Pokémon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke and how to beat Dragon Gym Leader Raihan - available Pokémon, items and trainers

Our complete walkthrough for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Hammerlocke is the next stop on your journey to becoming Galar Champion - as is learning how to beat Dragon Gym Leader Raihan on your return later on, too. Your first visit will follow on from a return to the Wild Area and battle with Motostoke Gym Leader Kabu, which is where we'll pick up first on this page.

On each page of our walkthrough like this, we'll cover any and all of the obtainable Pokémon, item locations, trainers and their teams that you might come across here, as well as walking you through any key steps of the story, puzzles or challenges along the way.

Where applicable, note that our walkthrough pages will be down into separate sections referring to each of your visits to a given location, seeing as you often backtrack or revisit various places in your quest to become Galar League Champion. And of course if there are any, we'll clearly mark any spoilers, too!

For more explainers, meanwhile, or walkthrough pages on more locations in Sword and Shield, head back to our main Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide hub.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield: Hammerlocke items, trainers and Pokémon

Hammerlocke is a large city at the heart of Galar, and in your journey it'll work largely the same as Motostoke did: you can explore the town on your first visit, but you won't be able to take on the Gym until you get a couple more badges, so for now it's just a few story beats plus a range of items to collect and things to explore.


On your arrival, you'll see Bede chatting to the Chairman and Oleana. Chairman Rose seems happy enough, but there's something suspicious about Bede and Oleana...

Anyway, the Chairman will ask you to meet him at the stadium just up ahead, where he explains more about Galar and Wishing Stars. He also tells you to head to the vault (there's a lift, here in the stadium, down to the Power Plant, but you can't access that now).

Over at the Vault, Leon is waiting for you - as is Hop, who's a bit down after losing to Bede after you left Motostoke a little earlier. Raihan's also waiting inside the vault, and gives you his League Card when you stop for a chat. Head up the stairs and, after collecting a handy TM to the right (outside, up the stairs on the far right), you'll meet Sonia in the Vault itself.

She'll give you a major lore dump, so pay attention here if you want to follow along with Sword and Shield's story. After that, you're effectively free to go, towards your next Gym challenge to the west.

Before you do though, here's a quick rundown of everything in the city:

  • A kid in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center will check your Pokémon's Happiness and Friendship
  • A woman in the same house will check your Pokémon's EVs - the hidden points you can give your Pokémon through EV training, to boost their stats.
  • A girl at the back of that same house will also give you a Soothe Bell, too.
  • Talk to the man in the strip of houses to the east about weather and he'll give you items, with a different item and weather explanation each day.
  • The east exit is blocked for now (as is the west, until you talk to Rose then visit the Vault).
  • A little girl in pink, by the cathedral-like building to the east, wants you to deliver a love letter to Frank, in Ballonlea.
  • Mr. Focus will battle you in the house left of the Pokémon Center, giving you a good lesson in strategy and a Focus Sash for beating him.
  • You can shop in the Boutique, get a haircut at the Salon or battle at the Battle Café.
  • There's a woman who'll give you a Togepi for your Toxel, if you have one spare, over on the battling pitch to the west of the city.
  • A man in a pink sweater-vest, down the stairs towards the waterfront on the far west of town, will teach you starter a special move
  • Give a man in a red hoodie an Applin for a reward, too.
  • There's a Battle Points (BP) Shop in the Pokémon Center.

Available Pokémon

TogepiTrade your Toxel

Available Items

Soothe BellFrom schoolgirl in house to the right of the Pokémon Center
Heat RockFrom gentleman in one of the strip of grey houses when you talk to him about weather
Damp RockFrom gentleman in one of the strip of grey houses when you talk to him about weather
Icy RockFrom gentleman in one of the strip of grey houses when you talk to him about weather
Smooth RockFrom gentleman in one of the strip of grey houses when you talk to him about weather
Utility UmbrellaFrom gentleman in one of the strip of grey houses when you get all the other rocks
Strawberry SweetOn the upper level on the east of the city, opposite the Poké Ball statue
Rare CandyHidden, at the small dead end behind the Poké Ball statue
Old LetterFrom Paula, the little girl in Pink by the cathedral
Wise GlassesBy cathedral building, upper level to the east
Dire HitHidden, along the dark-stone wall to the right of the Pokémon Center, heading east
Focus SashBeat the blackbelt in the house left of the Pokémon Center
Moomoo MilkWin at the Battle Café
Super RepelHidden: in little alcove next to the hairdressers
Hyper Potion x2By the hopscotch markings on the floor, past the hairdresser's shop
X Attack x2Hidden: just left of the western Pokémon Center
Muscle BandBehind a bench on the Pokémon pitch
Level BallThe Ball Guy
Raihan's League CardFrom Raihan in the vault
TM29 CharmUp the stairs in the vault - at a dead end on the far right
Revive x2From Sonia in the vault
Berry JuiceWin in the Battle Café
Tart or Sweet AppleGive the man in a red hoodie an Applin (Sword or Shield)

Trainers and Battles

Black Belt BrianCottoneeLv.2
Café Master BernardAlcremie - SlurpuffLv.37 - Lv.37

Next up, it's time to head to Route 6, to the west, as you progress towards your fourth Gym Badge!

There's more on Hammerlocke further down this page, but beware of SPOILERS for your final Gym battle if you do venture further below...

It's time to start the Isle of Armor DLC and our Pokémon Isle of Armor walkthrough. Plus, here's how to find the Slowpoke, where to find Max Mushroom locations, and how to get Kubfu, become best friends and evolve it! We've also got pages on how to catch the returning Pokémon from past generations, and all Diglett locations too! Elsewhere, 2020 has seen a few new announcements - such as Mythical Zarude, the ability to transfer Pokémon to Pokémon Home, news of the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass and the release of Gigantamax Toxtricity. Elsewhere, our Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough gives an overview of the game. Otherwise, we cover everything from the Wild Area, starters Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey, lists of all TM locations and TRs, all Galarian forms and the Legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Hammerlocke revisited: how to beat Dragon-type Gym Leader Raihan

Your return to Hammerlocke will be after you've obtained seven Gym Badges, with just the Dragon-type Gym Leader Raihan left to tackle.

When you arrive in town, Hop, Sonia and Leon will be waiting, and Professor Magnolia turns up too. There's still nothing you can do to help with all the trouble that's been going on, so it's time for you to just go and takle another Gym! This time, it's actually located over in the Vault.


Hammerlocke Gym Mission:

This one's hardly a mission: you just need to beat three trainers, all of whom use Double Battles, and weather-altering moves like Drought, as well as some decent, more varied moves like Shell Trap and Disable, too.

Trainers and Battles

Gym Trainer Sebastian Pelipper - Sliggoo Lv.45 - Lv.45
Gym Trainer Camilla Ninetales - Turtonator Lv.45 - Lv.45
Gym Trainer Aria Abomasnow - Hakamo-o Lv.45 - Lv.45
Gym Leader Raihan Flygon - Gigalith
Sandaconda - Duraludon (Gigantamax)
Lv.47 - Lv.46
Lv.46 - Lv.48

Available Items

Dragon Badge Defeat Raihan
TM99 Breaking Swipe Defeat Raihan
Dragon Uniform Defeat Raihan

How to beat Hammerlocke's Dragon-type Gym Leader Raihan

Raihan is barely a Dragon user instead having a varied, weather-based team that he also uses in Doubles format. If anything, his speciality is in mixing it up in general!

He Gigantamaxes his Duraludon, which has decent Type coverage, but Fighting, Fire and Ground all work well against it, while Ice and Grass are good options for Flygon, Gigalith and Sandaconda. Just be sure to line up two good opening Pokémon rather than just the one!

Trainers and Battles

Gym Leader Raihan Flygon - Gigalith
Sandaconda - Duraludon (Gigantamax)
Lv.47 - Lv.46
Lv.46 - Lv.48

That's everything here for now, and the end of our in-progress walkthrough for now too, so head back to our main Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide hub for all the other pages we have like this.

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