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Lance Vance

In his push to be one of Vice City's key players, wide-eyed Lance stirs up a world of shit for you to wade through. Most of your time on the second island is spend bailing him out of trouble. You'll usually find him lazing about in his Ocean Beach apartment, talking big but generally doing bugger all.

Brawn of the Dead

Your brother Lance has found a buyer for the coke - a film director called Spitz who's shooting a cheapo zombie movie at the Vice Point Mall. Drive to the mall quickly (you've got two game hours to get there) and let Lance do the talking while you turn stuntman for the day. There are two scenes to complete. In the first you must keep blasting zombies with a shotgun, ensuring that the gore quota is satisfied. Then you have to defend a shop doorway, using a katana sword to chop down the zombie army. When the clock hits zero, filming will stop and the mission ends.


Before this mission begins you must have taken over five or more businesses. You'll already own at least three (thanks to completing Louise's last mission), so if you've yet to expand your empire further, now is the time to do it. To take over a business, destroy the vehicle parked outside to kick things off, then deal with the gang members who come outside to greet you. Finally, enter the building and smash up the merchandise. Now press up on the d-pad and the business will belong to you. When you own five businesses, go and see Lance at his place. He'll tell you that gangs are trying to reclaim their businesses. Drive to the business that's flashing on the map and mow down as many gang members as possible (just make sure you don't hit Lance). When your vehicle is wrecked, get out and continue the fight on foot. More gang members will arrive in cars - defeat them all to finally thwart the attackers. With your empire intact, you'll be invited to meet up with the Mendez brothers.

Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out

The DEA has bugged Lance's pad. You need to destroy several transmitters before the authorities can obtain crucial evidence. Drive to the Ammu-Nation store and take the rocket launcher that Lance has reserved for you. If you have the money available, you should definitely by some extra rockets as a precautionary measure. Drive to the police station in Washington Beach and climb the steps to reach the roof. There are two transmitters here - destroy them both with rockets. A couple of cops will appear next to the police helicopter on the roof. Don't shoot them with your rocket launcher as you will probably hit the chopper and this mission is impossible without it. Kill the cops with your usual gun, then fly to the police station in Little Havana and take out two further transmitters. You'll now have four stars and most probably a police helicopter hovering above your head. Bring the chopper down with a couple of well-placed rockets, then fly to the downtown police station. The roof will be swarming with cops when you arrive so shoot them first before hitting the final two transmitters. You now need to clear your wanted stars. The easiest way is to fly the short distance to the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray. A little further south you'll find a motorbike parked outside a furniture store. Swoop down low and bail out of the chopper, then jump on the bike and pull into the Pay 'n' Spray. You can now continue with Reni's missions.

Taking the Fall

Flaunting your violation of protective headgear laws merely cements your bad-boy reputation

Someone's stealing your coke and Lance tells you that it must be the bikers. Get in the helicopter and use the map to hone in on the biker gang. Lance is sitting on the right of the chopper, so fly to the left of the bikers. You also need to keep the chopper level (watch the 'balance' meter) so that Lance can get a decent shot. There are three more biker groups to deal with - two on a building site and the final one on top of a partially-constructed building. A cutscene then plays in which a biker blasts the chopper out of the sky. When you regain control your next job is to rescue Lance. Shoot the bikers dotted around the site, then use the scaffolding to enter an upper level of the building. There are many more bikers inside, standing between you and your brother. Fight your way through the room, using the pillars to shield you from their shots. When the room is clear, go and speak to Lance to complete the mission.

White Lies

You find out where all the missing coke has being going - Lance and Louise have been helping themselves, and now your brother has had a face full and flipped out. He’s climbed in a chopper and started dropping drug packages all over the southern tip of Ocean Beach. Get in the hovercraft and follow Lance over land and sea, collecting as many packages as you can (he drops 30 packages in total and if you miss more than five you'll fail the mission). To make things more difficult, the packages disappear after around five seconds so you'll need to follow the chopper closely. As with the jet-ski earlier in the game, it's much easier to control the hovercraft using the d-pad rather than the analog stick. Collect at least 25 packages to finish the task.

Where it Hurts Most

Louise phones and tells you that Martinez is following her. Head to the burger bar in Little Haiti to pick her up, but it's too late - she's driven away in a car when you arrive. You now need to find her and three possible downtown locations appear on the map. Drive to the closest location first - she is never at this location, but you must check. As soon as a message confirms that she is not there, ignore the gang members and drive to the next closest location. Louise might be here - it's random. If she is, kill Martinez's men and get in the car in which she's being held. If not, drive to the third and final location where you'll definitely find her. Once you're in the car with Louise, drive her directly to the hospital before her life slips away. That's Lance's last mission for a while - go and see Reni for your next job.

Blitzkrieg Strikes Back

After you've completed the Burning Bridges mission for the Mendez brothers, Lance tells you that three of your businesses are under attack. (Note that you must own at least seven businesses to trigger this mission, so if you only have six - the minimum you can possibly have at this stage - you'll need to take control of another business first). Drive to the first location and stop so that Lance can get out. Let your brother blast the enemies while you run them down in your vehicle. Drive past the business, hitting as many as you can, then spin 180 and pick off any you missed - just make sure you don't accidentally hit Lance! Use the same trick to defend the two other businesses and the mission will be complete with minutes to spare.

Lost and Found

Go and pick up Louise from the hospital downtown. As soon as you meet her you get an urgent message from your brother - he's someone managed to get stuck in a burning building. Luckily there's a handy chopper on the hospital roof. As you approach the high-rise by air, Louise will point out Lance standing on the roof. You've now got 30 seconds to hover over the marker and pick him up. When he's onboard you find out that Martinez is trying to ship your cash out of Vice City. There are three boats heading around Vice Point - track them from behind and swoop down low so that Lance can pick off those onboard. This is very similar to the Taking the Fall mission in that you must keep the chopper level so that Lance can get a good shot. Note that if you hit the driver the boat will stop, but there may still be enemies onboard. Having killed them all, hover over the biggest boat and let Lance grab the money. Now drop Louise off at her sister’s apartment to wrap things up.

Light My Pyre

Before starting this mission - perhaps the toughest mission in the game - go to the Ammu-nation shop in the Vice Point Mall and buy a mini-gun. You should also have a sub-machinegun, an assault rifle and full armour. Armando has kidnapped Louise and is holding her at his mansion on Prawn Mansion. Lance goes crazy and screeches off on a bike, leaving you standing outside his apartment. You need a motorbike, but it's very unlikely one will be passing, so jack any vehicle and head one block east where you'll always find a bike parked outside a cafe. Follow Lance - he's involved in a shootout with Mendez's men on the way to the mansion. Unaided, his health diminishes amazingly quickly, making this a very tough challenge. There is a trick you can use however. Part of the problem is trying to shoot the enemy car without hitting Lance, so get as close to the bumper of the car as possible, and hold down the fire button until the car ignites. Now chase the next car and repeat this trick until Lance reaches the Prawn Island bridge. Approach the mansion on foot and gun down the enemies in the street. There's are a couple of cars blocking the driveway - hit the engines to make them explode, then run around to the left of the house. Enemies will spawn indefinitely in this area so don't bother trying to take them on. Instead, just dash to the door at the rear of the house, shooting only those that stand in your way. Once inside the house, Armando will attempt to attack you with a flamethrower. If you heeded our sound advice and brought a mini-gun to the party, you can drop him in less than a second. If you foolishly forged ahead on your own, you'll have to run around the outside of the room to avoid the flames, stopping every few seconds to shoot Armando until he falls. Now head over to Diaz's mansion to attempt the penultimate mission, Over the Top.

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