Pokémon Isle of Armor: Max Mushroom locations - how to find Max Mushrooms for the second Dojo challenge

A quick explainer for finding Max Mushrooms in the Isle of Armor DLC.

Finding Max Mushrooms is the second of your three challenges that you'll be asked to complete by Master Dojo leader Mustard.

Just like the first, this one's dead easy, but in case you got lost in the Forest of Focus or aren't quite sure what to do, here's the Max Mushrooms location, plus where to find Max Mushrooms if you need them for making more Max Soup later on, too.

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Pokémon Isle of Armor: Max Mushrooms location for the second Dojo challenge

Mustard's second Dojo challenge tasks you with finding some Max Mushrooms for the special Max Soup the Dojo so loves to cook.

As explained by Mustard, you'd normally find them in the Forest of Focus, but some pesky Skwovet seem to have eaten them all, so you'll have better luck in Warm Up Tunnel, just beyond the forest.

How to get through the Forest of Focus to Warm Up Tunnel

The Forest of Focus can potentially be confusing, so here's how to get through it:

This is the bridge to look out for, which takes you out the other side of the Forest.
  1. Head through the Soothing Wetlands diagonally up ahead, to the far left corner towards the Sea, where you'll enter the Forest of Focus
  2. Cross the first bridge you see in the Forest and continue along the path, until you see a berry tree.
  3. Turn left at the tree, then immediately right, and follow that path a little while until you see another berry tree.
  4. Hang left at that, and when you see a bridge on your right, turn left again.
  5. Up ahead, you'll see another bridge - cross that to come out the other side. The Warm Up Tunnel entrance is just across this bit of land in the far wall.

Once you're inside the Warm Up Tunnel, just continue straight on and hang right at the fork. You'll see the big red and pink Max Mushrooms on the right hand side. Interact with them to pick them - but you'll face a quick battle with your rival first! Remember their Pokémon's levels are scaled to whether you've beaten the Champions Cup in the main story or not.

Klara (Sword)Slowpoke
Avery (Shield)Slowpoke

After this battle, the Mushrooms are yours! Fly back to the Dojo to pick up your next challenge.

It's time to start the Isle of Armor DLC and our Pokémon Isle of Armor walkthrough. Plus, here's how to find the Slowpoke, where to find Max Mushroom locations, and how to get Kubfu, become best friends and evolve it! We've also got pages on how to catch the returning Pokémon from past generations, and all Diglett locations too! Elsewhere, 2020 has seen a few new announcements - such as Mythical Zarude, the ability to transfer Pokémon to Pokémon Home, news of the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass and the release of Gigantamax Toxtricity. Elsewhere, our Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough gives an overview of the game. Otherwise, we cover everything from the Wild Area, starters Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey, lists of all TM locations and TRs, all Galarian forms and the Legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta.

Where to find more Max Mushrooms on the Isle of Armor

The Max Mushrooms you pick for the story quest aren't the only ones on the island! You can pick more in order to make more Max Soup, which can be fed to any Pokémon who's species can potentially Gigantamax. They can also be used in battle, and will boost all of a Pokémon's stats when used if you do.

These will respawn daily in random locations - usually along walls, in the caves - much the same way as some hidden items respawn daily. Keep checking each area every day to find some more.


Other Max Mushroom locations on the Isle of Armor

  • Brawler's Cavern
  • Courageous Cave
  • Fields of Honor
  • Warm-up Tunnel

That's all we've found so far! Head back to our main Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor walkthrough hub for more guides like this!

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