available when you complete Farewell to Arms for Diaz.

Burning Bridges

A botched execution attempt leaves you standing in a blazing fuel refinery with Lance trapped behind a wall of fire. You have no weapons, so start by running up the nearby ramp and grabbing a pistol. Run down the steps on the left and kill the guards. Grab their guns and work your way through the refinery, shooting the guards and shutting off the valves as instructed. On shooting the third and final value, the fuel supply will stop and the flames will die down. You've now got just a few seconds to jump on the parked up motorbike, pick up Lance and clear the scene before an explosion rips the refinery apart. Mission complete.

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