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With just two weeks to go until the big day we thought it was time to ramp up our efforts to deliver you all the best PS4 Black Friday deals in 2019. But what savings can we expect to see this year now that the PS5 has been confirmed for late 2020?. I think it's going to make it one heck of an interesting Black Friday if you're after a PS4. Make sure you're on top of it all by following this page as we collect together the bargains across the original PS4, the PS4 Pro, games, PSVR, accessories and so much more.

There aren't a great many PS4 Black Friday deals currently available. The ones we have spotted, though, you'll find below. Now that some retailers have revealed their Black Friday plans, too, we have a much better idea of what to expect on the day. Using that info we'll take you through the PS4 Black Friday deals we know are coming this year. Plus, there's a quick reminder of what was on sale last year. Use that info when browsing the Black Friday sales over the next few weeks to guarantee you're getting a genuine deal!

The best PS4 Black Friday deals so far

Even though we're deep into November we're seeing surprisingly few PS4 Black Friday offers right now. Do check in on this page regularly for any new offers over the next few weeks!


That said, a new 20 per cent off voucher at eBay has given us a few early spoils by reducing the price of a few PS4 bundles. Elsewhere, many mobile networks are including free PS4 bundles with different phones - including the Sony Xperia range. That'll get you a couple of pieces of top tech for one terrific price. To keep things simple, we've gathered prices on some of the best PS4 games below too. With that, you know you're getting quality!

In the UK:

In the US:

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday falls on 29th November in 2019. As any veterans of the sales event will know, though, the bargains tend to be live for the weeks surrounding it now, too. That means you can usually find yourself an extra saving or two in the run-up to Black Friday or in the days after. Especially now that Cyber Monday has become an even bigger part of it! Keep our PS4 Black Friday deals page bookmarked to ensure you're kept up to date for the rest of the month.

What PS4 Black Friday deals are we expecting in 2019?


Now that we definitely know for sure that the PS5 is coming in 2020, this has the potential to be a very good year if you're looking to pick up a PS4 during Black Friday. With the new console on the horizon, there's a chance many retailers will be looking to shift their current stock while they can. With that in mind, expect some of the biggest discounts we've ever seen on PS4 consoles and bundles.

In the US, for example, we already know that there's going to be a PS4 1TB with God of War, The Last of Us Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition for $199.99. Let's hope we see that or something similar repeated in the UK for Black Friday.

It could also make Black Friday a great opportunity to get a PS4 Pro. Sony's more powerful console is likely to see some of its most significant price reductions, so you could net an absolute bargain. You could even make a huge saving on one of the PS4 Slim consoles and then pair it with one of our picks for the best PS4 external hard drive to gain more storage space for cheap.

Black Friday should be an ideal time if you're after a PSVR deal, too. It's unclear whether the technology will be able to function on the PS5, so expect some huge savings on the latest PSVR Mega Pack that was announced earlier this month. In the US there's going to be $100 of the price, so expect to see it drop to around the £200 mark in the UK. That could be a very tempting PSVR Black Friday offer when paired with some of the best PSVR games currently available.

In terms of games, you usually don't see many of the big end-of-year releases at low prices - especially as many of them have only been out for a month or less. We'll obviously keep an eye on the likes of Death Stranding, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in case a cheeky sale is put out there. Small prices cuts have been confirmed for the US, so there's hope!

However, there's a reasonable chance that slightly older releases such as Borderlands 3, Control and FIFA 20 could go for much less than usual! We'll ensure that you'll be the first to know about any outstanding Black Friday PS4 deals right here.

Will the PS4 Pro be on offer?


Absolutely! Again, this is almost guaranteed with the PS5 due to come out at the end of next year. A PS4 Pro bundle with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has already been down to £299.99 at Amazon UK at launch, so that should give you an idea of the top-end price. That we've already hit the £300 range before Black Friday can only be a good sign. Will we go much lower than that for Black Friday? That would be just lovely, though it would be quite an ask to hit that figure. Anything less would be a nice surprise!

With a PS4 Pro purchased, you'll definitely want to pair it with one of our Black Friday TV deals as picked by Digital Foundry. Especially now that the LG B9 and C9 OLED range has already been given a permanent price cut prior to Black Friday!

Shouldn't I just wait for the PS5?

While it makes sense for you to think that, we're still quite a long way away from the release of the PS5. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will launch in 'Holiday 2020' so that's still around a year to go. If you think you can hold off on purchasing a new console for another 12 months then it could be the best option for you.

Nevertheless, we expect to see some of best PS4 Black Friday deals this year so it might prove difficult to hold off. You could probably get by with all the monthly PS Plus games made available for subscribers. You can even do it for a fraction of the cost by finding the best price for PS Plus at Jelly Deals.

And, hey, what are you going to get up to until the end of 2020? Do you think you'll you definitely want to miss out on the likes of Death Stranding or The Last of Us Part 2 while there's so much buzz around them? Get a cheap PS4 during Black Friday and you can always upgrade once the PS5 arrives in 2020!

How about any PSVR Black Friday sales?

This seems all-but-guaranteed, too. There have been some excellent PSVR Black Friday deals in the past and we certainly expect some repeats in 2019. In the UK, Sony only just released a new PSVR Mega Pack for £300. This updated version contains VR Worlds, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Skyrim VR, Everybody's Golf and Resident Evil 7. A drop to the £200 mark seems mightly ambitious but the previous PSVR Mega Pack has been that low in the past so consider it a strong possibility.

As for the PSVR Starter Pack? That'll be under £200 no problem. Of course, you don't get quite as much with it. For those looking to really kick off their trip into another world entirely the PSVR Mega Pack has a lot more to offer for a little extra cash. Either way you go, you're bound to save some considerable cash this Black Friday!

What were the best PS4 Black Friday deals last year?

We did extremely well with PS4 Black Friday deals last year. At the cheaper end of the scale, it was possible to get a PS4 500GB FIFA 19 bundle for just £219.99. Now, when we compare that to the bundle that launched with this year's release, you'll notice it launched for the same price. With that in mind, we could very easily see standard PS4 consoles and bundles slip to around or below the £200 mark. In the US, they're definitely going for $199.99. That's a considerable deal!

As for the PS Pro this Black Friday? Well, that's selling for a little over £300 on its own. It's not difficult to imagine it creeping just under that mark during Black Friday. When bundled with a game you should definitely expect to pay a little more. Again, though, with the PS5 confirmed for next year, there is a possibility the discounts could be higher to secure some last-minute sales.

Last year in the US, the best PS4 Black Friday bundle included a PS4 1TB and Spider-Man for $349.99. That was particularly exciting as the Insomniac web-slinging adventure had only just launched a couple of months prior. It became one of the most popular deals and sold out frequently. A range of bundles featuring Red Dead Redemption 2 also proved to be top picks.


Moving on to games, you could get yourself some of the biggest PS4 exclusives at some of their best prices throughout Black Friday last year. One of the biggest deals saw God of War drop to £20.99 - that's a price we've only seen beaten recently since the game joined the PS Hits lineup.

A few of the console's bigger games from across the year were also reduced, as well as the latest entries across many of gaming's most beloved long-running series. We're talking Assassin's Creed, Fallout and Call of Duty. We definitely expect to see more of that in Black Friday 2019.

That should be enough to get us started for now. As October rolls on and November looms ever closer we'll be doing everything we can to bring you all the best PS4 Black Friday deals. You can also keep track of all the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals and Xbox Black Friday deals with us, too. Keep us bookmarked and be sure to come back to check out all the latest offers.

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